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Columbia, MD
Are you concerned about risky, vulnerable embedded firmware in IoT devices, connected medical devices, automotive ECUs and industrial control systems? You're not alone. Since 2007, Fortune 500 companies and governments around the world have come to Tactical Network Solutions for reverse enginee ...
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IoT Events Around the Globe - May 2017
Join the LIVE Hardware Hacking Workshop in Columbia, MD, USA from May 16-18 >> https://www.tacnetsol.com/collections/live-training/products/hardware-hacking-workshop?variant=29763874893
PRESS RELEASE: Tactical Network Solutions Affirms IoT Security Standards Must be Built on Universal Secure Coding Practices
Tactical Network Solutions Affirms IoT Security Standards Must be Built on Universal Secure Coding PracticesThere’s a constant rumbling about IoT standards, but little talk on how they must be built.COLUMBIA, MD: A recent article published on InnovationAus.com discussed the growing demand for IoT standards, specifically as they relate to building smart cities. The piece focused mainly on the need for “interoperability and security protocols to take advantage of truly smart cities potentia ...
LIVE TRAINING: IoT Firmware Exploitation | May 8-12 | Columbia, MD, USA - https://www.tacnetsol.com/collections/live-training/products/iot-firmware-exploitation?variant=29763680333
Mitigating IoT Firmware Risks: It All Comes Down to the Code
Insecure firmware is running on millions (and soon-to-be billions) of devices. Connected cars, coffee pots and cardiac devices house embedded firmware that’s often highly vulnerable and easily hackable. Why? It literally all comes down to the firmware’s code: how it’s constructed, what’s left inside and what’s included from the outside.Think about these three points, which are tied to actual exploitations and hacks:Gaping Holes: The Dyn attack in October 2016 exploited insecure and poo ...
Centrifuge IoT Security Platform VS. VERACODE and Other Static Code Analysis Tools
The Centrifuge IoT Security Platform (CSP), built by former US intelligence offensive cyber operators at Tactical Network Solutions, automatically reverse engineers compiled firmware images to pinpoint security vulnerabilities and holes. It works by extracting the complete root filesystems within firmware images, deconstructing each file down to the byte code level and generating detailed reports revealing vulnerable functions calls.How does CSP compare to VERACODE and other static code ana ...
IoT Events Around the Globe - May 2017: https://www.tacnetsol.com/blogs/news/iot-events-around-the-globe-may-2017
Road Test the Centrifuge IoT Security Platform Firmware Evaluations
Are you manually searching for embedded firmware security vulnerabilities on your IoT devices? It's time to step on it and find out how companies use the Centrifuge Firmware Evaluations - the only automated RE firmware security auditing tool that rapidly finds and reports vulnerabilities, including zero-day attacks. See it in action and request a demo.Firmware Evaluations with the Centrifuge IoT Security Platform discover potential security vulnerabilities in Smart Home Devices, Set-top Boxes, M ...
Recommended Reading: \"Mitigating the Increasing Risks of an Insecure Internet of Things\" (From Freedom to Tinker) - https://www.tacnetsol.com/blogs/news/recommended-reading-mitigating-the-increasing-risks-of-an-insecure-internet-of-things-from-freedom-to-tinker
Live IoT Firmware Exploitation Training in Columbia, MD | May 8-12: https://www.tacnetsol.com/collections/live-training/products/iot-firmware-exploitation?variant=29763680333
April 17th is Infiltration Day! - https://www.tacnetsol.com/collections/live-training/products/exploiting-real-time-operating-systems?variant=30859092813
Firmware Evaluation Services for Risk Mitigation: https://www.tacnetsol.com/pages/firmware-evaluations
IoT Attorneys Understand Risk Mitigation
Let’s face it: IoT risk mitigation is abstract and in that vein, can companies clearly and objectively identify their own risk? And, once it’s been identified, can they accurately define concrete steps to mitigate it?Risk identification and, to a lesser degree, mitigation are fuzzy concepts that linger in the atmosphere. Organizations intellectually accept the idea of practicing risk mitigation, but don’t often proactively embrace it until an external trusted advisor mentions the real dang ...
April Offensive Cyber Training: It's All About Exploiting RTOS's
The TNS April training class focuses on methods for manipulating, modifying, debugging, reverse engineering, interacting with and exploiting firmware of embedded systems. You'll gain hands-on experience and learn to interface with real-world devices and products. Exploiting Real Time Operating Systems - April 17-21: This course will teach students how to analyze, reverse, debug, and exploit embedded RTOS firmware. Read more and register here>Student Review: "I had high expectations for t ...
Embedded Micro Communities: Firmware.DOT.world
The embedded world is large but, lately, we've noticed a few micro communities popping up. These groups embody subsets of people who share common interests in the embedded sphere.One community we've joined is Firmware.DOT.world, which was started by Bob Scaccia, President and CEO at USA Firmware, LLC. It's well-organized and welcoming to its 200+ members, who come from numerous industries, hold various roles and live in different countries, The site includes fresh daily content posted by members ...
IoT Time Podcast: S.2 Ep.16 with Tactical Network Solutions
IoT Time Podcast: S.2 Ep.16 with Tactical Network Solutions"On this episode of the IoT Time Podcast, Ken Briodagh, editorial director at IoT Evolution (iotevolutionworld.com), sits down with Terry Dunlap, Founder & CEO, Tactical Network Solutions (tacnetsol.com), old school hacker and security cracker, to talk about IoT security, identity management and the importance of firmware to protecting the future IoT industry."This episode is sponsored by "IoT Time: Evolving Trends in the Internet of ...
"Security Inside: Setting Your IoT Devices Apart from the Competition" by David Dewhirst
From the ThreeTwelveCreative Blog by David Dewhirst:'Earlier this week I spent some time talking with Terry Dunlap, founder and CEO of Tactical Network Solutions in Columbia, Maryland about what he views as a potential tsunami building on the IoT / M2M horizon: The susceptibility of the vast majority of IoT devices currently on the market to attacks aimed at their vulnerable embedded firmware.With an estimated 87% of IoT device OEMs yet to implement any kind of security on their embedd ...
Get to Know TNS Instructor Steve Sem
Steve Sem has come a long way - literally - to be part of the Tactical Network Solutions' team. He hails from Minnesota and, after finishing his degree in computer science in North Dakota, moved to the warmer climes of Maryland to come on board.Yet, his skills haven’t taken long to develop and continue to expand concretely, given Steve's innate understanding of technology and deliberate approach to engineering. He's the guy who'll invest time to really figure things out.Steve started working w ...
IoT Firmware Exploitation Class | March 6-10: https://www.tacnetsol.com/collections/live-training/products/iot-firmware-exploitation?variant=29763644429
In case you missed it...Centrifuge Updates - November 2016 - https://www.tacnetsol.com/blogs/news/centrifuge-updates-november-2016
Get to Know TNS Instructor Craig Heffner - https://www.tacnetsol.com/blogs/news/get-to-know-tns-instructor-craig-heffner
February Classes at TNS: Hands-On Exploitation and Hacking to Prepare for the IoT Tsunami - https://www.tacnetsol.com/blogs/news/february-training-classes-at-tns
FREE Expo Plus Pass for the IoT Evolution Expo in Fort Lauderdale, FL | February 7-10, 2017 > https://www.tacnetsol.com/pages/iot-expo-plus-pass
Watch the video! See how the Centrifuge IoT Security Platform offers automated reverse engineering for accelerated IoT security: https://tacnetsol.wistia.com/medias/xdhs6po9kz
Embedded Firmware Security Training: https://www.tacnetsol.com/collections/live-training
Centrifuge IoT Security Platform for Companies: https://www.tacnetsol.com/products/centrifuge?variant=28127950209
Firmware Evaluation Services: https://www.tacnetsol.com/pages/who-is-tactical-network-solutions
Keep up with the News at TNS! https://www.tacnetsol.com/blogs/news
FREE IoT Expo Plus Pass: https://www.tacnetsol.com/pages/iot-expo-plus-pass

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