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Are you concerned about risky, vulnerable embedded firmware in IoT devices, connected medical devices, automotive ECUs and industrial control systems? You're not alone. Since 2007, Fortune 500 companies and governments around the world have sought out Tactical Network Solutions for reverse engi ...
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TNS Issues a Sample IoT Security Report Showing Backdoors in a Connected Device
IoT Firmware Exploitation Training | June 12-16 | Columbia, MD, USA > https://www.tacnetsol.com/collections/live-training/products/iot-firmware-exploitation?variant=29763693581
From the TNS Mailbag: "What types of embedded firmware images does Centrifuge evaluate?"
Clients are excited to leverage the TNS automated firmware evaluations (and consulting) performed with the proprietary Centrifuge IoT Security Platform. The evaluations are completed with NO access to source code on embedded firmware images containing Linux-based root filesystems compiled for either MIPS, ARM, or X86. We also support QNX (a real-time operating system) and Docker containers.TNS evaluations have revealed thousands of hidden attack vectors including erroneously placed private crypt ...
Hackers Scheme to Weaponize Insecure Connected Medical Devices and What You Can Do About It
But nobody’s died yet...So often, we hear, “What’s the panic about securing connected medical devices? Nobody’s died yet and nobody can prove that insecure connected medical devices were vectors in an attacker’s botnet yet.”The operative word is “yet,” as hackers are scheming to weaponize connected medical devices. You might have read how life-saving connected insulin pumps can be turned into lethal devices. We’ve read about devices like benign ultrasound machines that could be ...
11 Uncommon Hackable Medical Devices Posing Real Threats
Within the last year, you've likely read a few posts about hackable pacemakers and insulin pumps detailing scary and real threats to common medical devices. In addition to the known hackable IoT medical devices, there are many not-so-common devices that pose legitimate threats when (not if) hacked. In all corners of the world, they sit silently poised as potential vectors for botnet or ransomware attacks.According to the "Healthcare's IoT Dilemma: Connected Medical Devices" report by Forrester, ...
Get to Know TNS Instructor Heather Eacmen
Teaching the TNS Hardware Hacking Workshop is just part of Heather Eacmen's varied technical pursuits and interests. Heather hails from New Mexico, where she attended the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (aka New Mexico Tech). There, she earned a BS in Electrical Engineering, a BS in Computer Science and an MS in Computer Science.As undergraduate, Heather was a recipient of the "CyberCorps Scholarship For Service" scholarship program that promoted the study of cybersecurity, an ...
Why Would Companies Care About Securing Embedded Devices Before Production?
Manufacturers, engineering firms and consulting companies come to us for answers on securing embedded firmware devices before they go to production. They're on a mission to find real tools and techniques that proactively secure their devices.We agree with this mission - but not just because we built training for embedded device security and the Centrifuge IoT Security Platform.It's likely you've heard of IoT hacks, including the Mirai botnet that used remote cameras and home routers to laun ...
Request a free demo of the Centrifuge IoT Security Platform. See the holes hackers could find in IoT devices > http://centrifuge.tacnetsol.com/
Tactical Network Solutions Unveils Firmware Evaluation Services
Companies afraid of IoT hacks can proactively protect their devices.COLUMBIA, MD: The current state of IoT security seems bleak. Story after story about IoT hacks on insecure connected devices, including security cameras, teddy bears, pacemakers, lightbulbs and routers continue to make the headlines. Companies – and their customers – fear these hacks with good reason. They can lead to untold physical, data, psychological, and intellectual property losses. With an increasing number of devices ...
Centrifuge IoT Security Platform Updates – April 2017
The dev team at TNS makes ongoing updates to the Centrifuge IoT Security Platform. Here's a list of the most recent changes:GeneralEmulation has made its way to the top of our priority list.But stable extraction quickly superseded emulation based on user activity.The CSP tool automatically emails the development team whenever there's an error during processing.Upgrading/CompatibilityNew models were added to the database schema; performing a migration is recommended.ExtractorsFirmware image "extr ...
Podcast #31 • IoT Security and Privacy w/ Terry Dunlap, Founder & CEO, Tactical Network Solutions (From "Farstuff: The IoT Podcast")
"After an early arrest for hacking, Terry Dunlap grew up to work for the good guys—first with the NSA, and now as the Founder & CEO of Tactical Network Solutions. TNS helps ensure that manufacturers consider security for the whole IoT product lifecycle."Listen to the podcast here.Protect your IoT devices here.
Stop daydreaming about reverse engineering embedded firmware! Roll up your sleeves and get hands-on experience in our live training classes, including Exploiting Real Time Operating Systems, Hardware Hacking Workshop and IoT Firmware Exploitation - https://www.tacnetsol.com/collections/live-training
The 5 Worst IoT Hacks and Vulnerabilities in Recorded History
IoT hacks are unbelievably effective. By leveraging thousands (if not millions) of insecure connected devices, hackers can produce DDoS attacks that can cripple our infrastructure, systems, and way of life. Or, attackers can go straight for the kill by directly exploiting a device and using it as a gateway to deeper levels on a network where they gather sensitive and valuable private data.And things are about to get worse. Forbes predicts that by 2025, we’ll have over 80 billion smart devices ...
Join the LIVE Hardware Hacking Workshop in Columbia, MD, USA from May 16-18 >> https://www.tacnetsol.com/collections/live-training/products/hardware-hacking-workshop?variant=29763874893
Tactical Network Solutions Affirms IoT Security Standards Must be Built on Universal Secure Coding Practices
Tactical Network Solutions Affirms IoT Security Standards Must be Built on Universal Secure Coding PracticesThere’s a constant rumbling about IoT standards, but little talk on how they must be built.COLUMBIA, MD: A recent article published on InnovationAus.com discussed the growing demand for IoT standards, specifically as they relate to building smart cities. The piece focused mainly on the need for “interoperability and security protocols to take advantage of truly smart cities potentia ...
LIVE TRAINING: IoT Firmware Exploitation | May 8-12 | Columbia, MD, USA - https://www.tacnetsol.com/collections/live-training/products/iot-firmware-exploitation?variant=29763680333
IoT Events Around the Globe - May 2017: https://www.tacnetsol.com/blogs/news/iot-events-around-the-globe-may-2017
Recommended Reading: \"Mitigating the Increasing Risks of an Insecure Internet of Things\" (From Freedom to Tinker) - https://www.tacnetsol.com/blogs/news/recommended-reading-mitigating-the-increasing-risks-of-an-insecure-internet-of-things-from-freedom-to-tinker
Live IoT Firmware Exploitation Training in Columbia, MD | May 8-12: https://www.tacnetsol.com/collections/live-training/products/iot-firmware-exploitation?variant=29763680333
April 17th is Infiltration Day! - https://www.tacnetsol.com/collections/live-training/products/exploiting-real-time-operating-systems?variant=30859092813
Firmware Evaluation Services for Risk Mitigation: https://www.tacnetsol.com/pages/firmware-evaluations
IoT Firmware Exploitation Class | March 6-10: https://www.tacnetsol.com/collections/live-training/products/iot-firmware-exploitation?variant=29763644429
In case you missed it...Centrifuge Updates - November 2016 - https://www.tacnetsol.com/blogs/news/centrifuge-updates-november-2016
Get to Know TNS Instructor Craig Heffner - https://www.tacnetsol.com/blogs/news/get-to-know-tns-instructor-craig-heffner
February Classes at TNS: Hands-On Exploitation and Hacking to Prepare for the IoT Tsunami - https://www.tacnetsol.com/blogs/news/february-training-classes-at-tns
FREE Expo Plus Pass for the IoT Evolution Expo in Fort Lauderdale, FL | February 7-10, 2017 > https://www.tacnetsol.com/pages/iot-expo-plus-pass
Watch the video! See how the Centrifuge IoT Security Platform offers automated reverse engineering for accelerated IoT security: https://tacnetsol.wistia.com/medias/xdhs6po9kz
FREE IoT Expo Plus Pass: https://www.tacnetsol.com/pages/iot-expo-plus-pass
Keep up with the News at TNS! https://www.tacnetsol.com/blogs/news
Firmware Evaluation Services: https://www.tacnetsol.com/pages/who-is-tactical-network-solutions
Centrifuge IoT Security Platform for Companies: https://www.tacnetsol.com/products/centrifuge?variant=28127950209
Embedded Firmware Security Training: https://www.tacnetsol.com/collections/live-training

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