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If your computer gets infected with ransomware, here is how to recover your data:

Step 1: Do not pay the ransom because there is no guarantee that the ransomware creators will allow you to recover your data.

Step 2: Find any available backups you have.

Step 3: If there are no back-ups, you will need to try to decrypt the information locked by ransomware by using the best ransomware decryption tools available.


In this anti-ransomware guide, we included these tools below and a very useful checklist to avoid all types of malware. Use the links below to navigate through it.

How to identify the ransomware you’ve been infected with
Ransomware decryption tools
Explanation on ransomware families and tools for decryptio
How to avoid ransomware in the future
Quick checklist for ransomware protection

How to identify the ransomware you’ve been infected with

Sometimes, the ransom note says what type of ransomware your files have been encrypted with, but it can happen that you don’t have this information at hand. Readers have asked us to show which encryption extensions belong to which ransomware families. Many of these extensions signaled new types of encrypting malware, for which there are no decryptors available.

If you need help with identifying what ransomware your system has been infected with, there are two tools you can use:

Crypto Sheriff from No More Ransom

ID Ransomware from MalwareHunter Team

Please read the terms and conditions specific to these tools before using them.

Ransomware decryption tools – an ongoing list

As a disclaimer, you should know that the list below is just a starting point. Use it, but do a bit more research as well. Safely decrypting your data can be a nerve-wrecking process, so try to be as thorough as possible.

We’ll do our best to keep this list up to date, but it’ll probably never be definitive. Contributions and suggestions are more than welcome, as we promise to promptly follow up on them and include them on the list.

Some of the ransomware decryption tools mentioned below are easy to use, while others require a bit more tech knowledge to break. You can try asking for help on one of these malware removal forums, which feature tons of information and helpful communities.

OpenToYou decryption tools

Globe3 decryption tool

Dharma Decryptor

CryptON decryption tool

Alcatraz Decryptor tool // direct tool download

HiddenTear decryptor (Avast)

NoobCrypt decryptor (Avast)

CryptoMix/CryptoShield decryptor tool for offline key (Avast)

Damage ransomware decryption tool

.777 ransomware decrypting tool

7even-HONE$T decrypting tool

.8lock8 ransomware decrypting tool + explanations

7ev3n decrypting tool

AES_NI Rakhni Decryptor tool

Agent.iih decrypting tool (decrypted by the Rakhni Decryptor)

Alcatraz Ransom decryptor tool

Alma decrypting tool

Al-Namrood decrypting tool 

Alpha decrypting tool

AlphaLocker decrypting tool

Amnesia Ransom decryptor tool

Amnesia Ransom 2 decryptor tool

Apocalypse decrypting tool

ApocalypseVM decrypting tool + alternative

Aura decrypting tool (decrypted by the Rakhni Decryptor)

AutoIt decrypting tool (decrypted by the Rannoh Decryptor)

Autolocky decrypting tool

Badblock decrypting tool + alternative 1

BarRax Ransom decryption tool

Bart decrypting tool

BitCryptor decrypting tool

BitStak decrypting tool

BTCWare Ransom decryptor

Chimera decrypting tool + alternative 1 + alternative 2

CoinVault decrypting tool

Cry128 decrypting tool

Cry9 Ransom decrypting tool

Cryaki decrypting tool (decrypted by the Rannoh Decryptor)

Crybola decrypting tool (decrypted by the Rannoh Decryptor)

CrypBoss decrypting tool

Crypren decrypting tool

Crypt38 decrypting tool

Crypt888 (see also Mircop) decrypting tool

CryptInfinite decrypting tool

CryptoDefense decrypting tool

CryptoHost (a.k.a. Manamecrypt) decrypting tool

Cryptokluchen decrypting tool (decrypted by the Rakhni Decryptor)

CryptoMix Ransom decrypting tool

CryptoTorLocker decrypting tool

CryptXXX decrypting tool

CrySIS decrypting tool (decrypted by the Rakhni Decryptor – additional details)

CTB-Locker Web decrypting tool

CuteRansomware decrypting tool

Damage ransom decrypting tool

Dharma Ransom Rakhni decryptor tool

DeCrypt Protect decrypting tool

Democry decrypting tool (decrypted by the Rakhni Decryptor)

Derialock ransom decryptor tool

DMA Locker decrypting tool + DMA2 Locker decoding tool

Fabiansomware decrypting tool

Encryptile decrypting tool

FenixLocker – decrypting tool

Fury decrypting tool (decrypted by the Rannoh Decryptor)

GhostCrypt decrypting tool

Globe / Purge decrypting tool + alternative

Gomasom decrypting tool

Harasom decrypting tool

HydraCrypt decrypting tool

HiddenTear decrypting tool

Jaff decrypter tool

Jigsaw/CryptoHit decrypting tool + alternative

KeRanger decrypting tool

KeyBTC decrypting tool

KimcilWare decrypting tool

Lamer decrypting tool (decrypted by the Rakhni Decryptor)

LambdaLocker decryption tool

LeChiffre decrypting tool + alternative

Legion decrypting tool

Linux.Encoder decrypting tool

Lock Screen ransomware decrypting tool

Locker decrypting tool

Lortok decrypting tool (decrypted by the Rakhni Decryptor)

Marlboro ransom decryption tool

MarsJoke decryption tool

Manamecrypt decrypting tool (a.k.a. CryptoHost)

Mircop decrypting tool + alternative

Merry Christmas / MRCR decryptor

Mole decryptor tool

Nanolocker decrypting tool

Nemucod decrypting tool + alternative

NMoreira ransomware decryption tool

Noobcrypt decryption tool

ODCODC decrypting tool

Operation Global III Ransomware decrypting tool

Ozozalocker ranomware decryptor

PClock decrypting tool

Petya decrypting tool + alternative

Philadelphia decrypting tool

PizzaCrypts decrypting tool

Pletor decrypting tool (decrypted by the Rakhni Decryptor)

Pompous decrypting tool

PowerWare / PoshCoder decrypting tool

Popcorn Ransom decrypting tool

Radamant decrypting tool

Rakhni decrypting tool

Rannoh decrypting tool

Rector decrypting tool

Rotor decrypting tool (decrypted by the Rakhni Decryptor)

Scraper decrypting tool

Shade / Troldesh decrypting tool + alternative

SNSLocker decrypting tool

Stampado decrypting tool + alternative

SZFlocker decrypting tool

Teamxrat / Xpan decryption tool

TeleCrypt decrypting tool (additional details)

TeslaCrypt decrypting tool + alternative 1 + alternative 2

TorrentLocker decrypting tool

Umbrecrypt decrypting tool

Wildfire decrypting tool + alternative

WannaCry decryption tool + Guide

XData Ransom decryption tool

XORBAT decrypting tool

XORIST decrypting tool + alternative

Explanation on ransomware families and tools for decryption

As you may have noticed, some of these ransomware decryption tools work for multiple ransomware families, while certain strains have more than one solution (although this is rarely the case).

From a practical perspective, some of the decryptors are easy to use, but some require some technical know-how. As much as we’d want this process to be easier, it doesn’t always happen.

No matter how much work and time researchers put into reverse engineering cryptoware, the truth is that we’ll never have a solution to all of these infections. It would take an army of cyber security specialists working around the clock to get something like this done.

This list of #ransomware decryption tools could help you get your data back for free:


How to avoid ransomware in the future

Being pragmatic doesn’t mean adopting a pessimistic outlook. In fact, if you apply the simple steps we outlined in the anti-ransomware security plan, you can avoid this kind of attacks and the need to use ransomware decryption tools to recover your data.

Even if cyber criminals do manage to infect your PC, you can just wipe the system clean and restore your latest backup. No money lost and, most importantly, no important information compromised! So, please, please back up your data. Not tomorrow, not this weekend, not next week. Do it today!

I hope that it will solve some of your ransomware-related problems. Moreover, please think about sharing the simple principle of proactive protection with your friends and family. It could spare them the negative experience of being a cyber attack victim.

As new types of ransomware emerge, researchers decrypt some strains and others get new variants. There are tens or hundreds of them. Just like in a cat and mouse game, the chase never stops.

If this graphic would be filled out with the discoveries until 2018, you’d need a bigger screen (possibly 3) to see this.

ransomware discoveries CERT RO 3 1

Source: CERT-RO

Believe it or not, there is a silver lining to ransomware’s popularity: the quality of the malicious code is steadily decreasing. As a result, cyber security specialists can crack the code faster. This gives ransomware victims a change to retrieve their data without further funding attackers.

Unfortunately, low quality ransomware also endangers the affected data: one error in the code and it can all be erased instead of encrypted. But that’s a story for another time.

Quick checklist for ransomware protection

Instead, take the time see how to avoid ransomware attacks with this essential sheet. How many check marks can you score?

your anti ransomware checklist petya 1

This article was originally published by Andra Zaharia on October 5th, 2016 and was updated by Ana Dascalescu on January 18th, 2017.

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