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Cordoba Cyber Security Jobs

Cordoba Skyline by Alakasam.

Cordoba, Argentina is a South American city that has retained a lot of its Spanish colonial past. This is evident in the preserved colonial structures, particularly those belonging to the Roman Catholic Church. The Jesuits played an important role in the development of the city, both in its physical and economic growth.

Situated in the geographical center of Argentina, Cordoba is the capital of Cordoba Province and the second largest city in Argentina behind Buenos Aires. Cordoba is home to one of the oldest universities in Latin American, which happened to have been founded by the Jesuits. The city received its name because the founder’s wife had ancestors from Cordoba, Spain.

Cordoba’s economic growth began to ascend near the end of the 19th century coinciding with the influx of European immigrants from Italy and Spain. Today, Cordoba is both a financial as well as a technological hub within South America. This positions it quite well as a center for IT professional employment opportunities. Cordoba cyber security jobs present a fantastic opportunity for those with the requisite training and experience.

Cyber Security Jobs in Cordoba

After WWII, Cordoba expanded its economy beyond the export of raw materials from the country’s interior to further include industrial operations. Manufacturing in the form of automobiles and aircraft took hold. Auto manufacturers in Cordoba include Renault, Volkswagen, and Fiat and Lockheed Martin has an aircraft manufacturing plant in the city.

The industrial sector of Cordoba is rounded out by textiles, chemical manufacture, and agribusiness. Perhaps most interesting for IT professionals considering employment in Latin America, is that Cordoba is considered to be the technological center of Argentina. The city hosts a “Spaceport” where satellites operated by CONAE are built.

Software and electronics industries continue to experience a high degree of growth in Cordoba and have become significant exporters. The leading local tech employers are Motorola, Vates, Intel, EDS, and Santex America. Those seeking cyber security jobs in Cordoba should be able to find no shortage of opportunities within these sectors.

Living and Working in Cordoba

Cordoba is located along the banks of the Primero River. It has a humid subtropical climate and things can get pretty hot during the summer months with heat waves and frequent thunderstorms. There a many green spaces of varying sizes for inhabitants of the city to enjoy.

The city is divided up into several districts consisting of a university district, a financial district, as well as a bustling downtown district. Downtown Cordoba has several large malls with the largest being Patio Olmas. Getting around Cordoba and its environs is relatively easy courtesy of a modern transportation system comprised of trains, buses, trolleybuses, and taxis. There is also a long distance rail service connecting Cordoba with the rest of Argentina.

Argentinian work visas are unique in that they require a two-step application process. The details of obtaining a work visa for Argentina are covered in our article on Buenos Aires cyber security jobs. Cordoba cyber security jobs are waiting for well-qualified IT professionals, so get started training at Cybrary today!

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