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Tenable Network Security transforms security technology for the business needs of tomorrow through comprehensive solutions that provide continuous visibility and critical context, enabling decisive actions to protect your organization. Tenable eliminates blind spots, prioritizes threats, and reduces ...
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DOUBLEPULSAR Backdoor Detection with Nessus and PVS
Last week many of us in the industry were busy investigating a large cache of weaponized software exploits and payloads released by the ShadowBrokers group. One particular payload that received much attention was the DOUBLEPULSAR implant. DOUBLEPULSAR is a covert command and control channel that can be used to control a compromised target. While many of the exploits that were released by the Shadow Brokers dump allow attackers to compromise a target, DOUBLEPULSAR can be used to maintain control ...
Master Your Security Foundation: Know Your Devices
Knowing what assets you have is arguably the single most important security control. If you don’t know about a server, desktop, laptop, mobile device or network device, how can you manage and secure it? For that matter, what about cloud instances, virtual machines, and containers? Fewer than 50% of surveyed organizations have implemented automated controls to inventory the systems and devices connected to their networks In Q4 of last year, Tenable and the Center for Internet Security (CIS) ...
How Exploitable Are You?
Tenable.io Vulnerability ManagementAs part of the vulnerability management team I am often asked, “Just how exposed are we to the vulnerabilities in this report?” Thinking about the question, I like to first understand the relationship between vulnerability and exploitability. Next, I want to understand the likelihood a vulnerability can be exploited. From these two steps, I can begin to communicate the exploitability of our assets to management and data owners. Tenable.io helps you ...
What the Latest Shadow Brokers Dump Means for Your Business
Last week the hacker group known as Shadow Brokers published on the internet a large cache of weaponized software exploits and hacking tools targeting numerous vendor products. This fifth release appears to be the largest and most damaging to date, featuring several previously unknown exploits in widely used enterprise IT products and details on alleged U.S. capabilities to access and monitor SWIFT banking transactions. The sheer size of this leak made this weekend a challenging one for CISOs al ...
NIST Cybersecurity Framework 1.1
Measuring and Demonstrating Cybersecurity – Is it a Pipe Dream?On April 10, the comment period closed for the NIST revised Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity (Framework). The current draft includes expanded explanations, refinements and a completely new section: Measuring and Demonstrating Cybersecurity. Measuring and demonstrating cybersecurity to business leaders and partners is simultaneously very important and very challenging. Various sources, including the ...
Smart Cities Must be Secure Cities
If you’ve never heard the term “smart city” before, you are soon going to be hearing it a lot. Smart city technology uses data sensors and analytics, the IoT, information and communication technology to improve the efficiency of city services and the quality of our lives. Smart cities monitor and manage physical assets, infrastructure, connectivity, and information services that affect citizens on a daily basis. The smart city vision You have probably already experienced a smal ...
Hunting Linux Malware with YARA
Tenable recently released two new YARA plugins to complement the already existing Windows YARA plugin. The new plugins are YARA Memory Scan (Linux) and YARA File Scan (Linux) (Solaris). The plugins bring YARA functionality to Linux and Solaris hosts. This blog discusses a couple of scenarios in which these plugins are useful. Memory scanning There’s been a lot of chatter about the recent Struts 2 remote code execution vulnerability CVE-2017-5638. Much of the excitement is due to the active ...
Web Services Indicator Dashboard
Tenable.io Vulnerability ManagementThe same services we use to connect our networks to the vast resources of the internet can be used against us if not properly secured. Many of the most effective exploits leverage vulnerabilities in common web services, making our jobs more difficult because connectivity is synonymous with exposure. Finding the balance between easy access to resources and securing the network against exploitation is a major challenge that every organization faces, but one that ...
Getting Started with Nessus on Kali Linux
Kali Linux, a Linux distribution designed specifically for penetration testing, comes prepackaged with many pen test tools. Nessus® provides a penetration tester with a wealth of capabilities that will assist in the engagement, such as: Identifying local and remote vulnerabilities Configuration and compliance audits Checking for default credentials Web application scanning Because the Kali Linux installation of Nessus has been very popular over the past several years, we decided to update th ...
2017 Trends in Vulnerability Management, Featuring Forrester Research
Earlier this week, guest speaker Josh Zelonis, Senior Analyst at Forrester, and Michael Applebaum, VP Product Marketing at Tenable spoke at a webinar about some of the big trends in vulnerability management in 2017. You can access an on-demand recording anytime on our Webinars web page. If you’re wondering what it was all about, here are a few highlights. Forrester survey results 49% of organizations suffered one or more breaches in the past year Josh kicked off the talk by sharing a few r ...
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