This course is our first in a series introducing Evimetry for forensic data acquisitions. We start with the Evimetry Windows Controller interface and perform a basic full linear (bit-for-bit) acquisition directly from the Controller. The course also introduces Evimetry “blessed” data storage drives and the difference between block-hash and traditional linear hashing for forensic images. It’s time to step up your forensic acquisition game with Evimetry. Come Run With Us.

Course Content

Course Description


  • Have an internet-connected computer
  • An “evidence drive”
  • A storage drive (USB3 External)
  • A hardware write-block if you are planning on doing real evidence collection
  • Before any forensic acquisition you must document the evidence
  • See my Cybrary course: “Evidence Handling: Do it the Right Way”
  • You can get a full featured evaluation copy of Evimetry at https://my.evimetry.com/enquiry/eval
  • Understand Advanced Acquisition & Live Analysis with the AFF4: https://my.evimetry.com/assets/docs/Advanced%20A&A%20AFF4-PUBLIC.pdf

Course Goals

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Understand the basic layout of the Evimetry Windows Controller
  • Differentiate Evidence drives vs. “Blessed” drives
  • Understand how to perform a full linear, forensic acquisition with Evimetry
  • Recognize the different options for performing allocated only, allocated and remainder, non-linear partial or live disk access

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Brian Dykstra

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Certificate of Completion

Certificate Of Completion

Complete this course and earn a Introduction to Evimetry: the Controller Certificate of Completion