Become a Mentor to the Future Leaders of the Industry

Why Become a Cybrary Mentor?

Cybrary is looking for experienced industry professionals with a passion for contributing to the cyber security community and helping the industry grow. Becoming a mentor is a great opportunity to share your expertise, provide career guidance, and coach the next industry leaders while expanding your professional network.

What We're Looking For:

  • Approachable and great listener
  • Willing to share expertise, skills, and knowledge
  • Positive role model that values learning
  • Familiarity with Cybrary courses, labs, paths, workrole assessments
  • Promotes the engagement of the Cybrary community
  • Provides ongoing feedback to the Cybrary team
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What You're Looking For:

  • An avenue to expand your professional network with other industry experienced mentors and new learners
  • Cybrary Led Training sessions for continued professional development
  • Opportunities to empower learners and positively impact their lives and careers
  • An Insider Pro Subscription discount
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cybrary Mentorship Program?

The Cybrary mentorship program connects a talented network of professionals with years of experience in Cyber, IT, and Infosec with thousands of learners interested in developing new skills and developing their careers.

What is the time commitment of a Cybrary Mentor?

To become an active Mentor on the Cybrary Platform 5 - 10 hours a week of community guidance is required.

How many years of experience do I need to become a mentor?

We look for 5+ years of IT/Cybersecurity industry experience.

What are the benefits of becoming a Cybrary Mentor?

  • Discounted access to premium training material.
  • Expand your professional network. Training sessions for mentors (e.g LinkedIn Optimization, Giving Feedback, etc).
  • Reach learners and impact positively their lives and careers.


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