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501-1000 employees
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New York, NY
Varonis is a pioneer in data security and analytics, fighting a different battle than conventional cybersecurity companies. Varonis focuses on protecting enterprise data on premises and in the cloud: sensitive files and emails; confidential customer, patient and employee data; financial records; str ...
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Troy Hunt to the Rescue! Pwned Passwords & Collections #1-5
Collection #1 is a set of 2.7 billion username and password combinations that surfaced on the dark web recently and can be used for credential stuffing attacks. Collections #2-5 bumped that number to 25 billion. A hacker can execute an automated process to brute-force your corporate users’ breached credentials, and authenticate to your corporate network. Users that re-use passwords will be at risk. Luckily, Varonis partner Troy Hunt published the entire corpus of Pwned Passwords as NTLM hashes ...
Reflecting on Breaches, Scams and Fake Everything
On the last week of the year, the Inside Out Security panelists reflected on the year’s biggest breaches, scams and fake everything. And is computer security warfare? Well, it depends on who you ask. A 7th grader trying to change her grades isn’t an enemy combatant. But keep in mind as another argues, “There's an opponent who doesn't care about you, doesn't play by the rules, and wants to screw you as fully as possible.” Panelists: Cindy Ng, Mike Buckbee, Kilian Englert, ...
When IT, Data and Security Collide
The CIO is responsible for using IT to make the business more efficient. Meanwhile, the CISO is responsible for developing and executing a security program that’s aimed to protect enterprise systems and data from both internal and external threats. At the end of the day, the CISO makes security recommendations to the CIO has the final say. Perhaps it’s time that the CISO gets a seat at the table. Meanwhile, good Samaritans such as Chris Vickery and Troy Hunt help companies find ...
#2018inFiveWords [Regarding Our Security Landscape]
We need to do better. Exhausting. Dramatic. That’s how the Inside Out Security panelists described our 2018 security landscape. We see the drama unfold weekly on our show and this week was no different. As facial recognition software becomes more prevalent, we’re seeing it used in security to protect even the biggest stars like Taylor Swift. Her security team set up a kiosk replaying rehearsal highlights. Meanwhile, onlookers who stopped were cross checked against their database of ...
A Spotlight on Technology’s Dilemma
There’s a yin and yang to technology. For instance, the exchange for convenience and ease with our data. Unfortunately Facebook is getting most of the blame, when many companies have collect many points of data as the default setting. Meanwhile, as quickly as diligent security pros are eager to adopt and advance security solutions with biometrics, cybercriminals are equally determined to thwart these efforts. Other articles discussed: • Google’s plan to mitigate bias in their al ...
Security and Privacy are Joined at the Hip
We’ve completed almost 100 podcast panels and sometimes it feels like we’re talking in circles. Over the years, the security and privacy landscape have gotten more complex, making baseline knowledge amongst industry pros ever so more important. Old concepts are often refreshed into current foundational security concepts. Technological advancements as well as decline also bring forth new challenges. When there’s a decline, we need to reserve the right to change our strategy. Fo ...
What New Tech Can Learn From Old Tech
Passwords are easy to use. Everyone knows how it works. However, many security pros point out the inherent design flaw in passwords as a safe form of authorization and authentication. The good news is that we can reflect upon what old technologies can teach new technologies as we’re creating new products and services. One vital concern to keep in mind are terms and conditions, particularly with DNA ownership rights. Other articles discussed: How did Iran find CIA spies? They Googled It P ...
Data Privacy Attorney Sheila FitzPatrick on GDPR
We had a unique opportunity in talking with data privacy attorney Sheila FitzPatrick. She lives and breathes data security and is recognized expert on EU and other international data protection laws. FitzPatrick has direct experience in representing companies in front of EU data protection authorities (DPAs). She also sits on various governmental data privacy advisory boards. During this first part of the interview with her, we focused on the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which ...
Troy Hunt: The Modern State of Insecurity (Part Three)
Troy Hunt, creator of “Have I been pwned”, gives a virtual keynote that explores how security threats are evolving - and what we need to be especially conscious of in the modern era. In this keynote, you’ll learn: Real world examples of both current and emerging threats How threats are evolving and where to put your focus How to stem the flow of data breaches and protect against malicious activity and much more!
Disguises, Online and Offline
Learning about the CIA’s tips and tricks on disguising one’s identity reminded us that humans are creatures of habit and over a period of time, can illuminate predictable behaviorial patterns, which are presented as biometric data. As a result, businesses can leverage and integrate these data points with their operations and sales process. For instance, businesses are buying data about one’s health and also creating patents to measure a user’s pulse and temperature. Othe ...
Free tomorrow at 9am EST?  Join our GDPR webinar.  It covers the info that you need to know - like the new requirements of the adopted GDPR, how to address & implement changes as well as the consequences of non compliance. See you there!
Free tomorrow at 9am EST?  Join our GDPR webinar.  It covers the info that you need to know - like the new requirements of the adopted GDPR, how to address implement changes and the consequences of non compliance.

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