Chapter Four – Incident Response Tools

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Any discussion of incident response deserves a close look at the tools that you’ll need for effective incident detection, triage, containment and response. We’ll cover the best tools for each function, we’ll share resources for how to learn how and when to use them, and we’ll explain how to determine the attack source. That way, you’ll know the right decision to make at each stage of the investigation.

The Three A’s of Incident Response

In order to be effective in defending your company’s network, you’ll need the right Ammunition, you’ll aspire to identify proper Attribution, and you’ll focus on increasing Awareness as a way to reduce the volume and impact of cyber incidents on your company. Still not clear on the A’s? Read on…

AMMUNITION: Most incident responders will want to spend most of their time here, downloading and customizing incident response tools – open source as well as proprietary. Why? Because it’s fun, and that’s what cyber geeks tend to like to do… code. We’ll mostly cover open source incident response tools in this chapter, and we’ll also use the OODA loop framework from Chapter Two so you’ll know when to use which tool and why.

ATTRIBUTION: Understanding where an attack is coming from can help you understand an attacker’s intention as well as their technique, especially if you use real-time threat intelligence to do so. We’ll cover the basics of attribution, and include some free and open resources to keep you updated on who might be attacking your company based on the latest collaborative threat intelligence.

AWARENESS: The most fundamental security control is an educated and aware user. While we plan to go deep into incident response training in the next chapter, in this chapter we’ll cover some of the highlights you’ll want to consider as you update your security awareness program. The biggest takeaway here is that every incident should be examined as a way to improve your overall security program, with awareness as a key part of that.

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