What is the Cb Predictive Security Cloud (PSC)?

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In today’s new reality, the device, and the people operating those devices, have taken center stage. Whether in your office or at a Starbucks, your endpoints now have access to some of your organization’s most sensitive data via cloud services, such as Salesforce.com, Office 365, and the Google Suite. This makes it extremely important that each endpoint has its own perimeter able to defend against the most advanced modern attacks.

To achieve this, we must evolve from the reactive, signature-based approach that traditional endpoint solutions have relied on. In order to truly secure the new perimeter, organizations need a solution that is able to leverage big-data analytics to predict future attack trends and stay ahead of advanced, emerging attacks.

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The word “predictive” may come off as a loaded term, but it really comes down to an organization’s ability to analyze current and historical facts to make decisions that will prevent future or unknown events.

We are making this a reality today with the Cb Predictive Security Cloud by focusing on a few key building blocks:

  1. Unfiltered Data – Having access to unfiltered endpoint data sets finally puts you in control. It allows you to see brand new attack tactics, techniques, and procedures that no one else in the world has ever seen before.
  2. Root Cause – Being able to automate root-cause analysis is a direct benefit of collecting unfiltered data. It allows you to determine the initial weakness that the attacker took advantage of, and enables you to address that weakness so you can stop the attacker from ever using it against you again.
  3. Community – Carbon Black has a community made up of the most advanced technical security experts in the world. The unmatched size and technical expertise of this community enables each member to learn from the trends and techniques shared by the rest of the community.
  4. Network Effect – In this predictive world, we can leverage the cloud and big data analytics to ensure that an attack against any one of us would make every one of us stronger. This means that attacking any single Carbon Black customer becomes exponentially more difficult, as the entire network works as one.

This is exactly what the Cb Predictive Security Cloud enables. We’re combining big data analytics with local information from your machine and your systems, giving you the best data possible to protect your environment before you ever fall victim to the attack.

In the end, human participation and decision is critical to our success. Data and analytics only make up half of the solution. The other half of the solution is you, and the decisions you’re able to make when given the right data. 

There is no question cybercrime is undergoing a period of explosive growth, and traditional vendors simply aren’t keeping up with new threats. Malware signatures and behavioral rules are inherently reactive, blocking only what’s been seen before.

Furthermore, every time a wave of new threats arises, security professionals scramble to evaluate new products, resulting in too many layers on the endpoint, none of which do enough of the job. Security staff are stretched to the limits trying to manage all those layers and the problems they create.

The Future of Cybersecurity: Big Data and the Cloud

To address the continual evolution of new threats, endpoint security solutions can no longer rely solely on known attack patterns. Instead, they must be able to uncover new attack trends hidden among the tens of billions of events happening on computers across the world every day.

The Cb Predictive Security Cloud

The Predictive Security Cloud is Carbon Black’s converged endpoint protection platform that delivers next-generation security and operations services through the cloud.

Better Protection

At the core of the Cb Predictive Security Cloud is a big data engine that collects and analyzes more data than any other solution to deliver the strongest protection from both known and unknown threats. The PSC is always being enhanced with new security techniques so you can get ahead of emerging threats without having to deploy new technology.

Simplified Operations

The Cb Predictive Security Cloud offers a converged set of security services through a single lightweight sensor, making it easy to add new capabilities whenever you need them. The PSC’s simple, cloud-based console is easy to deploy, configure, and use, with over 125 integrations with SIEM platforms, threat intelligence, and network security products that help you get more value from your existing security investments.

More Power For Your Team

Users have access to real-time operations tools embedded within the PSC user interface, so they don’t need rely on other teams or tools to take critical actions. Additionally, with Cb ThreatSight’s expert threat hunters keeping watch over your endpoints 24×7, and 10,000 security experts across the globe in Carbon Black’s online User Exchange community, you can rest assured that your team has access to all the
expertise they need.

The Best Data Delivers the Best Protection

Data drives security. The Cb Predictive Security Cloud applies highly differentiated and unique data processing techniques to predict
new threats and deliver the best protection possible.

Unfiltered Data Collection

Other endpoint security solutions filter the data they collect in the cloud to just data related to threats that have already been detected. The PSC takes a different approach, sending all endpoint data to the cloud, unfiltered. This allows the predictive engine to analyze and predict threats that have never been seen before.

Streaming Analytics

Based on proven event stream processing technology, the PSC uses streaming analytics to continually identify threat indicates and patterns that are invisible to other approaches. Streaming analytics uses a combination of behavioral analytics, machine learning, reputational analytics, and other sophisticated data processing algorithms to predict unknown threats and attacks.

***Upcoming Webinar: It’s Time to Move Endpoint Security to the Cloud

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