If you’re not using AFF4 (Advanced Forensics File Format v4) then your forensics process is stuck in the past. In this course we’ll be discussing the performance problems associated with the Expert Witness Format (E01/EX01) and raw or DD forensic images. In preparation for the next series of Atlantic Data Forensics’ courses on using Evimetry for forensic collections, the viewer will become familiar with the AFF4 format and the significant speed, compression and documentation advantages AFF…

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  • Planning to collect data for evidence
  • In a position where it might become necessary to collect digital evidence

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By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Understand what AFF4 is
  • Realize the problems associated with common forensic file formats
  • Acknowledge the advantages of AFF4
  • Recognize the tools using AFF4

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Brian Dykstra

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Complete this course and earn a Computer Forensics File Formats: Why you Should be Using AFF4 Certificate of Completion