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Tenable Network Security transforms security technology for the business needs of tomorrow through comprehensive solutions that provide continuous visibility and critical context, enabling decisive actions to protect your organization. Tenable eliminates blind spots, prioritizes threats, and reduces ...
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Patch or Risk Being Breached: Tenable.io and the Verizon 2017 DBIR
According to the 2017 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), time to patch plays a critical role in the risk exposure to your network. The DBIR states (page 13) “research has shown that vulnerabilities are either patched during that initial cycle or tend to hang around for a long time,” meaning that if you don’t patch early and often, then patches don’t get applied and you are at risk of a breach or ransomware attack. Have you implemented the right mitigating c ...
Improving India’s Digital Economy with the RBI Security Framework
In 2016, due to the increasing use of information technology by banks and their customers, and the increase in cyber attacks against the financial sector, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) provided cybersecurity guidelines to the country’s banks. Cyber Security Framework in Banks includes an Annex detailing minimum baseline requirements for network security and resilience. These requirements cover such areas as inventory management, secure configuration, patch management, access control, and ...
WannaCry? Patch or Protect
WannaCry and the vulnerability it targeted has dominated the global news all week, including technical details, prevention advice, attribution speculation and even personal details of the researcher who discovered the kill switch that stopped the aggressive ransomware. With the panic around WannaCry slowing and a clearer picture of what happened emerging, now is a good time to take stock of its global impact and see what can be done to prevent future attacks. Ransomware attack methodologies Most ...
Credentialed Scan Failures Report
Tenable.io Vulnerability ManagementI am often asked, “How can I be more productive and get better results from my vulnerability scans?” This question could be the result of a failed audit, network outage or breach that was previously undetected. Traditionally, vulnerability scanning may consume a large amount of resources. Vulnerability scanning is also often perceived as being disruptive and intrusive to the environment. The Tenable.io Credentialed Scan Failures report can assist yo ...
WannaCry? Three Actions You Can Take Right Now to Prevent Ransomware
By now everyone has heard about the ransomware called Wanna, WannaCry or WCry spreading across the globe and locking down the data of some of the world’s largest companies. The malware appears to exploit an SMB flaw that Microsoft provided a patch for in March 2017. You may have heard that the worm has been successfully stopped and you have nothing to worry about, but the vulnerability still exists on millions of systems and can be used again. Now is not the time for complacency; it is tim ...
Enter to win a 55-Inch 1080p LED LG Smart TV!
Tenable is giving away a 1080p LED LG Smart TV to one lucky Spiceworks community member! The rules to enter are easy! Simply head over to the giveaway page in Spiceworks and follow the instructions. The contest is for Spiceworks members in the US only. If you are not a member, head over to spiceworks.com and join today.US only. Contest ends 6/9. Terms and Conditions apply.
Back to Basics with the 2017 Verizon DBIR
Those who don’t know (cyber) history are destined to repeat itFor anyone who has followed the the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) through its many iterations, the findings for 2017 come as no surprise. Credentials theft, phishing and ransomware remain the top attack vectors, and the best defense is still to focus on the basics of cyber hygiene with the goal of achieving cyber operational excellence across the organization. Credentials theft, phishing and ransomware remain ...
Master Your Security Foundation: Know Your Software
Inventorying and managing the software on your network is foundational to your security. Unmanaged and unauthorized software is a blind spot that increases risk and IT support costs. What you don’t know will hurt you. According to the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Critical Security Controls, conducting an Inventory of Authorized and Unauthorized Software is a foundational cyber hygiene control that should be implemented immediately after you Inventory Authorized and Unauthorized Devic ...
Intel AMT Vulnerability Detection with Nessus and PVS (INTEL-SA-00075)
Intel recently announced an escalation of privilege vulnerability in the Intel® Active Management Technology (AMT), Intel® Standard Manageability (ISM), and Intel® Small Business Technology firmware, versions 6 through 11.6. This vulnerability has the potential of being a proverbial big one. The vulnerability has been part of the Intel chipsets for years, specifically the Management Engine (ME). The ME runs things like DRM (Digital Rights Management) and does TPM (Trusted Platform Mo ...
Rediscovering the Intel AMT Vulnerability
No PoC, No Patch, No Problem!On May 1, 2017 Intel disclosed the AMT vulnerability (INTEL-SA-00075), but details of that vulnerability were not made public. However, Tenable researchers were able to overcome this challenge and make Tenable the first to deliver Intel AMT vulnerability detection capabilities to customers, just minutes after Intel’s announcement yesterday. This is the story of how we did it. The hunt The first thing our research team tried was to set up a known vulnerable targ ...
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