5 Takeaways From the #CbConnect18 “Women in Cybersecurity” Keynote

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Wow, what a great few days here at Cb Connect. Sometimes with conferences, you go out with one problem to solve and leave with 50. Cb Connect really exposed some great ways to solve problems, no matter the size of the team or the Cb product in house. I also had some great takeaways from the ‘Women in Cybersecuity” panel

One: This is not an “Us Vs. You”

This country right now has become so polarized, that sometimes I even get a little concerned that a women’s panel can come off as an Us Vs. You conversation in the workspace. I could not feel happier than when I heard the responses from Tracey, Liz, and Shira to this mindset. They completely debunked this approach when it comes to their experiences. Tracey mentioned that a lot of her cheerleaders are men, that you need relationships and cheerleaders from all genders. Liz mentioned that it is important that we are hiring the right people for the job, blind of sex. I think that when it comes to this topic, the more we can work together to see the gap and make improvements to change it, we can get somewhere. Polarization will never solve these problems.

Two: How To Retain Women in the Workplace

Getting women into the roles of tech are hard enough, getting them to stay can be even harder. Liz brought up a great point: one, that it is not really a gender approach to maintaining talent, it requires a different conversation per person. You need to make sure that you are checking in with employees. I listen to the Defense Security Podcast, and on a recent episode, they focused on talking about the mental state of employees in cyber. A lot of the time, employees need to be sat down and asked, how are you doing? Are you burnt out? What do you need? What are your non-negotiables to make sure we are taking care of you mentally? We may want to step back from focusing the conversations on their long term goals and make sure we are making them happy from a short-term, mental perspective.

Three: Find A Mentor

Here at Carbon Black, we started this year a women’s mentoring program, where we are paired with a mentee/mentor that you meet with regularly to offer career advice, personal advice, and even just a great book recommendation. This program has been beneficial for alot of us at Cb. Shira brought up a great point, that even when you feel like you have “made it”, you still need to have mentors to continue to grow into spaces that may be out of the comfort zone. Don’t stop growing!

Four: Overseas can be different

Tracey noted her experiences working overseas, that some places do not allow for women to speak in the morning sessions at conferences! I literally could not believe that. What impressed me more, is instead of just complaining about this cultural approach, Tracey suggested doing a session in the morning with a man. This encourages community, and pushes the boundaries in an appropriate way. Taking these small steps will get us to big wins, let us consider this when facing unconscious bias’ or cultural approaches that are ludicrous at face value.

Five: Community

If you are a woman in tech, you are NOT alone. There are some great organizations out there that are womens groups in tech. Reach out and join – Women Who Code, BrainBabe, Ellevate, and many other women-focused tech groups are out there. It is up to you to step up to the table and contribute to help continue to drive and keep women in cyber security. Mission Accepted.


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