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CIO Dive provides news and original analysis on the latest happenings in IT. Our mission is to provide busy CIOs with a bird's-eye-view of the industry in 60 seconds. With a mobile-optimized daily email newsletter, website, and app, CIO Dive keeps you informed on the go. You'll get coverage of topic ...
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What CIOs need to know about APIs
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Technobabble: Tech industries' obsession with small
Every day 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is created, according to IBM's estimates. And 90% of the data in existence was created in the last two years. Read the full story here.
How 5 women in cybersecurity are approaching the industry gender gap
 A 2016 study from Women's Society of Cyberjutsu found 11% of the cybersecurity workforce are women. CIO Dive talked to five female industry leaders about their views on the cybersecurity gender gap and how they're working from the inside to improve it. Read the full story here.
Technobabble: The Oscar and the AI
Each year the Oscars gives statisticians, Big Data experts and artificial intelligence programs a chance to project the outcomes based on information from previous award ceremonies. If you look beyond the golden statues, you can find the data. Read the full story here.
Why an Amazon S3 outage is such a big deal
Having connection issues today? So was everyone else. Sailthru, One Medical, Quora, Business Insider, Expedia, Slack, Coursera, and Giphy were some the dozens of sites impacted by the Amazon S3 outage. Read our full brief here. 
Workplace collaboration providers battle over usability, pricing and integration
A lot of time and money is being invested in workplace collaboration tools in an effort to help improve employee productivity and teamwork. While employees realize the enormous benefits, it can be uncomfortable at first for enterprise employees to break from the traditional work style they are used to. Read the full story here.
Why companies don't hack back
"For the most part, it's illegal to mount a cyberattack and there's a lot of liability attached to it, especially if you're wrong." Retaliation is a natural instinct, but it's often best left to the experts in the case of an attack. Read the full story here.
Cybersecurity — What CIOs need to know
To highlight the current state of cybersecurity in the enterprise, CIO Dive ran a spotlight on the issue, with topics ranging from trends to failing defense tactics. Read the full story here.
We\'ve seen it before; technology develops and replaces human employees, leading to layoffs and worker displacement. As technology continues to advance, this cycle continues. Forrester recently predicted the net loss of 6% of U.S. jobs by 2021, which could impact more than 7.5 million workers. Read the full story:
How one company stuck to its legacy system without employees to support itA large healthcare provider in the Midwest recently offered employees in one of its divisions early retirement. The good news was about 80% of the employees took advantage of the offer. The bad news was early retirement meant many of the personnel that knew how to maintain the company’s legacy mainframe infrastructure had just walked out the door. Read More:
A CIO\'s role in 2017: Keep the lights on while planning for the future. With the widespread use — and reliance on — technology, each corporate department can turn into an IT organization. That can leave CIOs in a lurch as they are no longer the sole purveyors of tech. Read More:

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