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Cylance is a cybersecurity products and services company focusing on stopping tomorrow's attacks today. Founded in 2012 by ex-McAfee Global CTO Stuart McClure and ex-McAfee Chief Scientist Ryan Permeh, Cylance was created to solve the malware problem once and for all. Our flagship product, CylancePR ...
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Trust and the Economics of Insecurity
Malcolm Harkins – PreventCon 2018 Keynote: Trust and the Economics of Insecurity Malcolm Harkins discusses a variety of issues within the cybersecurity industry today, and uses great analogies for the audience to relate back to why a CISO or Technologist would purchase security products on the current market. He also discusses what makes Cylance so different and worth the time and effort to review and study.
InSecurity Podcast: Bob Keblusek and Rick Spatafore on Trust and Managed Services
In this episode of the InSecurity Podcast, Sentinel’s CTO Bob Keblusek and Strategic Advisor for Security and Healthcare Rick Spatafore sit down with Matt Stephenson and Edward Preston. They discuss the growing role of managed services and what it takes to foster the level of trust required for organizations to relinquish critical security aspects of their security operations to a third-party.
MedSec’s Justine Bone on Medical Device Security Research
Justine Bone is the CEO of MedSec, a company which focuses on medical device security research. MedSec works to secure the endpoints in hospitals, which are proving to be incredibly vulnerable targets due to the diverse population of medical devices.
Cyber Blackmail and Extortion Schemes
There’s a new type of email scam going around, one where the attacker claims to have webcam footage of users watching ‘adult entertainment’ videos, and demands payment or threatens to distribute the footage to the user’s contact lists. In reality, this is a bluff. Read on to learn more.
The Trouble with Smart City Security Assessments
Because technology has grown so diversely, cybersecurity has become an industry of specialists. In a corporate assessment, you may assemble a team that has two or three specialists depending on the industry. In a Smart City security assessment, you may need to assemble them all.
Cylance vs. Updated Emotet
Emotet, a malware we profiled in December 2017, is back with some brand new tricks. Our Threat Research team recently dismantled an updated version of Emotet to examine some changes to its operations.
InSecurity Podcast: Lee Mangold on the Role of Government in Cybersecurity
In this episode of the InSecurity Podcast, Lee Mangold sits down with Matt Stephenson and Jack McHugh to discuss what part government needs to play in the overall scheme of cybersecurity.
Webinar: Cylance and AI, Securing Education with Georgia State University
Join Jason Duerden and Georgia State University to hear an informative discussion on how one university prevents cyber threats without compromising the openness of their educational environment.
Scott Scheferman: How ‘Predictive’ Makes a Difference
Scott Scheferman, Senior Director of Global Services, knows how valuable it is to be able to actually predict what kind of malware may be trying to attack your network. Scott met up with Matt Stephenson for a chat about what Predictive Advantage means, and why you should care.
Modern Cell Networks are Vulnerable to Nasty LTE Exploit
A new LTE exploit has been discovered by University researchers which puts your phone and its sensitive data at risk. Through an attacker’s malicious actions, malware can be sent, man-in-the-middle attacks can be performed, and sensitive credentials can be stolen.

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