Terbium Labs Announces the General Availability of Its Dark Web Data Intelligence Platform, Matchlight

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BALTIMORE, MD–(Marketwired – September 20, 2016) – Terbium Labs announces the general availability of Matchlight, the world’s first fully private, fully automated data intelligence system to find compromised or stolen data on the dark web as soon as it appears. In private beta since June 2015, Matchlight has quickly grabbed the attention of security teams at leading businesses and government organizations for its innovative approach to information security — offering much-needed private, proactive and automated breach detection that’s both affordable and reliable.

With today’s announcement, Terbium Labs is offering access to Matchlight through a user-friendly web interface or API, making it fast and easy for businesses to begin monitoring their most critical data. For small-to-midsized businesses that don’t have the resources or manpower to chase down alerts, but which are routinely targeted by hackers at a rate comparable to their larger, upmarket counterparts, Matchlight’s web-based deployment options, affordability, pinpoint accuracy, and round-the-clock monitoring is a welcomed alternative to traditional enterprise security products.

“Attacks are inevitable and organizational data and intellectual property are always at risk,” said Tyler Carbone, COO of Terbium Labs. “Even the most robust security can’t stop all of today’s sophisticated attacks and insider threats. We believe automating intelligence gathering is the key to minimizing the damage caused by a data breach. With Matchlight, organizations no longer suffer from the long data breach detection times that lead to incident response delays. We’re shifting the balance of power by providing organizations of all sizes with the tools to identify and rapidly counter information theft and fraud quickly, privately and affordably.”

The average breach takes more than 200 days to discover, and 85 percent of breaches are detected by third parties. Matchlight’s private and automated data intelligence system shortens detection times to minutes and brings breach detection inside the organization. The Matchlight system is built upon a massive dark web search engine designed to constantly scan for stolen and sensitive data. Matchlight employs a patented data fingerprinting technology that creates a one-way digital signature of any type of data, enabling companies to automatically search for their sensitive information without revealing it to anyone — not even Terbium Labs. If even a small piece of an organization’s data appears somewhere it shouldn’t, Matchlight notifies the information security team immediately so they can identify the breach and quickly set a response and recovery plan in motion.

Matchlight’s automated, affordable and actionable approach to information security is redefining how security teams identify breaches and protect their organization’s most critical data. Unlike most threat intelligence providers, which use expensive human analysts, Matchlight uses an automated system to keep up with the ever-expanding dark web. Traditional threat intelligence makes it hard to know whether data is real or fake. The Matchlight data intelligence platform alerts users when and where fingerprints of their actual data appear online, rather than providing massive data feeds from multiple sources that must be cleansed, crunched and put into usable form.

“Protecting our corporate and customers’ data is an absolute business necessity,” said John Dickson, Director of IT Infrastructure and Cybersecurity at Republic National Distributing Company. “We’ve seen time and again the far-reaching effects a data breach can have on an organization, negatively impacting brand image, customer trust and the bottom line. Matchlight gives us the peace-of-mind knowing our most critical assets are being monitored at all times and the real-time intelligence need to proactively challenge cyber threats quickly and quietly.”

Matchlight features and services include:

Fingerprint Monitoring. Fully private, exact-string monitoring down to a resolution of 14 characters. Data set examples include client lists, account credentials, or confidential documents.

Data Feeds. Monitoring of keywords or patterns of any length. Popular uses cases include email addresses, credit cards, or identification numbers.

Retrospective Search. Available by web interface or API, customers can privately search Terbium’s dark web index in real time.

Analysis and Reporting. Terbium’s team of data scientists and analysts can create customized solutions and suggest strategies for everything from generating a data monitoring plan to organizing, visualizing, and sifting through Matchlight results.

Visit https://.terbiumlabs.com and begin monitoring up to five records per month for free. For business users, Matchlight monitoring starts at $5 per record per month, with access to search available for 600 records or more. To learn more about how Matchlight works, download the overview white paper or watch the product video.

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About Terbium Labs
At Terbium Labs, we know that sensitive data will always be at risk. That’s why we developed Matchlight, the world’s first fully private, fully automated Dark Web Data Intelligence System. We monitor the dark web for your private data fingerprints and notify you immediately if even a trace of your information shows up where it shouldn’t. With fingerprint monitoring and automated tracking for key terms and patterns, such as email addresses or payment card numbers, we can protect your brand, customers, and employees without you having to reveal any information to us. Let us help protect your sensitive data and intellectual property.
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