Opening Offices In China And Asia Pacific: Are You Ready To Be A Hero?

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When street crime gets just a bit too much to handle in the Marvel Universe, the Defenders get the call. But when space aliens threaten global domination, the big guns are called in and it’s the Avengers that get to work. 

Opening offices in the Asia Pac are a lot like that. New office in London or New York? No problem. That’s pretty much well understood. Pick from a half dozen providers. You know that one if not all of them will be working with a pretty solid cabling plant — or more likely fiber plant — to link up the office. Price will be affordable, of course, given the competition. Distances are shorts so latency and loss will usually be insignificant. Just find the provider with the right package. For those kinds of offices, any IT manager can take the billing.

But build an office in China or the Asia Pacific and, well, that’s different story. ISP selection is more limited. Wiring infrastructure in many Asia Pacific countries are a step down from what you might see in Western cities, such as New York. Chinese regulations need to be understood and planned for. The sheer distance to and from China or anywhere in the Asia Pac will significantly impact throughput, making latency and loss performance critical.

For those kinds of deployments, companies need more than just the average IT manager. They need the Iron Man of IT managers (or Black Widow, if you prefer). They need someone who understands the challenges of global backbones and knows how to solve them; a person who can deliver on reliable connectivity even into Hangzhou, Beijing, and any other Chinese city. And someone who knows how to deliver a secure, networking infrastructure without overburdening the branch office with hardware that will have to be shipped to the location (and be delayed in the process).

Are you ready to be that kind of hero? We may not be able to give you an armored suit with super strength, but we can give you the smarts and tools to make opening an office in China or anywhere in the Asia Pacific a bit easier. Check out this eBook for more details.

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