11 Simple Yet Important Tips to Secure AWS

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AWS Security Best Practices

As more and more organizations of all sizes are moving applications and workloads to the public cloud, it is critical to understand the security challenges of the cloud in general, and AWS in particular. IT environments are increasingly hybrid in nature, with many organizations maintaining some on-premises infrastructure as well as cloud infrastructure, using one or more cloud providers. It is critical to leverage security solutions that can monitor both cloud and on-premises environments.

Here are some simple yet important tips to help secure your AWS account and infrastructure:

1.Lock Down Your Root Account Credentials: When you create an AWS account, it comes with root account credentials. You can use these credentials to access all resources in the account (full access). Our recommendation is to delete the root account access keys and create an Identity and Access Management (IAM) admin user instead. Note, you will still need root account access for critical users to perform certain operations, and you can still access the root account using the username/password on the AWS console. As a final recommendation, you should enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) to protect your account.

2. Use Security Groups: Use AWS Security Groups to limit access to administrative services (SSH, RDP, etc.) as well as databases. In addition, try to restrict access and allow only certain network ranges when possible (and avoid using It is also important to monitor and delete security groups that are not being used and to audit them periodically.

3. CloudTrail: AWS CloudTrail is a critical resource for monitoring your AWS environment. CloudTrail logs every event related to your AWS infrastructure, including API calls and changes made from the AWS Console, SDKs, or command line tools. While CloudTrail contains an amazing level of detail related to your AWS account activity, it is often hard to understand all the events and to identify what is important from a security point of view. That is why the CloudTrail data is much more valuable when using a solution such as USM Anywhere  that has out-the-box correlation and alerting capabilities for CloudTrail events.

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