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Chicago Cyber Security Jobs

Sweet Home Chicago is song by the legendary Chicago bluesman, Robert Johnson, which aptly expresses the richness of this great American Midwestern metropolis. It also captures the yearning that drove the Great Migration of African Americans from the south, northward, to industrial cities such as Chicago and Detroit in search of greater freedom and opportunity.

Chicago got its start as a land bridge for trappers and pioneers crossing from the Great Lakes into the land west of the Mississippi. It experienced rapid growth during the middle of the 19th century and got an early start as a world financial center with the establishment of its trade and financial sectors. The Chicago Board of Trade pioneered the exchange of futures contracts and the city was one of the first to develop a modern sanitary system to stem the tide of disease.

The Great Chicago Fire destroyed a large swath of the city in 1871 and spurred the modern construction of steel and stone in its aftermath. This lay the foundation for the skyscrapers that the city has become famous. Today, Chicago is an economic powerhouse built upon a well-diversified industrial portfolio and offers abundant employment opportunities for professionals across multiple disciplines. Chicago cyber security jobs can be found in abundance not only within the Chicago technology sector, but are also in high demand in the financial and retail sectors.

Cyber Security Jobs in Chicago

In terms of shear economic production, Chicago ranks behind only New York City and Los Angeles and is rated as the fourth most important business center in the world. The economic rock that Chicago is built upon is trade and finance which has elevated Chicago to the status of a major world financial center. The city is the headquarters of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, the Chicago Stock Exchange, the Chicago Board of Trade, as well as several other major financial institutions.

In addition, the metropolitan region of Chicago has the third largest science and engineering work force of any other U.S. metro region. Other industrial sectors in the Chicago region include manufacturing, printing and publishing, food processing, retail, and medical products. Such as well-diversified industrial landscape provides many employment opportunities for well-qualified professionals and cyber security jobs in Chicago should only increase along with the region’s continued economic growth.

Living and Working in Chicago

Chicago isn’t referred to as the “Windy City” for nothing! Winds coming off Lake Michigan can be brutal during the winter months and the city has been known to get dumped on pretty hard when it comes to lake effect snow. Conversely, Chicago summers can get hot and sticky. Despite, these weather extremes, people continue to migrate to the Chicago area not only for employment opportunities, but also for its rich culture and leisure time offerings.

Chicago has much to offer from its Southside Chicago Blues scene, to theater and museums, to its signature deep dish pizza. The city is also a passionate sports town with teams in each of the four major sports. There are several large parks within the city and the retail strip known as the “Miracle Mile” in downtown Chicago is famous as a prime shopping destination.

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