5 Machine Learning Questions Answered

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The concepts of machine learning aren’t necessarily easy for all of us to understand, but as the impact of AI technologies in life and work is beginning to be felt more keenly than ever, we have more questions about the difference they are making to our world. The continuous improvement in the speed of computing and our access to the vastly increased amounts of available data means that today, machine-learning applications sit in connected speakers in our kitchens and the phones in the palm of our hand.

What Do Machines Excel at That People Don’t?

Analyzing data to learn what’s actually happening and see trends is nothing new. To understand where machines are bringing an advantage in this area, we can look back at one of the earliest stories of data analysis. In 1854, London is in the grip of a cholera epidemic. At the time, it was assumed that cholera was airborne, but physician John Snow did not accept this “miasma” (bad air) theory, arguing that in fact, it entered the body through the mouth. To understand how the disease was being spread, Snow began to plot individual infections onto a map. This process revealed that a water pump in Broad Street was the source of the disease. John Snow had made connections in three sources of data (the map, the infections, and the water pump) to identify a trend and draw a conclusion.

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