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Are you concerned about risky, vulnerable embedded firmware in IoT devices, connected medical devices, automotive ECUs and industrial control systems? You're not alone. Fortune 500 companies and governments around the world come to Tactical Network Solutions for our reverse engineering training ...
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IoT Events Around the Globe - March and April 2017
IoT Time Podcast: S.2 Ep.16 with Tactical Network Solutions
IoT Time Podcast: S.2 Ep.16 with Tactical Network Solutions"On this episode of the IoT Time Podcast, Ken Briodagh, editorial director at IoT Evolution (iotevolutionworld.com), sits down with Terry Dunlap, Founder & CEO, Tactical Network Solutions (tacnetsol.com), old school hacker and security cracker, to talk about IoT security, identity management and the importance of firmware to protecting the future IoT industry."This episode is sponsored by "IoT Time: Evolving Trends in the Internet of ...
"Security Inside: Setting Your IoT Devices Apart from the Competition" by David Dewhirst
From the ThreeTwelveCreative Blog by David Dewhirst:'Earlier this week I spent some time talking with Terry Dunlap, founder and CEO of Tactical Network Solutions in Columbia, Maryland about what he views as a potential tsunami building on the IoT / M2M horizon: The susceptibility of the vast majority of IoT devices currently on the market to attacks aimed at their vulnerable embedded firmware.With an estimated 87% of IoT device OEMs yet to implement any kind of security on their embedd ...
Get to Know TNS Instructor Steve Sem
Steve Sem has come a long way - literally - to be part of the Tactical Network Solutions' team. He hails from Minnesota and, after finishing his degree in computer science in North Dakota, moved to the warmer climes of Maryland to come on board.Yet, his skills haven’t taken long to develop and continue to expand concretely, given Steve's innate understanding of technology and deliberate approach to engineering. He's the guy who'll invest time to really figure things out.Steve started working w ...
Top 10 Quotes About The Internet of Things
Here's our "Top 10" list of favorite quotes on a favorite subject - the Internet of Things/IoT.1 - “Security by design is a mandatory prerequisite to securing the IoT macrocosm, the Dyn attack was just a practice run.” - James Scott, Sr. Fellow, Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology2 - "We need to get smarter about hardware and software innovation in order to get the most value from the emerging Internet of Things." - Henry Samueli3 - "The Internet of Things is not a concept; ...
An Inside Look at TNS Training
An Inside Look at TNS TrainingThe hands-on training at Tactical Network Solutions makes conditions as realistic as possible. Students learn concepts, techniques and skills using real connected devices, firmware and software.In all three tracks, trainers present new material and build on previously covered material. New concepts are introduced with respect to the groups' understanding and experience as a whole.Attendees immerse in interactive, short lectures and comprehensive labs designed by the ...
"Countering the Dismal State of Security in the Internet of Things" – An Interview with Terry Dunlap on Dev Diner
Recently, Terry Dunlap, our Founder & CEO, shared a few opinions with Patrick Catanzariti, the founder at Dev Diner. The result was a comprehensive post created by Dev Diner entitled, "Countering the Dismal State of Security in the Internet of Things.""Security has been a huge concern with Internet of Things devices, with connected devices turning up in botnets and having rather concerning security vulnerabilities. Terry Dunlap, founder and CEO of Tactical Network Solutions, helps ...
March Offensive Cyber Training: Start Thinking Like a Hacker
If you want to build secure embedded firmware, you've got to start thinking like a hacker.Why? Because your unsecured devices could be a hacker's next target - as victims of direct control or as recruits in a hacker's army, performing coordinated attacks to take down larger systems. Today, vulnerable devices are "fair game" to hackers around the world.But, don't just take our word for it. Pick up a newspaper (so to speak) to read story after story on how cyber attackers have invaded other compan ...
6 Websites with Downloadable Firmware Images
If you've been trained by TNS or are testing the Centrifuge IoT Security Platform, here's a list of 6 websites with publicly accessible firmware images. Note that some sites may require a login and ownership of a device. Happy hunting!Linksys Support Page - Search for a product or scroll down to see the top searched products.NETGEAR Support Page - Search for a product or choose a product category.TRENDnet Support Page - Select a Model Number or search in the "Recent Firmware" section.Belkin Supp ...
IoT Firmware Exploitation Class | March 6-10: https://www.tacnetsol.com/collections/live-training/products/iot-firmware-exploitation?variant=29763644429
"Get to Higher Ground with Embedded Firmware Security Training" by Terry Dunlap
We're on a mission. We're spreading the word that companies need embedded firmware security training to proactively protect their IoT devices from attacks.Recently, we had the chance to share our voice on the Embedded Computing Design website in a post entitled, "Get to Higher Ground with Embedded Firmware Security Training."Below is an excerpt from the post. We hope you'll read on and join the mission by sharing information with your contacts considering training in Exploiting Real Time Operati ...
Live, Hands-On Embedded Firmware Security Training in IoT Firmware Exploitation, Hardware Hacking and Exploiting Real Time Operating Systems
Always wanted to know why companies and individuals come to TNS for live, hands-on training in IoT Firmware Exploitation, Hardware Hacking and Exploiting Real Time Operating Systems?Here's a quick summary of the classes, which are taught by former US intelligence offensive cyber operators. They teach their students how to make jumping out of planes (and securing embedded firmware) look easy!The IoT Firmware Exploitation course is designed for white hat hackers, tinkerers and hobbyists with limit ...
In case you missed it...Centrifuge Updates - November 2016 - https://www.tacnetsol.com/blogs/news/centrifuge-updates-november-2016
Get to Know TNS Instructor Craig Heffner - https://www.tacnetsol.com/blogs/news/get-to-know-tns-instructor-craig-heffner
February Classes at TNS: Hands-On Exploitation and Hacking to Prepare for the IoT Tsunami - https://www.tacnetsol.com/blogs/news/february-training-classes-at-tns
FREE Expo Plus Pass for the IoT Evolution Expo in Fort Lauderdale, FL | February 7-10, 2017 > https://www.tacnetsol.com/pages/iot-expo-plus-pass
Watch the video! See how the Centrifuge IoT Security Platform offers automated reverse engineering for accelerated IoT security: https://tacnetsol.wistia.com/medias/xdhs6po9kz
Embedded Firmware Security Training: https://www.tacnetsol.com/collections/live-training
Centrifuge IoT Security Platform for Companies: https://www.tacnetsol.com/products/centrifuge?variant=28127950209
Keep up with the News at TNS! https://www.tacnetsol.com/blogs/news
FREE IoT Expo Plus Pass: https://www.tacnetsol.com/pages/iot-expo-plus-pass
Firmware Evaluation Services: https://www.tacnetsol.com/pages/who-is-tactical-network-solutions

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