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Course Description

In the Practical Project Management course, Subject Matter Expert (SME) Kelly Handerhan discusses the importance of effective Project Management in the enterprise. Project Management is a field that is rapidly expanding beyond IT considerations. There are many schools of thoughts, philosophies, and methodologies on Project Management, and there are many things Project Managers can do to be more efficient and effective.

About the Practical Project Management Training Class

This Course covers the following subjects over 10 Lessons: - Current trends in Project Management (Lesson 1 and Lesson 2)

  • Five common mistakes Project Managers make (Lesson 3 and Lesson 4)
  • Leveraging historical information to understand lessons learned (Lesson 5)
  • The importance of understanding a project's requirements (Lesson 6)
  • Working with Virtual Teams whose members may be located throughout the world (Lesson 7)
  • Engaging your team (Lesson 8)
  • Ten best practices for successful Project Managers (Lesson 9)
  • Ten qualities of the successful Project (Lesson 10)