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51-200 employees
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Somerville, MA
Recorded Future arms security teams with threat intelligence powered by patented machine learning to lower risk. Our technology automatically collects and analyzes information from an unrivaled breadth of sources and provides invaluable context that’s delivered in real time and packaged for human ...
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5 Machine Learning Questions Answered
The concepts of machine learning aren’t necessarily easy for all of us to understand, but as the impact of AI technologies in life and work is beginning to be felt more keenly than ever, we have more questions about the difference they are making to our world. The continuous improvement in the speed of computing and our access to the vastly increased amounts of available data means that today, machine-learning applications sit in connected speakers in our kitchens and the phones in the palm of ...
Disrupting the Disruptors: How to Threat Hunt Like a Pro
Editor’s Note: The following blog post is a summary of an RFUN 2017 customer presentation featuring Ismael Valenzuela from McAfee. Key Takeaways Going from responding to incidents to actively hunting threats is a stance shift that requires maturity in an information security operations center, says Ismael Valenzuela, a cybersecurity veteran at McAfee. Maturity means first covering the security fundamentals in your organization before cyber threat hunting. It takes experience, critic ...
Dark Web Threats: From Technical to Tactical
The dark web is a mass of marketplaces and communities that can only be accessed through encrypted connections. The nature of dark web content is diverse, and the characters who live there range from those looking to purchase counterfeit goods, to drug dealers and cybercriminals. We’ll be focusing on this last category and exploring some examples of how threat actors use the dark web to conduct business, develop new threats, and trade techniques. Selling Data and Credentials Certain dark web ...
Dissecting the Costs of Cybercriminal Operations
Everything has its price on dark web, and almost anything can be sold or bought openly. Although sometimes it seems that to succeed in cybercrime, a person must be a Jack of all trades, in reality almost every criminal endeavor requires various tools and services provided by a network other members. The cybercriminal underground is quite verticalized, with threat actors specializing in particular areas of expertise. It is this distribution of expertise that contributes to the underground mark ...
Man vs. Machine: Speed and Scale in Threat Intelligence
Approaches to the collection and analysis of all kinds of intelligence have traditionally relied heavily on the capabilities of humans to understand references, filter out noise, and ultimately make a decision about any action that needs to be taken. Today, the overwhelming amount of available data from numerous sources (internal and external) is challenging the capacity of human analysts to effectively identify potentially useful information, including uncovering emerging threats that could ...
Threat Intelligence: Difference Between Platforms and Providers
The world of threat intelligence can be a bit confusing. Take a scan through any resource or blog related to threat intelligence (including ours) and you’ll see references to threat intelligence platforms, sources, providers, feeds … the list goes on. And, naturally, they all mean something slightly different. But if you aren’t yet familiar with the way a powerful threat intelligence facility operates, these terms can be difficult to wrap your head around. To find some clarity, le ...
Announcing Recorded Future’s New Training Program
We’re excited to announce Recorded Future’s new full-scale training program aimed at maximizing threat intelligence investment in Recorded Future and reducing security risk. Complete with seminars, workshops, and certification, the program will introduce new training segments to empower users to get up to speed quickly using the Recorded Future product, while supplementing the world-class configuration, education, and support services already delivered to our customers. Read all about ...
How to Explain the Meteoric Rise of Threat Intelligence
This blog first published by Recorded Future, January 12, 2017Key TakeawaysIn the past, cyber security has been a largely reactive discipline. Now, threat intelligence enables companies to get ahead of their attackers, and avoid costly breaches.According to the latest research, over two thirds of organizations have either implemented or plan to implement a threat intelligence solution.There are three primary ways in which using threat intelligence can enhance your security profile: Increasi ...
From Chasing Risk Lists to ASN Policies: Large-Scale Analysis of Risky Internet Activity
From Chasing Risk Lists to ASN Policies: Large-Scale Analysis of Risky Internet Activity Read the full post on the Recorded Future blog Security professionals have the mandate to protect their networks from communication with malicious traffic. There is a clear understanding that some elements of the internet are more malicious than others. For example, we might assume that traffic from certain countries seems more suspicious than others, and that some hosting infrastructures are more like ...
The Threat Intelligence Tightrope
This content was originally posted on Recorded Future. The entire article can be read here.As with every aspect of information security, our challenge is one of balance. For example, often you’ll need to balance control with usability when implementing technologies to prevent security from negatively impacting the effectiveness of your organization.In the case of how to access and apply threat intelligence, your two key concerns will be time and context. Here’s why these factors ma ...

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