10 Endpoint Security Problems Solved by the Cloud – Keeping Up To Date

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Last week, we examined the state of endpoint security and discussed why most solutions on the market aren’t doing their job. The rest of this blog series will dig further into the topic and look at 10 specific problems with traditional AV software, and how cloud-based security solutions solve them. This week’s topic: Keeping Software Up To Date.

Antivirus Can’t Keep Up

Take a look at a typical, on-premise, antivirus suite. It has upwards of five independent technologies, including signatures, firewalls, host IPS, device control and application control – each with its own complex security policy configuration.  The problem with this kind of a setup is that it puts the responsibility entirely on you to keep up with modern threats. The technology itself doesn’t do it — you have to configure each of these individual technologies based on what’s happening in the broader threat landscape. Keeping this number of disparate technologies updated in a quickly evolving threat landscape is near impossible.   

On top of that, each of these technologies is focused on addressing a specific — and limited — piece of the endpoint security problem. That means to detect new, evolving threats like ransomware or cryptomining, traditional vendors need to release big, risky updates to their agents. In order to implement an update, an organization must expend significant time, effort, and energy testing it and rolling it out company wide.  The execution of this process is a massive drain on resources and must be repeated every time there is a change. On top of this, if done incorrectly, updates have the potential to compromise a system – giving attackers a way in. With a process this strenuous, it’s no wonder that many companies ignore best practices and allow their systems to stay outdated, weakly protected, and vulnerable.

  • [With traditional AV,] configuration settings were not intuitive, and we had updates fail and break a lot of things.

    Christopher St. Amand

    Sr. Network Security Coordinator, Peoples Bank


The Cloud Simplifies and Automates

The cloud makes endpoint security easier by keeping systems up-to-date:

  • Adapts To New Threats: It automatically and proactively adapts to new attacks by leveraging new and updated features as soon as they are released—keeping endpoints safe and up to date and allowing security teams to focus on more pressing issues .
  • Automated Threat Intelligence: It creates a global threat monitoring system that delivers real-time threat intelligence, shared across all endpoints, without you having to do anything to keep that intelligence up-to-date. It integrates all components of an organization’s security stack through automation based on big data analytics — without relying on manual configuration.
  • Eliminates Infrastructure Upgrades: It gets rid of the entire local infrastructure—from the bare metal box, to the OS, to all the applications that support it—giving you a centralized, managed infrastructure that is simpler, more accurate and less time-consuming than an on-premise solution. Best of all — you don’t need to lift a finger to keep it updated.  


If you want to learn about the other 9 security problems the cloud solves, check out our webinar, or come back next week when we discuss problem number two: Integrating Security Products.


Join us for a live webinar with Brian Gladstein, Security Market Strategist at Carbon Black, who will share how next-generation endpoint security in the cloud can improve your protection and simplify your operations.

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