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Digital Shadows is the leader in Digital Risk Protection. Digital Shadows minimizes digital risk by identifying unwanted exposure and protecting against external threats. Organizations can suffer regulatory fines, loss of intellectual property, and reputational damage when digital risk is left unman ...
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A Practical Guide to Reducing Digital Risk - Tools and Approaches for Security, Intelligence, and Fraud Teams
ShadowTalk Update – 1.14.19
We’ve just released our first Weekly Intelligence Summary episode of ShadowTalk. In this new track, Harrison Van Riper will be interviewing our security analysts to get their take on the top security stories of the week. You can also read their in-depth findings and analysis via the Weekly Intelligence Summary report. Our main story in this episode involves the leak of personal information from several German political parties. We hope you enjoy this new track! Highlights fr ...
Security Analyst Spotlight Series: Phil Doherty
Organizations rely on Digital Shadows to be an extension of their security team. Our global team of analysts provide relevant threat research, much needed context, tailored remediation advice and managed takedown support to make our clients’ jobs easier and more efficient. Crucially, by having analysts within the intelligence and collection cycle, we’re able to minimize the real-time false positives that cause nightmares for most organizations. In our Security Analyst Spotlight ...
TV License and Vehicle Tax Fraud: New Year, Same Old Scams
Over the last week we’ve been tracking several emails impersonating UK services such as “TV Licensing” and “Vehicle Road Tax”. While the volumes seen have been a lot lower than other scams we’ve investigated, the lures used by these scams are all too real. TV License Payment Update Scam The TV License payment update scam has already hit the media with people reporting losses of up to £10,000. While a lot of scams are high volume, low quality scams, this ...
Four New Year Cyber Security Resolutions
Another year is upon us in the world of cyber-security, and few things are certain. Commentators are always prone to hyperbole: I remember in late 2017 reading claims that, “2017 was the year cyber nukes were dropped in the ocean, in 2018 they will hit land”. While, thankfully, nothing equating to a cyber nuke surfaced in 2018, we did, of course, continue to see the development of novel tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), as well as new threat actors popping up around the worl ...
Cyber Threats to Watch in 2019: Key Takeaways from our webinar with the FBI Cyber Squad
As 2018 comes to a close, Digital Shadows partnered with the FBI’s Cyber Division for a webinar to discuss some of the cyber security threats and trends we might see in 2019. I joined the FBI for this webinar and want to share my key takeaways from our discussion. Feel free to watch the recording here or check out our 2019 cyber security forecasts blog here.  1. Data breaches to continue and companies will be fined for it The fines coming from the E.U.’s General Data Protec ...
ShadowTalk Update – 17.10.2018
Following from our recent research, Tackling Phishing: The Most Popular Phishing Techniques and What You Can Do About It, the team discuss the phishing techniques favoured by all types of attackers, whether sophisticated criminal, nation state or low-level hacker. By looking at details revealed in law enforcement indictments, as well as the tips and tools being shared by actors on cybercriminal forums and messaging applications, the team discuss how organizations can prioritize the right control ...
The Most Popular Security Blog Topics of 2018
It’s been a busy year on the Digital Shadows blog, with almost 150 blogs published since January 1. As we move into the tail end of 2018, I wanted to share some of the most popular blogs and themes for this year. US-CERT Draws on Digital Shadows Research It’s been a pleasure to have had our blogs featured in a couple of US CERT alerts. First, in July, we released research on the growing threats to ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Applications, which led to a US CERT alert, Maliciou ...
Bomb Threat Emails: Extortion Gets Physical
We’ve seen yet another change in tactics for the recent spate of extortion campaigns. Whereas before these emails tried to coax victims into paying a ransom under the pretence of releasing sensitive information about watching adult content online, extortionists actors have now upped the ante by making bomb threats. Digital Shadows has been able to analyse a series of these bomb threat emails. In this blog, we provide six things we know so far. At the time of writing, this campaign: 1. Does ...
Tackling Phishing: The Most Popular Phishing Techniques and What You Can Do About It
Overall, the infosec community has done a relatively good job in securing systems. While a measure of restrained back-patting is called for, we shouldn’t forget that social engineering and humans remain the weak link – and attackers know this. In this extended blog, we’ll cover a range of the different techniques attackers of all persuasions (whether sophisticated nation state or low-level hacker) choose when performing their phishing campaigns. By looking at details revealed ...
Digital Shadows New Integration for Splunk
Today we announced the release of an updated version of our Splunk App, which is now certified for both Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud. Digital Shadows customers will now be able to use their existing Splunk services alongside Digital Shadows SearchLight within the same platform, for no extra cost. Here’s a sneak preview of all the functionality we’ve added. SearchLight continually monitors the open, deep and dark web for risks to your business. The Digital Shadows app imports t ...

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