Employers have 99 problems but Apprenticeship isn’t one

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Apprenticeship has struck a chord with the public. We have people as young as 18 and as old as 50 interested in our program. They are career-changers, high school graduates, parents, people struggling to finish community college. While they may differ in age and experience, they have one common thread: the desire to secure a meaningful career and sustainable employment.

The benefits for apprentices are obvious:

  1. Payment from day one.
  2. Customized education plan developed in collaboration with the employer.
  3. Nationally recognized credentials from the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Registration.
  4. International backing from a top-rated UK apprenticeship company, 3aaa (i.e.- they know what they are doing!)
  5. A foot in the door to an emerging industry like IT, Digital & Social Media or Cyber Security.
  6. Help with soft skills like interview strategy and resume construction.
  7. Opportunity for continued advancement.
  8. Support and mentorship from our team.
  9. A future without debt.
  10. A future that begins today and not in four (or more) years.


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About TranZed Apprenticeship Services
Tranzed Apprenticeship Services is truly “transformative education.” it serves a dual audience: 1) employers with unfilled, high-quality jobs and 2) motivated apprentices who need training for long-term, rewarding careers…change the fate of both. Employers and apprentices each invest, as partners, in the apprenticeship – employer paying apprentices while they learn and apprentices working while they take courses to master skills and competency. Apprenticeships are not new – Ben Franklin was an apprentice printer; Paul Revere an apprentice silversmith; Henry Ford an apprentice mechanic; and recently, Chef Jamie Oliver an apprentice at London restaurants. The U.S. building trades were built on apprenticeships – electricians, carpenters, and plumbers. Tranzed is bringing the concept to today’s most in-demand fields – first to IT and digital marketing, then to healthcare and beyond. Tranzed’s apprenticeships are based on a proven model, filling the education void not met by high schools, nor by higher education, despite our pushing young people to get college degrees. Tranzed is patterned after 3aaa in the UK in which 100,000 employers have jobs offered, and supported by the TranZed Alliance and The Children’s Guild. The jobs are there…high quality but unfilled. The workforce is there…motivated but untrained. In the past, no bridge existed between the two. Tranzed Apprenticeship Services is a joint venture between 3aaa UK and The TranZed Alliance.
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5 Reasons Why a TranZed Apprenticeship Will be the Best Choice for You
Apprenticeships offer a career path, not just a job. Apprentices are matched with employers who recognize that a business’s success comes from its people. The mutual investment between the employer and the apprentice pursues a common goal: enhanced skills, productivity and loyalty.

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