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CyberArk is the only security company that proactively stops the most advanced cyber threats – those that exploit insider privileges to attack the heart of the enterprise. The company has pioneered a new category of targeted security solutions to lock down privileged accounts and protect against c ...
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The Danger Within: Unmasking Insider Threats
Get Cyber Security Right in 2017: Prioritize Privilege
Prudent organizations understand the need to have a cyber security program in place to protect assets, but it can be difficult to determine which investments will provide the best business value when making the budget case to C-level executives. This is true whether establishing a new security program or updating an existing one. When making security plans for 2017, consider a risk-based approach focused on the paths that attackers often take to access the most critical assets in an organization ...
Misinformation and the Loss of Public Trust
Misinformation—and the misuse of information—came to the fore of public attention during the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Exactly who was behind the well-publicized hackings, leaks and fake news stories, and their impact, remains under investigation and might not be known for months, if ever. However, what is clear is that the ability to use misinformation for political gain or otherwise will continue to be a significant cyber security issue in 2017 and beyond. In fact, concerns ...
CyberArk Privileged Account Security Includes Integrations with IT Ticket Management
Need a new software program installed on your laptop? Call the help desk.  Can’t get the VPN to work? Call the help desk. Spilled water on your computer? Call the help desk. Depending on the size of the organization, an IT help desk can receive dozens, hundreds or even thousands of requests daily, so it’s no surprise that IT teams rely on ticket management solutions to address the workload, track cases and collaborate on tricky problems. Ingrained within the IT department of man ...
Technology Spotlight Examines the Impact of Securing Privileged Credentials on the Endpoint
A new Technology Spotlight from independent analyst firm IDC highlights steps for securing privileged credentials as part of a proactive approach to hardening the endpoint against cyber attacks. Security and desktop operations teams will gain insight into the foundational elements of a comprehensive cyber security strategy to reduce the attack surface that includes endpoint protection. The Technology Spotlight, “Key Considerations for Securing Privilege on the Endpoint,”1 is sponsore ...
Cybersecurity Risks via SSH Key Management on Unix/Linux
Unix and Linux systems often run sensitive databases, corporate websites and business critical applications, but too often, organizations don’t know exactly who or what has access to these critical systems. When you add SSH keys into the mix, the situation gets even worse. SSH keys provide privileged – and often full root – access to Unix and Linux systems, and if you’re not taking steps to secure and manage these sensitive credentials, you’re leaving holes that can easily be exploi ...
CyberArk Labs Research: Analyzing Ransomware and Potential Mitigation Strategies
As part of an ongoing investigation, the CyberArk Labs team has tested more than 157,000 pieces of real-world ransomware to learn more about how it works and to identify alternative methods for mitigating the threat. As a result, they have identified a common prevention denominator across all tested ransomware instances to-date. This revelation, along with actionable recommendations for combatting ransomware attacks, can be found in the published report: “Analyzing Ransomware and Potential Mit ...
Securing Third-Party Remote Access, A Weak Link in Enterprise IT
As organizations work to secure their networks, they often overlook remote access security controls, which can help to secure third-party access to privileged accounts. As a result, organizations are left with a very weak link in security, one that is all too often exploited by attackers to gain powerful access to the network. In fact, recent high-profile attacks reveal that malicious hackers are increasingly targeting third-party vendors and supply chain partners. Research shows that 63 perc ...
Securing Your Elastic Cloud and DevOps Environments with CyberArk
Are you preparing your organization for continuous delivery of applications? Are you deploying tools like Puppet, Chef, Cloud Foundry, and OpenShift to support an agile or DevOps oriented development? During this session, our CyberArk security expert explains the role of privilege account management in elastic app environments and demonstrates how to secure automation as well as administrative activities in DevOps focused products.
Fundamental Endpoint Security Best Practice: Securing Privilege on the Endpoint
Information security professionals know there are two fundamental endpoint security practices that should be part of their security program in order to reduce the attack surface. Validated by various government information security organizations and industry analysts, the first practice is application patching, and it has been widely adopted thanks to commonly available enabling tools. The second is securing privilege on the endpoint. Read the full blog at: ...
Cyber attacks start at your endpoints – don’t let them advance
CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Manager secures privileges on the endpoint and contains attacks early in their lifecycle. It enables revocation of local administrator rights, while minimizing impact on user productivity, by seamlessly elevating privileges for authorized applications or tasks. Application control, with automatic policy creation, allows organizations to prevent malicious applications from executing and runs unknown applications in a restricted mode. This, combined with credential thef ...
Application Credentials: The Hidden Attack Pathway into Your Organization
Today, it’s well-understood that credentials belonging to IT administrators, business users, partners and others with high levels of network access are critical for gaining unauthorized access to key systems, and ultimately, the heart of the enterprise. As we’ve explored previously, too many organizations continue to equate privileged credentials with IT administrators alone. The reality is that privileged access is not limited to users with a “heart beat.”   Every day, countl ...

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