Lessons from WannaCry: Varonis on CNBC’s Nightly Business Report

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Last night, Varonis’ Brian Vecci, Technical Evangelist, sat down with Andrea Day of CNBC’s Nightly Business Report to discuss the recent WannaCry outbreak, where it goes from here and lessons to be learned. You can watch the full clip here.

“We’re playing catch up because of how much data and how much complexity and how blind we’ve been to these kinds of attacks.”

  • What’s the latest on the attack: We know how to prevent WannaCry right now, but it’s the canary in the coal mine – it’s showing everyone just how critical file security is and how much damage can be done.
  • Lessons for health care industry: It’s not just patient records or other regulated data that can cause problems – it’s all files. Basic security best practices would have made a big difference: patching systems that store files, making sure they’re not open to everyone, and close monitoring so you know when something goes wrong.
  • Can other industries be affected? Absolutely – everyone has files, and what we’re seeing with WannaCry is that it’s not just the regulated data that industries like finance and healthcare need to worry about, it’s everything. If holding files hostage can stop a hospital from working, the same thing can happen to a bank, a law firm, a police network or a power plant, or anyone else.
  • How companies can protect themselves: Start with the basics – keep your systems up to date and patched. Make sure files aren’t open to everyone, and monitor everything so you know when something goes wrong.

Read more about the WannaCry outbreak, its evolution and what you need to know in this blog post (with a list of additional helpful links).

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