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Baltimore, MD
At Terbium Labs, we know that sensitive data will always be at risk. That’s why we developed Matchlight, the world’s first fully private, fully automated Dark Web Data Intelligence System. We monitor the dark web for your private data fingerprints and notify you immediately if even a trace of yo ...
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The Truth about the Dark Web
Economics of the Dark Web: Let it Be, Let it Be
Laissez Faire economic theory is a guiding principle of capitalism. Although it is viewed as the ultimate form of free markets, we do not experience laissez fair principles regularly. Because the dark web exists as an anonymous international market, no government controls the it. Laissez faire principles explain that while governments have no place in business decisions, there still must be a form of police to make decisions on disputes. Moderators on the dark web act as that police: there to ma ...
What's the Deal with Brazil? Why the Quiet Breaches Are the Ones You Should Worry About
Since last October, Terbium Labs has seen a steady stream of data coming out of Brazil. We’ve talked about this before, when news broke about the Poseidon Group last year. We’ve had ongoing discussions with others in the industry about the kind of data we’re seeing (hint: there’s a lot of PII) and why. We expected to see an increase in activity around the Olympics, and we did.SO, HOW DID IT ALL SHAKE OUT?The Olympics aren’t over yet. Let’s start there. The Paralympic games begin ...
The Rise of Politically Identifiable Information
During the Super Tuesday primaries this year, while everyone was focused on the latest results, someone quietly leaked the names, home addresses, and contact information for every GOP delegate in a western state. The list was up for a day or two, and then went away, with no one in the media the wiser.As the Republican National Convention gets underway, we are keeping a close eye on the appearance of new and politically relevant data. The leak of delegates during the primaries is a single data po ...
Breach Detection Times Have Not Improved
Yesterday, Ponemon released the 2016 Cost of Data Breach Global Report. The numbers are in, and unfortunately breach detection times are still extraordinarily long.The longer a breach goes undetected, the greater the risk to the organization.According to the report, the time to identify attacks from malicious and criminal sources (which make up 48% of the attacks reviewed) was a full 229 days. Breaches from human error and system glitches still crossed the five-month threshold, at an averag ...
Terbium Labs Announces the General Availability of Its Dark Web Data Intelligence Platform, Matchlight
BALTIMORE, MD--(Marketwired - September 20, 2016) - Terbium Labs announces the general availability of Matchlight, the world's first fully private, fully automated data intelligence system to find compromised or stolen data on the dark web as soon as it appears. In private beta since June 2015, Matchlight has quickly grabbed the attention of security teams at leading businesses and government organizations for its innovative approach to information security -- offering much-needed priv ...
Built On Blind Trust: Risky Business on the Dark Web
You don’t know who you’re buying from and you don’t know who you’re selling to. Everyone trades in a virtual, anonymous currency, and most people are buying something illegal.Objectively, this plan sounds like it belongs in the graveyard of bad business models, but on the dark web, it works.TAKE IT OR LEAVE ITIn fact, this is the only way to do business in a virtual world that prides itself on, and demands, anonymity. With the existence of exit scams, vendors failing to fulfill trades, a ...

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