Cb Customer Spotlight Series: Q & A with Project Worldwide’s Thomas Munson

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Everyday, Carbon Black customers are working together to keep their organizations safe from cyber attacks. To share the knowledge our customers have with the greater security community, we are excited to announce the launch of the Cb Customer Spotlight Series.

The Cb Customer Spotlight Series highlights Carbon Black customers who are making an impact in the security community. Customers will share stories and insights on best practices learned, advice on how to grow a career in cybersecurity, why they chose Carbon Black and more.

This blog series will highlight a customer each monthly. Be sure follow along as we continue to highlight thought leaders in the industry.


For Thomas Munson, Information Security Manager/Data Protection Officer at the experiential marketing company Project Worldwide, endpoint protection is central to the organization’s security strategy. Project Worldwide has an independent, global network of wholly owned creative agencies. With more than 2,200 people in 46 offices, protecting their growing organization is critical. With over 18 years of experience in the information technology space, Munson leverages Carbon Black’s security community, the User Exchange, to stay on top of the latest security news and to scale his efforts. Here’s what Munson has to say about the value of community

How would you describe the value you have received from Carbon Black’s User Exchange community?

The User Exchange community has saved me more than once when I needed quick answers. The community members are intelligent and post technical responses that are incredibly beneficial to members like myself.

Are there any practices that you learned within the User Exchange community that have improved your company?

There is a post within the User Exchange community titled “Good, Better, Best” referencing Cb Defense policies that has strengthened our position while shrinking our attack surface greatly. By reading the post and accompanying comments by community members, we were able to fine-tune our policies within Cb Defense. This not only opened our eyes to the capabilities we have access to, but also to the attack vectors that adversaries are using. This post is one of the many ways the User Exchange community has improved our security posture.

Which resource within the User Exchange do you utilize the most or find the most useful to your company?

Within the User Exchange, I utilize the best practices, product docs and news, and, of course, the knowledge base.

How have the opinions of other security professionals within the User Exchange community impacted your knowledge on threat intelligence?

The opinions of other security professionals within this community have been some of the most helpful within the security industry that I have come across. The User Exchange community has replaced a few sites that I used to visit for threat intelligence. The fewer sites we have to navigate through, the better as it saves us time researching.

How has your network (peers, CISOs and security analysts) been impacted by people sharing ideas through the User Exchange community?

There is a lot of great knowledge, information, and ideas within the User Exchange community. I help share the ideas on our own intranet portal to enlighten our user base across the board.

Going from the User Exchange to our VIP program, Cb Defenders, how has your experience improved? What is the difference in your experience going from the User Exchange to Cb Defender?

Joining Carbon Black’s VIP program, Cb Defenders, has made me more active both in Cb Defenders and the User Exchange community. The challenges within Cb Defenders are always fun to participate in. Being more active in Cb Defenders has not only improved my experience but has also improved my company’s security posture.

Why did you join Cb Defenders?

I was invited to join Cb Defenders because I was active in the User Exchange community. Being in Cb Defenders, it has been a nice change of pace; the program is fun, informative, and educational.

How have you, personally, been able to help other like-minded security professionals within this community?

For me, I always try to jump in, answer questions, and comment on discussions whenever I can. I wrote a post, “Walking through Demisto integrations,” which I think is helpful to other members within the community.

Tell us about the process for choosing Carbon Black. Why did Carbon Black stand out amongst the competition?

I was introduced to Carbon Black at the RSA conference in 2017. I sat down and had a Cb Defense demo and wondered whether it would work because we’re a global company in one of the most hostile networks in APAC. We began a proof of concept (POC) and ran it side by side with our AV vendor at the time. The POC lasted 30 days and we were impressed with Cb Defense. Today, we have completely replaced our old AV vendor with Cb Defense. Cb Defense was able to find everything that we were unable to see with our previous AV vendor, especially fileless malware. It really opened our eyes to a whole new attack vector we were missing.

Do you have your own security philosophy?

The number one phrase I tell everyone, regardless of their age, is “Slow down, read, and know what you are clicking. When in doubt, just delete.”

Last comments regarding your experience with Carbon Black?

I have been in information technology for almost 20 years and my experience with Carbon Black has been great. Carbon Black, as a company, has given us way more attention than we ever received from our previous AV vendor, or any other AV vendor I have worked with. The User Exchange community has been amazing and helpful. I have only opened two tickets in the last 12 months because the community has been so helpful with the questions I ask. When I have a problem now, the first place I turn to is the User Exchange community, because I know within no time I’ll have my answer.



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