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How great was it to see Cloud Computing win the Preakness this year? Cloud computing, as technologists know it, has been putting up serious wins for years now – but a horse race? That was unexpected. 

In our industry, cloud computing has been on the scene since 2002, when Amazon realized what mainframe time rental companies realized 20 years earlier: Not everyone is using their computing resources all the time. Moreover, by having multiple people utilizing the same resources – this time, via virtualization instead of mainframe sharing – you can make computing more cost efficient and allow for more ambitious projects at a lower price.

Seeing a horse named Cloud Computing, of all things, made me realize how commonplace that term has become in our society. Even in present day, however, few people understand what cloud computing really entails.

The Ubiquitous Cloud

The “magic” of cloud computing has transformed into an expectation. And today, it is often hard to discern the traditional boundaries between application, device, operating system, network, data center or some remote provider.

More and more, we are buying solutions, services and platforms without much consideration as to how or where they function. 

Client Success Story: GreySpark Empowered SRC to Transform Their Risk Reporting

Most of FourV’s customers, for instance, opt for GreySpark to be deployed in a cloud environment. Why? It is simply easier. Install a virtual appliance to collect the data, and leave the rest to us, mainly in the cloud. 

Of course, the punchline is that the cloud is simply someone else’s computer – and, to a degree, that is entirely true.

A Question of Security

We are utilizing large amounts of hardware that has been turned into multiple computers through the wonders of virtualization, and we are accessing those resources using slick dashboards and interfaces. Cloud computing empowers us to do amazing things with data lakes and analytics that we never thought possible 20 years ago – but still only down here on terra firma and not in the literal clouds.

With that in mind, here is a serious question for you: While it is great that someone else is “taking care of things,” how do we make sure that those computers in the cloud are as secure as we need them to be? Furthermore, how do we draw any comparison of how secure they are against the local hardware we have been hosting your infrastructure on previously?

Surely, there are measures of security resilience and performance that make them comparable. Right? Well, that is what we do.

Score Your Own Win with GreySpark

With GreySpark, we enable customers to utilize enormous processing power to normalize and convert hundreds of thousands of events in their environment into sound security intelligence for their organization. And it all takes place in the cloud, without the requirement of hundreds of thousands of dollars for physical infrastructure.

By simply implementing a small collection device that receives data from both the local infrastructure and cloud environments, customers let us do all the heavy-lifting to gain insights into their security performance and resilience.

What our customers see in GreySpark is what they provided to us. No filtering, no adjusting of severity – just powerful new perspective through interpretation of the data, using the GreySpark security information model.

No wonder cloud computing is winning the race these days.

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