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We protect users and companies from cyber-criminal actions, by keeping confidential information and intellectual property safe. We build products focused on proactive cyber security and we dedicate a big part of our efforts to cyber security education for everyone.
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Expert Roundup: Is Internet Security a Losing Battle?
How to Recover Your Gmail, Facebook or Yahoo Account
So you just got hacked and lost access to your email or social media account. What now? First, let’s start with what you shouldn’t do: panic. You’re not the first person to go through this, and you will not be the last. Big companies know this, and have come up with ways for you to recover your account, and get your online life back on track. In this article, we’re going to go through all the steps you need to follow to recover important accounts such as Gm ...
How A Banking Trojan Does More Than Just Steal Your Money
What is a banking Trojan? After nearly 10 years of warfare and siege, your enemies, the Greeks, want to offer you peace, and as a sign of their goodwill, offer a huge wooden horse as a gift. What would you, as a Trojan, do at this moment? a)    Ignore the gift. Maybe even burn it. b)    Inspect the horse, maybe see if there’s something in it. c)    None of the above, but instead you bring it into your city with much fanfare and partying. If you chose C, congra ...
Your Essential Guide to Cyber Liability Insurance
In the dead of night, your phone rings. The first one goes on silent and unnoticed. But the second one blares out at full volume, pulling you from a dream and back unto the world. “We need you at the office, someone broke into our servers and stole our customer data base and now our accounting data is encrypted.” This was probably the script for any one of the thousands of major hackings. Sony. WannaCry. OPM. But small and medium companies get broken into just as freq ...
Security Alert: Jaff Ransomware Operation Tied to Cyber Crime Marketplace
Jaff ransomware, one of the newest and fast-rising strains, has been sweeping the world in the past month. As it turns out, the operations behind it run much further than malicious data encryption. While analyzing a recent variant of Jaff, researchers have uncovered that this ransomware type shares server space with a refined cyber crime web store. As observed in previous campaigns, the Jaff ransomware infection starts with a malicious PDF, which, when opened, prompts the user to click on an add ...
The best cyber security books out there, chosen by over 20 experts
Books are the best way to go about learning in-depth knowledge, and this applies to cybersecurity as well. To this end, we’ve decided to approach these 21  experts about what is the best educational cybersecurity book out there. Of course, we know there is no such thing, and each book is good in its own way. The endgame is to create a go-to resource of curated books you, as a user, can read to take your online security knowledge to the next level. The experts we’ve included ...
How to Secure a Business Network, Servers and Endpoints
If you’re a company owner or manager, then WannaCry probably made you rethink just how important it is to secure your business network. This is the only upside of this cyberattack. However, WannaCry isn’t the starting point of cyber threats, it’s just the latest evolution. Ransomware has been the biggest threats for businesses for the past 2-3 years, and the conditions are set for it to remain so for the foreseeable future. But ransomware is just the tip of the spear when it co ...
Security Alert: BlueDoom Worm Caught Spreading through EternalBlue, Integrates Batch of Leaked NSA E
Unfortunately for users who haven’t patched their systems yet after the WannaCry ransomware campaign, there has been an increase in attempts to abuse the EternalBlue exploit in the past few days. The most recent example comes from this morning, when a new worm, dubbed BlueDoom, was caught trying to exploit EternalBlue on a honeypot. The analysis done on BlueDoom hints that cyber criminals may be preparing to integrate an array of different exploits for an attack that combines a full set of ...
How to Apply the Windows Update that Patches the EternalBlue SMB Exploit
The first step in protecting any computer against WannaCry, Uiwix and other ransomware campaigns is to apply the critical patch that Microsoft released in March 2017 (Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17-010). Step 1: Check this list to see if your system is exposed This is the list of Windows software which need the update in order to close the vulnerabilities in SMBv1 and SMBv2: Microsoft Windows Vista SP2 Microsoft Windows Server 2008 SP2 and R2 SP1 Microsoft Windows 7 Microsoft Windows 10 M ...
What is Ransomware and 15 Easy Steps To Keep Your System Protected [Updated]
May 12th 2017 saw the biggest ever cyber attack in Internet history (yes, bigger than the Dyn DDoS).  A ransomware named WannaCry stormed through the web, with the damage epicenter being in Europe. WannaCry leveraged a vulnerability in Windows OS, first discovered by the NSA, and then publicly revealed to the world by the Shadow Brokers. In the first few hours, 200,000 machines were infected. Big organizations such as Renault or the NHS were struck and crippled by the attack. Ransomware has ...
Security Alert: Uiwix Ransomware Is Here and It Can Be Worse Than Wannacry
WannaCry distribution may have dropped, but the ransomware pandemic is not over. As we feared in yesterday’s alert, another ransomware variant, known as Uiwix, has begun to spread by exploiting the same vulnerability in Windows SMBv1 and SMBv2 as WannaCry used. Cyber criminals are quick to incorporate vulnerabilities, especially when they have the potential to infect a large number of targets like the EternalBlue exploit has. As expected, this strain does not include a killswitch doma ...
We\'re excited to announce that we\'ve joined the No More Ransom project to help Internet users worldwide prevent ransomware attacks and use the free decryption tools available to reclaim their data! More news on this coming soon! Official announcement here: https://www.europol.europa.eu/newsroom/news/no-more-ransom-new-partners-new-decryption-tools-new-languages-to-better-fight-ransomware

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We believe Cyber Security training should be free, for everyone, FOREVER. Everyone, everywhere, deserves the OPPORTUNITY to learn, begin and grow a career in this fascinating field. Therefore, Cybrary is a free community where people, companies and training come together to give everyone the ability to collaborate in an open source way that is revolutionizing the cyber security educational experience.

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