Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Cb Customer Spotlight with Stonewall Kitchen’s William Bocash

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Editor’s Note: Stonewall Kitchen upgraded to next-gen AV with Cb Defense and Cb Protection. William Bocash an I.T. Manager for Stonewall Kitchen (and author of this blog) has more than 17 years experience in the information technology industry, and recently attended Cb Connect 2018.

To wrap up the 15th annual National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM 2018), I’m sharing my key takeaways from Carbon Black’s annual user conference Cb Connect, which took place earlier this month. NCASM is an annual initiative to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity. As Kane Lightowler previously mentioned in his NCSAM blog post, Carbon Black is committed to providing a community of focused collaboration to ensure we have a safer, more secure environment for all and I’m proud to contribute to that.

I’ve been with Stonewall Kitchen for over 17 years, and I wish that when I started my career in I.T. someone had told me that you can never be 100 percent protected and that your security portfolio should include a balance of incident response and prevention. This knowledge comes with experience. Experience that we, as I.T. and cybersecurity experts, need to pass on to aspiring professionals and junior colleagues.

One thing that I believe companies can do to help close the cybersecurity skills gap is look for partnerships with companies offering security managed services. There is a fast growing array of options available today from full blown SOCs to dedicated CISOs that don’t have to be internal. Collaboration is key. A topic also discussed at length during Cb Connect 2018.

I recently conducted an interview with the editors of the Carbon Black blog to dive a little deeper on the biggest threats and challenges I’m seeing face the cybersecurity industry, as well as the resources that will help us prevent and overcome them.

What’s the most surprising/powerful thing you learned at Cb Connect?

The power of APIs and integrating security solutions so that you have a cohesive platform. Traditional approaches and trying to use best of breed systems often create silos and management becomes inefficient and challenging. Having multiple security products working together provides better protection and simplifies monitoring and response.

How important is collaboration among defenders in cybersecurity?

Invaluable. It is critical that we pool resources, ideas, and strategies to stand a fighting chance. It is also nice to see security solution providers working together and integrating with each other instead of only competing. We need to embrace partnerships and collaboration and that as a community of defenders we win and lose together.

What is the top trend you predict will impact the cybersecurity industry in the next year?

A shift towards threat hunting and more sophisticated and automated response as opposed to only prevention. We’re already starting to see the shift in our security portfolio and are focusing more resources into systems and processes used after a breach has occurred.

What do you consider the biggest cyber threat in the food/bev industry? What steps are your team taking to combat this?

Stolen data (credentials, customer data or intellectual property) through phishing campaigns. We have deployed advanced protections for our email systems and have launched an ongoing security awareness training program for users.

Why is it the overwhelming perception that attackers are winning right now?

Human nature focusing on the negative. Breaches are always in the news but we don’t focus on the countless times we stop a breach. The defenders don’t get points for saves, we get points when cybercriminals are caught and brought to justice, but how often does that happen. And when it does, is it big news?

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