How to Use Armitage - Overview (BSWJ)


Armitage is best known as the world-renowned GUI frontend for Metasploit, but it's actually so much more. Learn how to use it effeciently with this Armitage tutorial.

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Course Content
Module 1: BSWJ: Armitage - Overview
Course Description

How to Use Armitage

Armitage is a scripting tool that works with Metasploit, which is one of the major tools in a penetration tester’s toolbox. Metasploit is essentially a framework that has modular code libraries, used to design custom payloads and attacks. It’s used for discovering weaknesses and exploiting vulnerabilities. Armitage fits in as a graphical user interface (GUI) that plugs in to Metasploit. It allows penetration testers to have a visual representation of the textual information that’s presented through Metasploit. But, it’s more than just that.

Armitage also allows users to share the same session (and instance information) in Metasploit, making it possible to help more than one user carry out a test or attack. Being able to share sessions allows for teamwork during pentesting exercises. Additionally, Armitage has many features that are useful to all penetration testers and information security professionals. You'll learn about many of these in this Armitage tutorial.

Why Use Armitage?

Armitage for Metasploit is beneficial to users in many ways. It offers features that make penetration testing much easier. This tool not only makes testing easier, it also helps save time, as well as making managing targets more effectively.

There are many advantages to using Armitage, including the following:

  • It recommends the exploits, offers post-exploitation features, and also offers a very useful visualization of targets.
  • It allows users to share sessions, captured information, downloaded files, and control of captured hosts.
  • It provides a shared event log that updates and informs all team members on the status of the test or attack.
  • It contains additional tools including bots that aid in automating tasks. It assists users to capture, combine, and organize Metasploit tools into a user-friendly interface with more accessibility.
  • It offers tools that help better target management, which helps manage attacks and recon operations for many hosts.
  • It is able to import data sets from other sources (like scanners).

Armitage is a GUI that makes use of the concept of dynamic workspaces. It’s an environment that allows users to quickly change targets in attacks, the type of attacks being carried out, as well as other parameters.

For more information about the Armitage tool, and to learn to use it, check out this Armitage tutorial. The class provides you with a comprehensive overview of Armitage and how it works.

Teaching Assistants

  • Vikramajeet Khatri

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Joe Perry
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