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The CyberWire is a free, community-driven cyber security news service based in Baltimore. Its mission is to provide concise and relevant daily briefings on the critical news happening across the global cyber security domain. In an industry overloaded with information, the CyberWire also helps indivi ...
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Research Saturday for 9.23.17
In 2016 Bitdefender uncovered a new advanced persistent threat dubbed Pacifier, targeting government institutions starting in 2014. Using malicious .doc documents and .zip files distributed via spear phishing e-mails, attackers would lure victims with invitations to social functions or conferences into executing the attachments. It’s capable of dropping multi-stage backdoors.
The CyberWire Daily Podcast for 09.22.17
In today's podcast, we hear that the EDGAR breach is being seen as a blow to confidence in financial system. Credit bureaus continue to receive heightened scrutiny after the Equifax breach. FinFisher campaign suggests ISPs may have been compromised. The backdoor in CCleaner seems to have targeted specific companies. US Forces Korea personnel receive a bogus noncombatant evacuation order. Someone behind Locky watches a lot of Game of Thrones. And Thomas the Tank Engine would never do what some sk ...
The CyberWire Daily Briefing 9.22.17
NEO hoax in Korea. EDGAR hack spooks markets, regulators. Equifax hackers were patient. FinFisher spread through ISPs. CCleaner backdoor seems targeted. GCHQ warns of worse than WannaCry.
The CyberWire Daily Podcast for 09.21.17
In today's podcast, we hear that the SEC was hacked, and someone might have made a lot of money from the incident. Equifax tweets send inquirers to a phishing site. Investigation into the Avast caper suggests a state intelligence service's hand. The Department of Homeland Security clarifies its ban on Kaspersky products. Emily Wilson from Terbium Labs, cautioning us to not be so distracted by big shiny objects like "taking down the power grid" that we forget the basics, like enabling two-factor ...
The CyberWire Daily Briefing 9.21.17
SEC breached. Avast supply chain compromise looks like espionage. Persian cats grow claws. More Equifax.
The CyberWire Daily Podcast for 09.20.17
In today's podcast we learn that so far Russian influence seems not to be operating in Germany's election. Iran's APT33 turns from spying to sabotage. Equifax woes continue, but don't appear to include cover-up of an earlier breach. UpGuard helps Viacom dodge a cyber bullet. You may be party to a contract you didn’t know about. Criminal boneheads again more common than criminal geniuses. Ben Yelin from UMD CHHS with a story of the FBI raiding the wrong home based on WiFi router information. Gu ...
The CyberWire Daily Briefing 9.20.17
Iran's APT33 turns destructive? Russia quiet in German elections. Locky continues to romp in the wild. Equifax breach updates. Notes from Johns Hopkins.
The CyberWire Daily Podcast for 09.19.17
In today's podcast, we hear that WikiLeaks is shocked, shocked, to learn that there's gambling…uh, we mean, Russian surveillance going on. Advice from Ukraine about influence operations. The Equifax story may have gotten worse—there may have been an earlier breach in March. Software supply chain issues come up in an Avast backdoor. Awais Rashid from Lancaster University on security being the responsibility of everyone in an organization, not just the IT folks. Mike Kail from Cybric on the De ...
Recorded Future's Podcast: Protecting a Global Telecommunications Company
Our guest today is BT’s Vice President, Security UK and Continental Europe, Luke Beeson. Located in London, he leads teams who deliver cybersecurity services to customers, while simultaneously protecting BT’s own systems.We discuss the challenges a large organization like BT faces when it comes to protecting themselves and their clients, the affect the upcoming GDPR regulations may have on the company and organizations around the world, and how they set their priorities across a br ...
The CyberWire Daily Podcast for 09.18.17
Germany will hold elections Sunday, and the Russian cyber operators seem quiet. Switzerland and Singapore both report sustaining state-sponsored cyber espionage attempts. ISIS howls for its lone wolves to hit soft targets. The Equifax breach news isn't getting any better. Cisco finds a backdoor in an Avast security product. OurMine hackers hit Vevo to redress an insult delivered over LinkedIn.

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