Partner Perspectives: Detect All Devices, Respond to All Threats

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Michael Tanji is the Chief Operations Officer for Senrio.

The ability to detect and respond to cyber threats in a timely manner is an essential capability of every security-minded enterprise. Endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions, such as Carbon Black’s Cb Response, are a critical component of such capabilities, but the effectiveness of an EDR solution is diminished if it is not applied to all endpoints. The introduction of bring your own device (BYOD) and rogue IT into the workplace has made ensuring proper protection for all assets a constant challenge for enterprises.

The problem intensifies with the proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. It does not help that IoT devices lack the processing power, memory and other features to run an endpoint sensor. As the use of IoT devices grows, so too does an enterprise’s attack surface. What doesn’t grow is an enterprise’s ability to detect and respond to threats.

Today, one can breach an enterprise without ever touching a traditional endpoint. At the 2018 RSA Conference, the Senrio research team demonstrated how an attacker could go from a connected device, like a surveillance camera, to a router and then onto a network-attached storage device. From there, an attacker can exfiltrate data without ever touching a system with an endpoint sensor.

Being unaware of devices in either class – IT or IoT – prevents IT administrators and security operations teams from knowing what they have to defend. Without awareness of all devices, as well as visibility into what those devices are doing, it is impossible for any organization to effectively defend itself.

The integration between Carbon Black and Senrio solves five key problems in connected device awareness and visibility:

  • Identifies Devices

    Senrio will identify all connected devices in an enterprise – IT or IoT – along with metadata about a device’s make, model, manufacturer, OS, firmware, protocols, connections and more.

  • Protects Devices

    Being aware of the devices in an enterprise enables a security team to ensure that all devices that can have endpoint protection on them, do. Together, Carbon Black and Senrio ensure that all formal resources are protected, and that all informal resources (BYOD and rogue IT) are identified and subjected to enterprise policies.

  • Creates Baselines

    Senrio’s ability to profile device behavior helps establish a baseline of what ‘normal’ is for each device. Creating a baseline for what’s normal allows alerts to be generated when devices behave abnormally. This feature is particularly valuable for IoT devices, which do not generate logs of activity that can be subjected to standard threat detection, hunting processes or tools.

  • Tracks Connections

    As Carbon Black detects connections between commodity IT devices, Senrio tracks connections between IoT devices. This capability enables abnormal or suspicious activities on IoT devices to be monitored. Monitoring activity on these devices answers questions such as Have any of my IoT devices connected to a known-bad IP? and Why is my MRI machine connecting to a botnet command and control server?

  • Integrates Tools

    Senrio’s alerting capability integrates seamlessly with tools like Cb Response, SIEMs and other security tools to help enforce policies and respond to incidents. This integration enables users to view the fastest growing segment of enterprise IT in their preferred pane of glass and address issues using the same tools they prefer to use when addressing other incidents.

Every device connected to a network is a potential weak point – even if the role that device plays seems minor under ordinary circumstances. Together, Carbon Black and Senrio provide comprehensive awareness and visibility into all connected devices, helping to ensure that you know exactly what makes up your enterprise. By ensuring that each connected device is monitored, organizations increase the value of their commodity IT and IoT devices without increasing risk.

For more on how Senrio Insight protects the IoT devices in your environment, visit

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