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This course covers session hijacking, which is where an attacker takes over a legitimately established session between a user and host. This is normally seen between a user and a Web server, but it could occur with a Telnet session or other TCP-based connection. We will cover basic information about session hijacking in Module 1. Since this is a skill-based course, we will then move into performing hands-on labs in Module 2. Dave Kupratis will also show how to set up and configure your own virtual environment for performing his example lab. The course will culminate with some assessment labs that students will need to perform (found in the supplemental resources section). Knowledge of session hijacking can be beneficial to defenders; however, this course is intended for ethical hackers (attackers). This course will be most beneficial for students that are studying for penetration testing related certifications, like the EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), CompTIA Pentest+, GPEN, or OSCP

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Ken Underhill
Master Instructor at Cybrary
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Dave Kupratis

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Complete this entire course to earn a Session Hijacking Certificate of Completion