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201-500 employees
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Leesburg, VA (HQ)
Cofense, formerly PhishMe, is the leading provider of human-driven phishing defense solutions worldwide. We deliver a collaborative approach to cybersecurity by enabling organization-wide engagement to active email threats. Our collective defense suite combines best-in class incident response techno ...
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Phishing Confessions from Security Pros eBook
Social Media Can be a Threat To Your Information Security
An employee goes on Facebook and makes a snarky comment about his boss. Or posts a picture of a co-worker that includes a confidential document open on her laptop. Or simply mentions your company name when sharing something online. All of these are examples of potential trouble.You see, attackers scrape social media sites to find ammo for phishing emails. It’s logical, when you consider that a phish depends on credibility to dupe its victims. What’s better at building cred than dropping in r ...
Careful: This "life insurance invoice" contains Ursnif malware
Over the past couple of days, the Cofense™ Phishing Defence Centre has observed multiple campaigns that prompt the user to download what appears to be a life insurance invoice. The “invoice” gets delivered in the form of a zip file that contains a LNK file with content crafted to create an effective malware downloader tool. The malware it delivers: Ursnif.The abuse of this file format represents another example of attackers using creative attack techniques and seemingly-benign file types t ...
10 Ways to Defend Against Business Email Compromise
Cybercriminals continue to successfully hack and spoof emails to impersonate supervisors, CEOs, and suppliers and then request seemingly legitimate business payments. Because the emails look authentic and seem to come from known authority figures, many employees comply. But later they discover they’ve been tricked into wiring money or depositing checks into criminals’ bank accounts. Known by several names, including BEC (business email compromise) or EAC ( email account compromise)  or ...
Balancing Humans & Machines
Man + Machine = Defense in DepthLearn what Aaron Higbee, CTO and co-founder of PhishMe, has to say on the future of phishing defense, balancing man vs. machine, and the role humans and AI will play in the fight against phishing in 2018 in this article from ITNOW.
Free training bundle: help your users spot the top holiday scams.
The holidays are here and you know what that means. “Merry Phish-mas!” from every scammer who wants to bilk your business.To keep your team safe, PhishMe® is offering 3 free phishing simulation templates. They mimic holiday scams—and not just any scams. The emails in our Holiday Bundle are based on some of the most effective phishing scams today.Now, in just minutes, businesses with 500 employees or less can launch simulated holiday phishes to keep users on high alert.Our Holiday Bun ...
Infographic: We Encouraged Offensive Behavior. It Worked.
Over the past few years, PhishMe’s clients have taken the offensive in the war on phishing. By simulating real attacks, they’ve conditioned employees to take no prisoners as they scan their inboxes. This infographic breaks down the data.View the Infographic >>
Free Tools and Resources During National Cyber Security Awareness Month
It’s fitting that National Cyber Security Awareness Month ends on Halloween. October is the time to contemplate scary things, whether ghouls, folks in lederhosen stumbling about with steins or real-deal cyber threats: phishing emails loaded with ransomware.PhishMe® is doing its part to keep security on people’s radar. Of course, we prefer to go beyond awareness to behavioral conditioning, so that folks already aware of threats like phishing can help combat them. But there’s ...
PhishMe Free
If you have 500 employees or less, get PhishMe Free to empower your small business employees to resist phishing attacks. Sign up today:
HACKED: Small Businesses in the Crosshairs
At PhishMe, we believe that all businesses – regardless of their size – should be able to defend themselves. This white paper is designed to help you do just that. Read on to learn cybersecurity trends impacting small businesses and proven strategies for defending against cyberattacks.Click here to download your complimentary copy of “HACKED: Small Businesses in the Crosshairs.”
Karo Ransomware Raises Stakes for Victims by Threatening to Disclose Private Information
POSTED ON JULY 13, 2017 BY PHISHME at A ransomware victim must have a compelling reason to go through the burdensome process of obtaining Bitcoin and paying the ransom. For many victims, the threat of permanently losing access to their files is enough. However, some ransomware authors and criminals seek to push victims harder by raising the stakes even further.Karo Ransomware, for e ...

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