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Comodo Cybersecurity is a global innovator of cybersecurity solutions, and a division of Comodo Security Solutions Inc. For over 20 years, Comodo Cybersecurity has been at the forefront of successfully protecting the most sensitive data; and today, we deliver an innovative cybersecurity platform tha ...
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How to Prevent Phishing Attacks?
What Is Phishing? Phishing is a method employed by cybercriminals to access email accounts and systems using deception rather than defeating security protections. In basic phishing attacks, cybercriminals send an email that appears to be legal, tempting the victim to open an attachment or click on a link. This click could result in loading malware onto the victim’s computer or it could take the victim to a realistic-looking website. In several cases, the aim is to capture user credentials ...
What is Email Spam Checker?
Email spam is a matter of grave concern to any organization as it can hinder the growth, profitability and IT security. Mostly, spam emails slow-down the productivity of employees by forcing them to clear the unwanted emails. Besides that, the spam emails bring the network performance to a grinding halt without a hint. It also harms the bandwidth and affects the organizational performance by consuming IT resources. Cybercriminals make use of the spam emails as a means to infiltrate and steal val ...
Massive Phishing Attacks Hit Turkish Banks Users. But … is it Just Phishing?
The unprecedentedly immense wave of phishing attacks hit the users of major banks in Turkey. Tens of thousands of poisoned emails dropped into the users’ inboxes to covertly penetrate their computers and give the attackers total control over those who would be unlucky to take the perpetrators’ bait. With sophisticated and hard-to-discover malware attached, the phishing waves spread from many countries around the world but were stopped by Comodo resources. The emails: deception is kno ...
Did China put hardware backdoors into Apple and Amazon networks?
Bloomberg Businessweek published a shocking and controversial report on October 4th. Supermicro is based in San Jose, California. Although their end product servers are designed in the United States, they make their system motherboards in China. China is indeed the world’s manufacturing powerhouse. Roughly 75% of mobile phones, 90% of PCs, and 100% of my goth platform shoe collection is made there. Chances are that a lot of the things you own right now were made in that country, no matter ...
Uh Oh – UEFI rootkit malware spotted in the wild
I remember a little while back, the year was 2011. Those were the last of my consumer Windows tech support days before I specialized in cybersecurity. I would buy Maximum PC magazines in print, because the “no books or magazines at your desk” rule very specifically excluded anything related to computer technology. So Psychology Today had to wait until I was on the bus ride home. Anyway, one issue that year had a feature on UEFI, a technology that was just starting to become more com ...
Is Xbash the Swiss Army Knife of Windows and Linux malware?
Recently discovered Xbash malware fits an emerging trend. It’s not just one type of malware, it’s at least four different types. It’s a worm! It’s ransomware! It’s a botnet! It’s a cryptominer! It slices and it dices, and it can be yours for four easy payments of two Bitcoins! Well, I haven’t seen infomercial-style ads on the Dark Web yet, nor have I seen Xbash for sale there. But you can catch my drift, eh? It also targets both Windows and Linux. It&rs ...
How To Stop Junk Email
With the online space evolving into a global marketplace businesses from around the world are trying to capitalise on the internet to tap their new customers and to engage with their existing ones. Besides this benefit, the internet has also provided room for online fraudsters to entice unwary users into phishing scams and make them download malware. Online fraudsters are good impersonators who trick the users into making their e-mail to appear as legit. Thereby, it is necessary to steer clear ...
What you need to know about the newest Cold Boot exploit
Kim Crawley The cybersecurity industry is all abuzz over a recently discovered and very scary exploit, a new devastating Cold Boot vulnerability. Cold Boot attacks occur when sensitive data is available for cyber attackers to copy from a computer’s RAM because the machine wasn’t shut down properly, such as through an ACPI cold boot or hard shut down after the system powers off. Now a new cold boot exploit has been found and people are understandably concerned. There’s good new ...
Ransomware cripples an Alaskan town
It’s bad enough when ransomware infects an individual’s PC or smartphone. Not having access to locally stored files can really throw a wrench in the works of a person’s life. But when it comes to consumer ransomware, usually only one person is inconvenienced per infection. We know that ransomware attacks enterprise systems too. Public services in particular are a juicy target for cyber attackers deploying ransomware. Ransomware can be really destructive to embedded/IoT devices ...
Evil clone to attack users: how cybercrooks use legitimate software to spread cryptominers
Cryptomining has become a gold rush of nowadays, and cybercriminals are also seized by it. They invent more and more cunning gimmicks to infect users’ machines and make them mine cryptocurrency for the attackers’ profit. The cybercrime recently detected by Comodo specialists is a striking illustration of this process. To infect users all over the world, the attackers used the legitimate application installer, the replicated server and… well, let’s not jump ahead but come ...

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