GhostAdmin: The Invisible Data Thief – Notes from the Underground

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Data theft is a major threat to businesses in today’s economy. With large corporations like Arby’s, Popeye’s, and Intercontinental Hotels all reporting breaches since the beginning of this year alone, it’s essential for IT professionals to keep an eye out for emerging threats that target valuable user data.

Just last month, researchers at MalwareHunterTeam discovered a relatively new botnet called GhostAdmin that quietly siphons data from infected devices while it masquerades as a legitimate antivirus tool and obscures the symptoms of its attack with specialized features. Its network of infected devices is still small, but it has already been used to steal hundreds of gigabytes of data from large companies, making it a threat you need to understand and watch out for.

GhostAdmin is a botnet, a type of malware that ope­rates by creating a network of infected host machines (a robotic network) that are all controlled by the botnet’s owner. While a single device may or may not be useful on its own, leveraging an entire network of devices provides rocket fuel for almost anything that a botnet owner wants to accomplish.

Read more on GhostAdmin at the AlienVault blog.

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