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San Francisco, CA
Zimperium, the industry leader in Mobile Threat Defense, offers real-time, on-device protection against both known and previously unknown threats, enabling detection and remediation of attacks on all three mobile threat vectors - Device, Network and Applications. Zimperium’s patented z9™ detecti ...
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451 SWOT Analysis, Zimperium Aims to Plug Mobile Security Leaks
Zimperium zLabs iOS Security Advisories
As part of zLab’s platform research team, I’ve tried to investigate an area of the kernel that wasn’t thoroughly researched before.  After digging into some of Apple’s closed-source kernel modules, one code chunk led to another and I’ve noticed a little-known module, which I’ve never seen before, called AppleAVE. AppleAVE was written neglecting basic security fundamentals, to the extent that the vulnerabilities described belo ...
zIPS and “Android for Work”
zIPS, the leading mobile threat defense solution, now provides tailored protection for Android for Work use cases. Enterprise IT and security professionals have been working with corporate end-users for decades to keep their desktops, laptops and servers secure. So you might think that those professionals would have a lock on what users will tolerate when it comes to securing corporate resources. Most of the hard-earned insights into end-user tolerance for security tools and policies can be thro ...
Zero Packet Inspection
Introduction In this blogpost I describe the history of z9, our detection engine. I will show its performance over reference data sets commonly used in the machine learning community. I’ll then describe how we apply it to detect networks attacks without any type of packet inspection. Eventually, we encourage you to participate by helping us gather and validate performance data from your own enterprise-grade network IPS. This data will be compared with our mobi ...
Threat Research: zTorg Trojan Variations
This Threat Research is about two variations of the zTorg mobile trojan recently discovered in Google Play by Kaspersky researcher, Roman Unucheck. In his blog post, Unucheck described the two variations as “Magic browser” and “Noise Detector”. According to Unucheck, “Magic browser” was uploaded to Google Play on May 15, 2017 and was installed more than 50,000 times. “Noise Detector”, with the same malicious functionality, was instal ...
Zimperium and Deutsche Telekom Offer Mobile Security to German Bundestag Elections
Here at Zimperium, we spend all day, every day, obsessing about mobile security and how we can provide a secure mobile experience. That’s not just because we are driven. It’s because the threats to mobile devices are both immediate and real. Every time someone uses an iPhone or an Android device to make a call, send or receive a text, check email, snap a photo, play a game, or basically run any app at all, that person incurs risk that the transaction isn’t completely secure. So ...
Mobile Threat Defense for Intune
Zimperium’s z9 technology and mobile threat defense is available for Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security deployments. Customers using Intune can receive threat intelligence from mobile devices and implement the risk-based access policies popular with Intune deployments. John Michelsen has been leading the efforts with Microsoft and is excited to offer our technology to Intune customers, “Zimperium is excited to integrate with Microsoft to help organizations of all sizes proact ...
Zimperium Receives Top Prize in 2017 Network Products Guide IT World Awards
We’re honored to have won the Gold Award for Best Mobile and Wireless Solution in the Network Products Guide 2017 IT World Awards. NPG’s IT World Awards recognize the industry’s best IT solutions and we’re humbled to be selected among other leaders like Dell and Cisco. An annual achievements and recognition awards program, the IT World Awards program encompasses some of the world’s best in organizational performance, products and services and hot technologies. &ldqu ...
NDAY-2017-0103: Arbitrary kernel write in sys_oabi_epoll_wait
By: Zuk AvrahamFollow Zuk Avraham (@ihackbanme) Nicolas TripparFollow Nicolas Trippar (@ntrippar) zNID: NDAY-2017-0103 CVE: CVE-2016-3857 Type: Elevation of Privileges Platform: Android < 6.0 Device type: Huawei MT7-UL00, Nexus 7 Zimperium protection: Detected the exploit without an update. Zimperium partners and customers do not need to take any action to detect this exploit on all affected devices. Android bulletin: https://source.android.com/security/bulletin/2016-08-01 ...
NDAY-2017-0101: iCloud Information Leak
By: Zuk AvrahamFollow Zuk Avraham (@ihackbanme) Nicolas TripparFollow Nicolas Trippar (@ntrippar) zNID: NDAY-2017-0101 CVE: Unknown Type: Information Disclosure Platform: iOS < 10.3 Device type: iPhone, iPod iOS bulletin: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT207617 Public release date: 25th of May, 2017Credit: Anonymous Download Exploit (password zimperium_ndays) Vulnerability Details An XPC service com.apple.coreservices.appleid.authentication can be accessed by any app ...
NDAY-2017-0106: Elevation of Privilege in NVIDIA nvhost-vic driver
By: Zuk AvrahamFollow Zuk Avraham (@ihackbanme) Nicolas TripparFollow Nicolas Trippar (@ntrippar) zNID: NDAY-2017-0106 CVE: CVE-2016-2434 Type: Elevation of Privileges Platform: Android 6.0.1 Device type: Nexus 9 Zimperium protection: Detected the exploit without an update. Zimperium partners and customers do not need to take any action to detect this exploit on all affected devices. Android bulletin: https://source.android.com/security/bulletin/2016-05-01.html Public release date ...
Reversing Android Applications 101 - Zimperium researcher @evilsocket provides a (relatively) easy and fun way to teach you how to reverse engineer Android applications. Check out his  “tricks” to reverse faster and more effectively. https://www.evilsocket.net/2017/04/27/Android-Applications-Reversing-101/

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