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We protect users and companies from cyber-criminal actions, by keeping confidential information and intellectual property safe. We build products focused on proactive cyber security and we dedicate a big part of our efforts to cyber security education for everyone.
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Expert Roundup: Is Internet Security a Losing Battle?
Security Alert: GandCrab Ransomware Returns with New Waves of Spam Campaigns
You may be familiar with GandCrab ransomware that seems to widely spread via various spam campaigns or social engineering techniques to infect and harvest users’ most important data.This fast-growing malware has infected more than 50,000 victims and targeting mostly the ones from Scandinavia and UK speaking countries, according to a report CheckPoint. Security researchers recently analyzed a new spam campaign in which malicious actors try to lure victims into clicking a malicious link ...
How To Start Taking Control Of Your Data – Essential Privacy Tools
Late in 2017, the Cambridge Analytica–Facebook scandal finally woke people up and raised serious privacy concerns. More and more social media users found out exactly what and how their information was used for. The result was not pretty. Millions of people had their data harvested, analyzed and turned into a tool powerful enough to elect President Trump and push Brexit into reality. If you want to take control of your data, in this article we outline the risks of data sharing, th ...
Here are the Top Online Scams You Need to Avoid Today [Updated 2018]
We truly want to believe that the Internet is a safe place where you can’t fall for all types of online scams, but it’s always good reminder to do a “reality check”. We, humans, can become an easy target for malicious actors who want to steal our most valuable personal data. Criminal minds can reach these days further than before, into our private lives, our homes and work offices. And there is little we can do about it. Attack tactics and tools vary from traditional ...
Facebook Privacy & Security Guide: Everything You Need to Know [Updated]
The news about Cambridge Analytica firm harvesting personal data taken from millions of Facebook without user consent in 2014 hit the headlines these days. Everyone is talking about it and everyone should take a few moments of reflection about the privacy of our data on the Internet. Users even started deleting their Facebook accounts (probably) inspired by the big movement #DeleteFacebook (urging people to leave the social network), while others may be really concerned about the exploitation of ...
10+ Critical Corporate Cyber Security Risks – A Data Driven List [Update 2018]
Companies are under extreme pressure, and they’re constantly struggling to keep our information safe. Wondering why so many big companies manage to let hackers steal your information? As a corporate employee or executive, do you know what cyber security is and what you should expect coming your way? Here are the answers – use the links to quickly navigate this collection of corporate cyber security risks: 1. Failure to cover cyber security basics2. Not understanding what generates co ...
10 Alarming Cyber Security Facts that Threaten Your Data [Updated]
The cyber security industry is growing as you’re reading this. More specialists join the ranks, more malware is being launched every day than ever before. In 2015, 230,000 new malware sample were recorded daily. Naturally, more resources are being deployed to counter cyber attacks. That’s why I thought it would be helpful to sum up 10 cyber security facts that define the current information security landscape. Don’t think that hackers are only targeting corporations, banks or w ...
What is Kodi? Here is the online security guide for watching content with it
Time and time again, our reader asked us to cover media player apps like Kodi and explain how they can use them and not compromise their online security. Use the links below to quickly navigate this Kodi overview and see how you can use it to watch your favorite media. What is Kodi?How to use KodiKodi guide with online security in mindKodi security risks What is Kodi? Kodi is one of the most popular media player apps in the world. You can call it the best home theater available online. And it& ...
Security Alert: New Spam Campaign Delivers Trickbot Payload, Spoofs Dropbox
You may remember Trickbot, the financial Trojan that made its appearance in the past targeting a lot of US banking companies, including big names like PayPal. Authors of Trickbot are persistent and continue to find new ways to harvest users’ valuable data. Recently, researchers discovered this spam email campaign in which malicious actors have decided to resort to spoofing Dropbox. Security researchers analyzed a new spam email campaign delivering the Trickbot malware that claims to come f ...
9+ Free Encryption Software Tools To Protect Your Data [Updated 2018]
What exactly is data encryption? You probably know that data encryption is one of the best protection methods out there you can use to keep all your digital assets safe. The encryption process uses a key and an algorithm to turn the accessible data into an encoded piece of information. To decode the encrypted data and render it back to its original form (that can be easily understood), one needs access to the ciphering algorithm and the secret key that was used. Source. Encryption helps you sec ...
Patching Your Software Alone Is A Hassle. Not Patching Is A Risk
Countless security experts, ourselves included, keep badgering you to update your software or patch your software. And yet software patching and updating remain one of those things that almost no one ever does. Why? It’s because patching is a hassle or you at least you think it is. But not patching opens the door to ransomware. In this article, we’ll see what the risks are, a quick guide to online security and how Heimdal Free or Heimdal Pro can specifically help. Let’s get ...
We\'re excited to announce that we\'ve joined the No More Ransom project to help Internet users worldwide prevent ransomware attacks and use the free decryption tools available to reclaim their data! More news on this coming soon! Official announcement here: https://www.europol.europa.eu/newsroom/news/no-more-ransom-new-partners-new-decryption-tools-new-languages-to-better-fight-ransomware

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We believe Cyber Security training should be free, for everyone, FOREVER. Everyone, everywhere, deserves the OPPORTUNITY to learn, begin and grow a career in this fascinating field. Therefore, Cybrary is a free community where people, companies and training come together to give everyone the ability to collaborate in an open source way that is revolutionizing the cyber security educational experience.

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