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Comodo Cybersecurity is a global innovator of cybersecurity solutions, and a division of Comodo Security Solutions Inc. For over 20 years, Comodo Cybersecurity has been at the forefront of successfully protecting the most sensitive data; and today, we deliver an innovative cybersecurity platform tha ...
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What is Phishing?
Phishing or Phishing attack is a type of social engineering attack carried out by the online criminals who send out fraudulent communications to users to steal their personal details, such as login credentials, bank account details, and debit or credit card numbers. The Phishing attacker masquerades as a trusted entity tricks their victims into opening a fraudulent email, instant message, or text message that appear to be coming from a reputable source. The receiver is then duped into clicking a ...
How to Clean a Hacked Joomla WebSite
How to Clean a Hacked Joomla! Site If your website host or browser has blocked your Joomla! website – it means that your website could contain malware. You must utilize a Joomla! malware removal tool to scan your website and get rid of the malware. Hosts will suspend accounts/websites containing malware. Browsers will block websites—including Joomla! websites— that contain malware, and display warnings such as: “The Website Ahead Contains Malware!” or “Decep ...
Fake virus warning con artists arrested in India
Imagine that you’re surfing the web, and suddenly a popup appears on your screen with an ominous message. “Your computer has been infected with a virus. Call our toll-free number immediately for help.” People savvy enough to understand how legitimate antivirus software works, and those knowledgeable about phishing techniques will recognize those warnings as fake. They know that the message probably leads to a scam or cyber attack of some sort. In fact according to research data ...
The United States, Russia, and China Notably Absent from International Cybersecurity Accord
The Geneva Convention was signed in 1949, a reaction of sorts to World War II. The Second Great War was completely devastating to Europe, to combatants and civilians alike, and the Convention called for warring parties to treat prisoners of war humanely, and to protect civilians in or around war zones. It’s actually a series of four treaties, and eventually, nations on all continents signed the accord, and the three amendment protocols that were established in 1977 and 2005. A new agreeme ...
Marriott Data Breach – You Check In and Your Personal Info Checks Out
Data breaches are occurring with increasing frequency at name-brand companies, and it’s certainly cause for concern. Millions of customers worldwide are typically harmed by these incidents, and more often than not sensitive identification and financial data is leaked. Now the latest big data breach story is about Marriott, a very large international hotel chain. The breached data pertains to people who have stayed at Starwood Hotels and Resorts properties at least once between 2014 (no ap ...
What is Email Security?
Emails have been the easiest and quick mode of communication be it for personal or for business reasons by far. However, hackers find emails as the easy medium to spread malware through deceptive spam emails convincing target victims to click open the attachments or links that comes along. By opening the link or attachments the users are directed to malicious websites or end up opening a malicious document by this way the attackers install the malware from backend on to the user’s system a ...
An exclusive look into the Toronto C3X cybersecurity competition
As an active member of Toronto’s cybersecurity community, I was honored that RedBlack Cybersecurity founders Lee Kagan and Ben Wells invited me to be a mentor for this year’s C3X competition, which involves students from multiple Toronto colleges. RedBlack describes C3X as “The Canadian Collegiate Cyber Exercise (C3X) is designed to develop, broaden and enhance the skills base of the next generation of Cyber Security and ICT professionals. The concept in brief: The students we ...
Comodo Wishes You all Thanksgiving Day 2018: Secure Shopping Tips to Stay Protected Against Internet
Thanksgiving is a cultural holiday which signifies peace, thankfulness, and the beginning of the festive season. It was in the year1789, President George Washington declared a day in late November as one for public thanksgiving and prayer. However, it was not until 1863 (during the Civil War) that Thanksgiving was recognized as a federal holiday by President Abraham Lincoln to be celebrated by everyone in the country. There is a lot of trust, happiness, and love that gets shared around particula ...
A Poisoned Gift for Thanksgiving Day: Emotet Comes in a New Disguise to Break into Your Bank Account
Cybercriminals fond of celebration dates like Thanksgiving Day — but not for the same reason that upstanding people do. For the perpetrators, it’s the favorite time to attack. Why? Because people are tuned on pleasant and good thoughts and feelings on such days. Unfortunately, it makes them more vulnerable. When they see a greeting letter in the inboxes, they feel gratitude and curiosity — who sent it?—and click on the attached file without thinking about potential danger ...
What Is Spam Email?
Spam which was once just annoying is now developed to attack organizations causing security data breaches to drive profits through massive attack. Spams are unsolicited emails with the intent to infect computers and steal information. Spam mails are crafted like genuine-looking emails claiming to be from an authorized organization. However, it holds a malicious attachment and link that redirects the user to a malicious website or a website hosting malware. Spam came into popularity in 1990s. It ...

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