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Arlington, VA
CyberSponse Incorporated, a global leader in cyber security automation & orchestration, helps accelerate an organization’s processes, security operations teams and incident responders. The CyberSponse platform enables organizations to seamlessly integrate, automate and playbook their security ...
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CyberSponse Swags RSA – Is it worth it?
Safer to Respond to or Simply Ignore an Email from the CEO?
Closing the loop on corporate account takeover or business email fraud Let’s say you work in Corporate Finance/Accounting and you get an email from your CEO with a directive to execute a wire payment. The email has all the hallmarks of your CEO’s email – corporate logo, signature block, and proper email address. It looks like every other email you receive from your CEO. Nothing looks amiss or raises doubts. What do you do? To date, standard operation procedures allow for email ...
What Retailers Can and Should Be Doing to Avoid a Disastrous Breach
With data breaches becoming a daily event in all industries – retail, government, healthcare, large corporations among others – what can retailers do to help their customers feel comfortable about handing over credit card information when they make a purchase? This applies to online and offline shopping environments. It’s a scary time for retailers because it was big news when some very large retailers were in the headlines for data breaches. If it can happen to them, it can ha ...
5 Ways to Improve Your Cyber Security Incident Response Plan
Cyber Security Incident Response Cyber security is on the mind of every business. From retailers to municipalities and financial services companies, no organization is off limits to unethical cyber criminals and international thieves, intent on inflicting damage on other countries or competitors. News accounts of intrusions are plentiful and well-publicized. Just recently, international hackers have been suspected of shutting down over 900k routers in Germany, possibly impacting 20 million users ...
Planning for the Breach: Part 2
Regulators, breach costs (and soon insurers) are driving Incident Response (IR) requirements and the evolution of standards around breach preparation and containment. Technology, however, will play an increasingly important role in bringing solutions that respond to regulators, litigation-driven costs, post-response audits and insurer standards as well as the expense of training, and operating an efficient IT team. Technology and the Team Many of the established network appliances are beginning ...
Planning for the Breach: Part 1
Defense is not Enough: Plan for the Breach A strong defense is not only important, it is critical. Without a focused defensive posture (including adaptation to emerging threats and preparation to fight the “next war”) you will be overrun. But even the best defensive tools and strategies do not make for an inviolable structure. Cities are besieged. Armies have marched over, under and around barriers for centuries.  Radar can be eluded. The lever of asymmetric warfare is exploitat ...
Developing a Tailored Incident Response for All Types of Attacks
Does your IT security team react to a malware attack in the same way as they would a phishing attack? Do they proceed any differently when unauthorized user access occurs? How about a denial of service attack? When organizations are hit by external cyberattacks or internal breaches, many IT security teams react in ad hoc fashion with a response plan oftentimes defined based on a limited view of what is going on and the resources they have available. They basically formulate their plan on-the-fly ...
You Know Your Company Will Be Hacked – What Will You Do?
This article gives the perfect analogy. What would you do differently if you knew you were going to be robbed some time, some day? The answer is simple – you would methodically put a plan into place. Of course, you would safeguard your house with preventive measures like locks on the doors, an alarm and possibly a safe for expensive items. But with a plan, you are taking the extra step of response.  You would back up files on your laptop offsite. You would record your items in an inve ...
Phishing is Still Very Effective – How Can That Be?
Phishing is still quite an effective method of cybercrime. It raises the question – WHY is it still so effective after all these years? People of all ages, professions and genders continue to fall for these scams. The article below shows that government officials at all levels in the current administration are also guilty of being victim to these phishing attacks. When it comes to phishing attacks, it is very clear: Phishing attacks continue to increase and that will only continue if the e ...
How Washington State University is Protecting the Smart Grid
The past few years have been a successful one for hackers. High profile companies in a variety of industries – financial, retail, healthcare, credit card companies among others experienced breaches. This was costly in respect to financial consequences. It was also devastating from the brand perspective in many cases. Customer loyalties were lost. In some cases, it was downright embarrassing to the victimized companies. However, protecting the electric power system is another level of conse ...
Healthcare Data Breaches Are Most Often a Result of Employee Negligence
Data breach incidents in the healthcare industry are most often tied to employee negligence and insider activity. Physical theft of devices is another significant portion of data breach incidents in this industry. Insider access falls into two categories and can include both unintentional errors like employee negligence and intentional criminal conduct by staff. Any organization, including those in the healthcare industry can be exposed to disgruntled current or former employees who purposely se ...

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