3 Infosec Reflections to Kick off 2019 & Finally Shift the Balance of Power Back to Defenders

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Wow. It’s already 2019. Talk about a year in 2018 that flew by! I won’t spend this entire blog talking about 2018 but, needless to say, a lot happened in 2018 and it doesn’t look to slow down anytime soon. This time of year, I like to stop and reflect on the previous year and think about moving forward. I don’t actually make resolutions but rather reflect on things I could (and we as a community could) do better.

This year we should all look to:

Stop focusing on each other and focus on the adversary. Thank you, Paul Drapeau, for always reminding us about this. I really take it to heart. We saw this play out multiple times over the course of 2018. Our mission as a community is to prevent breaches. Let’s get back to doing our jobs. The adversary is collaborating and sharing. We should continue our efforts to do so. I saw awesome things such as MITRE ATT&CK take off in 2018 and push the entire community to be better. MORE OF THIS and less sniping at each other. Less finger pointing and watching the car wrecks when a breach happens. 

Be better leaders. I don’t think one should ever stop trying to be a better leader. As a community, we far too often think of ourselves as “industry leaders” or “ technical leaders” or “subject matter experts.” In 2019  we should all work harder at being better all around leaders. Our businesses, employees and customers are expecting us too. Let’s step up. Attrition is up in the industry. We need to lead our teams through these times.  

Less FUD and more reality. I could argue that FUD has helped build awareness but frankly, consumers and businesses are tired of hearing “the sky is falling.” Don’t get me wrong, this brewing cyber war has the potential to affect all of us, but we need to move to education. Consumers are aware. Businesses are aware. They aren’t always educated. We need to lean into education in 2019.

If I had two things and only two things to focus on in 2019, they would be:

Turn on multi-factor authentication everywhere I can. This could help stop a lot of these attacks. 

Focus my prevention and detection on two main areas: credential theft and lateral movement. If you can detect and disrupt those quickly, you have a real chance of staying out of the headlines in 2019.

We need to be nicer. Far too often, we talk down to non-security people. Our language makes what we do non accessible because, let’s face it, we want to prove we know what we are talking about. This needs to change. We need to get into their world and figure out how to communicate to them so they get our message. Whatever we are doing hasn’t had the impact we have all wanted so let’s mix up how we message security. I recently read a great blog post by Chris Roberts on LinkedIn reflecting this sentiment. As he aptly notes, NOT EVERYONE IS GOING TO CARE ABOUT SECURITY, and guess what? That will probably always be true. We have to accept this and do our best to educate where we can.

We should also resolve to have more conversations with others who don’t see our point of view. Far too often in infosec, we don’t express our opinions or hang out with others who see the world differently. We need to sit down and work this out together. I am a huge fan of turning security detractors into security champions in an organization. To do this, you must build relationships and lean in to hard conversations where you won’t always agree on the path ahead. Build more trust with your peers in 2019.

I hope 2019 brings less risk and less breaches. Let’s make 2019 the year we tip the scales back to defenders. I am tired of hearing the adversary is winning all the time. Let’s rally as a community and disrupt them every chance we can.

Happy New Year and Happy Hunting!

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