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The CyberWire is a free, community-driven cyber security news service based in Baltimore. Its mission is to provide concise and relevant daily briefings on the critical news happening across the global cyber security domain. In an industry overloaded with information, the CyberWire also helps indivi ...
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The CyberWire Daily Podcast for 05.25.17
In today's podcast, we hear about a vulnerability in widely used networking software leaves it open to a worm infestation. Were the WannaCry hackers annoying stumblebums, or are there deeper games afoot? Help desk scammers say they'll rid you of ransomware—they won't. Researchers watch Widia commodity ransomware that's still an early stage work-in-progress. The Manchester terrorist looks more like a known wolf than a lone wolf. Ben Yelin reviews the Supreme Court's consideration of a cell site ...
The CyberWire Daily Briefing 5.25.17
Notes on the 2017 Cyber Investing Summit. Help-desk scammers exploit WannaCry fears. Samba vulnerability may be susceptible to worms. Extent of EternalBlue/Rocks exploitation debated. Widia ransomware a (crime)work in progress. Manchester bomber may have been a known-wolf.
The CyberWire Daily Podcast for 05.24.17
In today's podcast we hear that the Manchester bombing investigation is looking closely at the bomber's networks, with international cooperation. NSA says it's waging cyber war against ISIS. EnSilo patches ESTEEMAUDIT, one of the vulnerabilities set up for exploitation by EternalBlue. Russian police arrest members of the Cron cyber gang. Ben Read from FireEye describes recently discovered zero-days. Jonathan Katz outlines some Bitcoin vulnerabilities. And the Cyber Investing Summit opened with s ...
The CyberWire Daily Briefing 5.24.17
Manchester terror investigation updates. Symantec's attribution of WannaCry to North Korea is widely but not universally accepted. EnSilo fixes EternalBlue exploit. Trend Micro patches.
The CyberWire Daily Podcast for 05.23.17
In today's podcast, ISIS claims responsibility for the Manchester concert bombing. Security companies make their case for pinning Wannacry on North Korea. US legislators consider bills to upgrade equipment and permit limited hacking back. Emily Wilson from Terbium Labs considers coming European privacy regulations. Doug DePeppe from the Cyber Resiliency Project describes a community based approach to cyber resiliency.
The CyberWire Daily Briefing 5.23.17
ISIS claims responsibility for Manchester bombing. ISIS increasing OPSEC? Symantec rates WannaCry attribution to DPRK "highly likely." EternalRocks shows worrisome sophistication.
The CyberWire Daily Podcast for 05.22.17
In today's podcast, the FBI and CIA are reported to be looking for the source of a compromise that shut down CIA agents in China between 2010 and 2012: hackers or moles, no one knows. Or was it just a tradecraft mismatch? WannaCry has been slowed, at least temporarily. Observers speculate the ransomware may have been a probe. Other uses of EternalBlue exploits look more focused and more disciplined, and arguably more serious. WikiLeaks dumps another leaked implant. Johns Hopkins' Joe Carrigan gi ...
The CyberWire Daily Briefing 5.22.17
WikiLeaks Vault7's latest dump includes "Athena." Chinese counterintelligence rollup prompts worry of possible CIA leaks from 2010 to 2012. XData ransomware hits Ukraine. WannaCry fades (but a revival is possible). Other campaigns exploit EternalBlue.
The WannaCry Ransomware Pandemic: Week One and the Weeks to Come.
WannaCry is closing out its first week in the wild. To summarize, China and Russia have been hardest hit, with the largest number of infections striking unpatched Windows 7 machines. Those behind the attack may have failed to make big money, certainly not nearly as big as the scope of the pandemic might suggest, but they have succeeded in large-scale business disruption, and in drawing odium toward the US National Security Agency. We wrap up this round of our coverage with a look at what WannaCr ...
The CyberWire Daily Podcast for 05.19.17
In today's podcast we learn that crooks are interested in home IoT. Twitter outages aren't just you. Android Marshmallow won't be getting a patch, just a replacement. WannaCry observers focus on North Korea as a possible source. Palo Alto Networks' Rick Howard has research on Shamoon. Joyce Brocaglia from Alta Associates and the Executive Women's Forum shares results from the 2017 Women in Cyber Security Survey. And no one, yet, knows who the ShadowBrokers are with any certainty. (Or it they do, ...

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