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Being an intermediate level user of Excel can help save a user hours of work time and take full advantage of the Excel application. Taking an intermediate Excel course will help students advance their skills and pass an intermediate Excel exam.

8 hours 33 minutes
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Course Content
Module 1: Course Introduction
Module 9: Course Summary
Course Description

This course provides intermediary knowledge of Excel and teaches advanced calculations in Excel, creating macros, and data analysis on various data sets.

Prerequisites for this Intermediate Excel Course

For this course, completion of an introduction to Excel course or, for those who have already mastered basic use of Excel, understanding the following: basic Excel operations, managing workbooks, data formats and layouts, creating formulas and creating charts as well as pivot tables. Also, for the Macros module, some basic programming knowledge is required. Students will need access to Office 2019 in order to perform the exercises in this course.

Intermediate Excel Course Goals

By the end of the course, students should be able to:

❏ Use arrays in functions and formulas ❏ Know how to work with most of Excel functions ❏ Create Macros in Excel ❏ Import data from other files and programs ❏ Customize the Excel user interface ❏ Use map charts ❏ Create complex data analysis formulas and structures

Labs Used

There will be exercise worksheets at the end of some modules with clear task that has to be finished. If needed, step-by-step instructions (cheat sheet) will be provided in separate file.

Watching someone who truly knows how to use Excel can be like watching a wizard casting a spell. The user’s fingers move quickly and effortlessly across the keyboard as numbers are crunched, calculated and manipulated to the user’s desires. Even complex charts may appear. Understanding which functions, shortcuts and how to import data can save anyone who uses Excel on regular basis hours in the long run and help them truly use the application to its fullest potential.

Taking an intermediate Excel class can help you literally excel.

Before taking an intermediate Excel course online, students need some prerequisite knowledge. Students need an understanding of basic Excel operations, know how to manage workbooks, create formulas and charts, as well as pivot tables. To truly master the Macros module in an intermediate Excel course, students need some basic programming knowledge, as well.

What is Intermediate Excel?

Being intermediate, in the general sense, is being in between two stages. In this case, it’s between a beginner and an expert. In the world of Excel, this means knowing more than basic operations and managing workbooks.

Most intermediate users will be able to complete tasks such as VLOOKUP, use Pivot Tables, text functions, and customize graphs, at a minimum. Taking a intermediate Microsoft Excel training can help users learn, understand and begin to master these elements. To truly be considered intermediate, students will also need to know how to perform these functions on the most recent version of Excel.

What are considered intermediate Excel skills?

To truly be considered an intermediate Excel user, you’ll need to have a deeper understanding of how to manipulate data within the program with ease. The basic start of being intermediate is understanding and being able to use VLOOKUP, Pivot Tables, text functions and customizing graphs. Users should be able to apply filters with ease and use multi-factor calculations. At the end of a good Intermediate Excel course online, students will know how to use arrays in functions and formulas. Users will be able to create macros, import data from other files and programs, and customizer the Excel user interface. They’ll also be able to use map charts and create complex data analysis formulas and structures.

Where can I take Intermediate Excel Courses?

In order to advance to an intermediate level of Excel, users have a few options to learn the necessary skills. First, they could commit to learning via reading online help sections or watching online videos. This can be done at the users on pace, but there’s little guidance or structure to this type of learning.

For those who want to become an intermediate fast with structured and expert guidance, taking an intermediate Excel training will help expedite becoming an intermediate user. Taking an intermediate online Excel course through programs such as Cybrary can help users practice and master the functions needed to pass an test. Cybrary’s online course is broken down into nine sections with sub modules that range from five to 20 minutes each. This helps users take the course at their own pace, stopping and starting as they please.

Cybrary’s Intermediate Excel course online also provides modules and worksheets so students receive hands-on experience completing intermediate skills in Excel. Cybrary also provides a step-by-step guide on how to complete functions -- yes, a cheat sheet!

How to pass an intermediate Excel test

Depending on the industry, some companies will require job applicants to take an intermediate Excel test to gain employment. Most tests will have a multiple-choice section and an interactive portion. However, some companies build the Excel test themselves, which means it likely will only have the interactive portion. The interactive portion will be administered either in Excel or through an Excel simulation platform.

While multiple-choice questions might make one think it is easier, that’s not really the case here. To pass the multiple-choice section, testers will need to have a deep understanding of the application, the true name of sections of the application, such as ribbons, and have the screen layout memorized. The best way to pass an intermediate exam is studying in advance, taking an intermediate Microsoft Excel training, studying in advance of the test, and taking a few practice exams. It’s easy to find practice questions and tests online to help prepare for the exam.

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Milan Cetic
Milan Cetic
IT Security Consultant
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