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How did we get here? By that, I mean how did we, as professionals tasked with safeguarding organizations against cyber security risk, end up in a position where we have ceded control to others?

First, we ceded control to hackers and other cyber security threat actors, after we networked our computers to empower us to work better together. Then, vendors flooded in, filling the void with solutions that swore to deliver on a single promise: “We will not let the bad guys in.”

Unfortunately, the reality has evolved into something much different for many CISOs; they are spending more and getting less, as a result of under-delivered results on over-delivered promises – and their power was gone.

The question now is how do you regain that power? How do you take back control while facing an onslaught cyber attacks that are becoming more sophisticated and more frequent by the day, as well as the thousands of vendor solutions that are designed to combat them?

Power from perspective is the answer.

What Does “Power from Perspective” Mean?

First, we have to acknowledge the fact that we have lost power in this space, as we are unable to determine what would be impactful in solving cyber security problems, from the “knee-jerk” reactionary measures, to the last software advertisement that caught our eye.

Of course, many of these cyber security solutions do yield valuable, actionable insights; but they do so in a disparate manner, across many different screens that have to be manually cobbled together by individuals. SIEM systems excel at correlating disparate events into new ones, identifying important conditions; however, if you have seen analysts looking at a SIEM screen in the face of trying to understand an ongoing event, you might be reminded of the RCA Nipper dog commercials, where Nipper is looking at a TV screen with his head slowly tilting to the left…

How do you create a cohesive picture from these high-volume data sources that provides a meaningful assessment of your organization’s IT security posture? How can you pull together a single model that gives you the perspective necessary to say, “I get it now”?

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The ability to establish this single point of perspective is how you regain that power. The right perspective enables you to see the forest for the trees.

Put another way, how can you determine where a needle is in a haystack when you are inside the haystack? When you are looking outward, all you will see is hay. It could be 10 miles of hay or 10 inches of hay. In some distant place of the haystack, the hay could be wet, or it could be dry – or even on fire. From that limited point of perspective, you would not know.

“Power from perspective” means stepping outside of the cyber security haystack, hop into a drone, and look down at the haystack. We need the ability to know how large that haystack is (and how fast it is growing/shrinking/turning colors), whether or not it is on fire, or whether a family of deer is nibbling away at one edge of it. Business Intelligence Analytics provide this insight.

Those are the types of important, big picture details, the totality of cyber security data at your fingertips, that can only be realized through a proper vantage point.

How Does GreySpark Provide That Perspective?

GreySpark is a business intelligence platform for security operations (SecOps) that makes sense of these mountains of disparate cyber security data sources, empowering IT leaders to effectively prioritize events and take action in a meaningful way.

Much like business intelligence solutions in other industries, such as retail, GreySpark brings this level of perspective to Security Operations (or SecOps for short), because you cannot view like parameters across dislike sensor types. No matter how useful those sensors might be individually, they will not report in the same way, at the same frequency or the same kind of information.

For SecOps, what is needed is a model that extracts like information from disparate data sources transforms them into information about the performance of security operations, across people, processes and technology.

But how is FourV different from other vendors, and GreySpark a step above other data analysis cyber security solutions?

The answer is simple. We are not another vendor saying to you, “Implement my product, and I will identify this one very narrow thing that I am going to solve for you.”

Instead, what we are saying is that you have invested and toiled in order to build a security program, and GreySpark will help you get the most out of your existing investments, simplify reporting and identify where you can focus your resources in order to present an effective and measured program to business leadership. Don’t add another sensor or detector to your system. Instead, assess the ones you already have, visualize how well they are working, and identify and close the gaps that need to be addressed.

Final Thought

To have the situational awareness of what is happening on your network, that power from perspective, you need to have a continuous measurement apparatus in place for performance, control and risk measurement. However, you also need a guided method of diagnostics down to a level where you can understand what is causing those metrics (KPIs, KCIs and KRIs) to move.

More to the point, you need to be able to monitor, benchmark and compare your security performance. A product like GreySpark is one way of doing that. Because only when you have a clear understanding of how things are trending, you will be able to understand when and where you are ceding your power and where you have control.


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