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KnowBe4, the provider of the world’s most popular integrated new school security awareness training and simulated phishing platform, is used by more than 9,500 organizations worldwide. Founded by data and IT security expert Stu Sjouwerman, KnowBe4 helps organizations address the human element of s ...
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Scam Of The Week: “When Users Add Their Names to a Wall of Shame”
Eric Howes, KnowBe4 Principal Lab Researcher, found out about another insidious bad guy trick: "If you work in IT there has undoubtedly come a dark moment when you wondered to yourself just who among your employee users would be gullible enough to click through a phishing email and potentially bring down your organization.
Your Boss NEEDS To Read This WSJ Article About Our Power Grid And How The Russians Hacked It With Ph
In a Jan 10, 2019 article, the Wall Street Journal reconstructed the worst known hack into the USA's power grid revealing attacks on hundreds of small contractors.
Email Security Gap Analysis: Survey Finds Phishing Is The No. 1 Attack That Worries IT Pros Most
There are a few companies that frequently report on so-called "email security gap analysis" numbers: Mimecast, Proofpoint and Cyren. They are all IT security companies that have email filtering products, and mostly the reports they publish are about competing filtering products. They want to show these numbers are high, suggesting that their own product are better.
Finra punishes former Schwab broker for lying about role in $800,000 CEO Fraud scam
A former broker for Charles Schwab & Co.was fined $5,000 and suspended for 90 days by Finra for lying to Schwab about a CEO Fraud attack in which he wired nearly $800,000 to someone impersonating one of his customers.
New Data Suggests that Negligent Employees May Be the Reason Data Breaches are So Successful
When it comes to root causes of data breaches, it’s not your firewall, your endpoint protection, your antivirus, nor your patching that’s failing you; it’s your employees.
The Government may be shut down, but the bad guys are not
By Eric Howes, KnowBe4 Principal Lab Researcher.  Once again we are starting tax season, and malicious actors are spinning up phishing campaigns to exploit the myriad opportunities afforded by this annual ritual to trick unsuspecting users into coughing up their money, identities, and the credentials to online accounts. Curiously, these campaigns are proceeding even though the U.S. government is partially shut down, causing widespread confusion over whether the IR ...
Lowlife Scammers exploit Sick Children in Latest Ransomware Attack
The outrageous attack combination of ransomware, claims to donate to charity, and even details of children’s names, diagnoses, and pictures proves there is no low cybercriminals won’t go to in the name of money.
Banking Cyber Heists Celebrate Their 25th Birthday!
2019 marks the 25th anniversary of the very first cyber-heist, netting one of the first cybercriminals $10 million from Citibank. The tactics have changed, but the target hasn’t.
Ohio’s New Data Security Law Seeks to Minimize the Risk of Data Breach Impacting Insurers and Thei
Following in the footsteps of North Carolina, the new Ohio law looks to regulate the cybersecurity practices, reporting, and notifications of its insurance industry.
[Heads-up] Double Trouble: Ransomware And File Thief Combined In Nasty Hybrid Malware
A new malware attack has been detected in the wild. This nasty combines two known pieces of malware: the Vidar data harvesting malware followed by GandCrab ransomware.
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