Point3 COAC explained by the Director of Force Training OSD, Frank DiGiovanni

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Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/sEqEdIKmxgY

By 2019, responsibility for training the military cyber mission force will transition from the National Security Agency to the military Services, giving them just two years to develop a training curriculum and pipeline.

Frank DiGiovanni, director of force training in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, says the question isn’t what to teach, but rather how it should be taught. Rather than conventional lectures and classroom-based training, he argues, cyber is a trade or craft.

Such skills are best learned in a collaborative environment, he says, in which craftsmen of different skill levels, specialization and experience work together – and learn together – to solve problems, much as skilled tradesmen developed and handed down knowledge from generation to generation for millenia.

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About Point3 Security, Inc.
Since our inception, Point3 Security, Inc. has continued to disrupt the cybersecurity and defense education industry by dismantling the traditional classroom education model, and developing a gamified, proven, challenge-based ecosystem. Escalate™, our challenge based ecosystem, introduces hands-on-keyboard capture-the-flag tasks which mentor, train, and teach members master tradecraft to malware reverse engineering, network security, disk and memory forensics, vulnerability research, offensive and defensive operations, and operational software development — skills sought by the U.S. Government, and equally rewarded in the private/commercial sector through immediate senior level salary, job security, and genuine job satisfaction. Unlike participants in expensive cyber boot-camp gimmicks, and generic cybersecurity certificate curriculums riddling the net, Escalate™ members continue to be identified as the gold-standard of the cybersecurity and defense industry by government agency recruiters, and commercial sector head-hunters. Our award-winning method is recognized. The success of our members is measured and proven. Our process is validated. Point3 Security Inc. didn’t just challenge the industry standard; it redefined it.

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