Tapping Into the Mind of a Hacker – What We Should Know About Cyber Risk

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Members of SecOps teams all across the globe gear up for war every day when they show up for work. With the current climate of the cybersecurity world, many insightful tips can be taken from a book written approximately 2,500 years ago by the Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu. Sun Tzu, in his widely recognized book “The Art of War,” highlights the importance of filling the shoes of your enemy to ever be successful in battle. Sun Tzu’s advice is particularly pertinent for those who go to war every day against network hackers and other cybercriminals.


Why Think Like the Hacker?

With new threats popping up by the minute, it is no longer enough to merely respond to threats and attacks as they happen. Defeating hackers requires the ability to anticipate their next step. You must adopt the mindset of a hacker to identify where your organization has vulnerabilities.


Once you have refined your skill to think like a hacker, you will find several advantages that can help keep your company protected from the next threat.

  • You can become more familiar with your organization’s threat surfaces. You begin to anticipate the holes a hacker might find within your organization.
  • While thinking like the hacker, you can begin to highlight what information they may target, whether it be monetary or otherwise. This will allow you to enhance the defense on those sets of data to ensure security.
  • After identifying your highlighted information, you can begin to develop a profile of who would target that data. For example, credit card data would be more attractive to the hacker looking to make a monetary gain rather than a group of hacktivists. Government data would most likely attract hackers from foreign governments. Knowing the profile of the group you may be baiting gives you a better understanding of the threats you may face ultimately allowing you to plan the steps necessary to secure company data.
  • Your effort can also help you conclude that your organization has already been tapped into. Unfortunately, many security breaches go undetected for prolonged periods of time. The longer the breach goes undetected, the longer those hackers have to steal information, resulting in higher remediation costs.


Incident Response Plans

Despite the growing need, not every organization is prepared to respond to a cyber attack. The first step is to put together an incident response playbook which acts as the equivalent to a buildings evacuation plan in the case of a fire. The playbook should tailor to the specific threats that your particular organization will attract. Tips on how to develop a reliable playbook can be found here.


The response team will be responsible for a variety of different tasks. Some tasks must be completed before an attack, while others will need to be handled during and after an incident. Since members of a team must know how to perform their duties correctly, regular drills should be conducted to test and enhance emergency preparedness.

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