Getting Started with Palo Alto Networks


In this course brought to you by Palo Alto Networks, you will learn how to set up the famous Palo Alto Firewall as well as how to secure said network through SSH and SSL Decryption and IPSec VPN Setup. Come learn today why Palo Alto Networks leads the security industry.

54 minutes
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Course Description

All Palo Alto Networks firewalls provide an out-of-band management port (MGT) that you can use to perform the firewall administration functions. By using the MGT port, you separate the management functions of the firewall from the data processing functions, safeguarding access to the firewall and enhancing performance. When using the web interface, you must perform all initial configuration tasks from the MGT port even if you plan to use an in-band port for managing your device going forward. Some management tasks, such as retrieving licenses and updating the threat and application signatures on the firewall require access to the Internet. If you do not want to enable external access to your MGT port, you will need to either set up a data port to provide access to required external services or plan to manually upload updates regularly. The following topics describe how to perform the initial configuration steps that are necessary to integrate a new firewall into the management network and deploy it in a basic security configuration.

  • Determine Your Management Strategy

  • Perform Initial Configuration

  • Set Up Network Access for External Services

  • Register the Firewall

  • Activate Licenses and Subscriptions

  • Manage Content Updates

  • Install Software Updates