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51-200 employees
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Pittsburgh, PA; USA
At Wombat Security, our mission is to deliver software-based cyber security awareness and training solutions that help your employees understand the risks associated with poor cyber hygiene and subsequently change their behaviors to strengthen your organization’s security posture. Our Continuous T ...
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2017 Beyond the Phish Report
The Latest in Phishing: April 2018
We bring you the latest in phishing statistics and attacks from the wild.
Third Video Campaign Series Takes Security Awareness Beyond the Phish
Last year, we added Awareness Video Campaigns to our selection of security awareness training tools in direct response to an interactive discussion with attendees at our 2016 Wombat Wisdom Security Awareness and Training Conference. Today, we are excited to announce the addition of a third series of videos — and companion posters and imagery — to our Security Awareness Materials portfolio that will help our customers continue to develop and execute engaging and effective c ...
How Mobile Apps Compromise Your Workplace Security
Mobile devices court risk on many levels, from malware to network compromise to outright theft. While many of these risks can be mitigated with technical solutions, one threat is extremely difficult (if not impossible) to control: the users themselves.
Training Once or Twice a Year? Here’s Why You Need to up Your Game.
In our latest vlog segment, we explain why our trendsetting Continuous Training Methodology — which combines assessments, education, reinforcement, and measurement — helps organizations deliver more effective security awareness training. Watch now to learn why regular, ongoing cybersecurity education is critical to the reduction of end-user risk.
Spam vs. Phishing: Does the Distinction Matter for End Users?
As you might already know from our Wombat Advantage program, we are very customer focused; we actively seek opportunities to engage with — and learn from — our customers, and we also actively ask for feedback from the program administrators who use our security awareness training products.
Educate Employees About Unintentional and Malicious Insider Threats
As we noted in our coverage of 2017’s The Human Factor, a threat intelligence report by Proofpoint, cybercriminals have been relying less on automated exploits in favor of social engineering tactics that launch attacks via your end users’ actions. Given that your current — and former — employees and partners have access to a treasure trove of data and systems, managing end-user risk is more important than ever.
Vishing Attacks: Who’s Really on the Line?
If you want someone’s personal information, just call them up and ask for it. It takes some skill, of course, but it often works. Friendly persuasion and scare tactics go a long way. Just think of the smooth-talking telemarketers and threatening debt collectors who routinely persuade people to give out their financial information over the phone.
#WheresWombat? Find Us at Top Cybersecurity Events in 2018!
Event season has begun! If you’ll be out and about this year, we’d love to speak with you in person at one of the following shows. We’re always up for a conversation about how security awareness training can help improve your employees’ behaviors and allow you to better manage end-user risk.
Is a Teen Behind That Phishing Email?
When examining news of recent hacker arrests, one common thread that emerges is youth. Many cybersecurity attacks involve young people, even teenagers — at least, they’re often the ones who get caught. Security professionals with decades of expertise and a wealth of defense technology may imagine that their toughest adversaries are equally seasoned cybercriminals. But plenty of serious attacks come from young people with a knack for social engineering — and these are ...
Wombat Helps RBS Reduce Phishing Susceptibility, Educate End Users
We are excited to share with you a new case study that illustrates how the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) — a leader in global banking and financial services — is using our security awareness training solutions to engage stakeholders and educate employees, ultimately reducing end users' phishing susceptibility by more than 78%.

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