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51-200 employees
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Tel Aviv, Israel
Cato Networks is rethinking network security from the ground up and into the Cloud. Cato has developed a revolutionary new Network Security as a Service (NSaaS) platform that is changing the way network security is delivered, managed, and evolved for the distributed, Cloud-centric, and mobile-first ...
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Evaluating Your Current Firewall Vendors (What about Configuration?) E-Book
With any new technology, there’s a rush to offer features required by the biggest and bravest of companies and SD-WANs are no exception. But if you’re a small- to medium-sized enterprise and not a Fortune 50 retailer, what SD-WAN features do you really need to be considering?We’ll answer that question and a whole lot more in our upcoming webinar “SD-WANs: What Do Small and Medium-Size Enterprises Really Need to Know?” when noted SD-WAN authority, Steve Garson of SD-WAN E ...
The WebEx Chrome Extension Vulnerability And The Power Of Virtual Patching
A security team’s life would be so much easier if users would simply comply with common sense. Don’t click on that unknown executable. Ignore that missing Nigerian prince who’s now turning to you, and of course only you, for help for which he’ll reward you handsomely. Skip that website that you KNOW carries malware.But alas, we know users are, well, users. Most can be relied on to never reboot their machine, never voluntarily change their browsing habits, and always click on every possib ...
What’s Wrong With A Digital Geneva Convention?
Listening to the calls for “vendor cooperation” and “to come together” from the RSA show last month was exciting, even invigorating, but I suspect for those in the trenches of security, something a bit more practical is necessary. And what better place to find those practical advice than the oracle of all wisdom — mom.See, when I and my sister were a bit older than tots, we carried on that age old tradition of sibling fights. And my mother, like all good mothers, would calm us dow ...
The WAN Survey: Learn From Your Peers
How will SD-WANs impact your business? Find out when you participate in our annual state of the WAN survey.The survey evaluates satisfaction levels and adoption rates of new wide area network (WAN) technologies, such as SD-WAN. Participants provide insight into how their organizations are:Adapting to the changes in the WANAccommodating mobile usersEvaluating their WANs.The survey is open to everyone. Even if you have not deployed an SD-WAN, we want to hear from you. You can take the survey ...
Cato Research Decrypts The News Behind Feburary Security Events
Witnessing the first SHA-1 collision was pretty heady stuff, but it’s not the only security event of note last month. Cato Research Labs identified a number of attacks, threats, and bugs introduced in February that you need to defend against. Here they are with insights and recommended steps from our research team.Windows SMBv3 Denial Of Service Zero-DayOne issue that was not covered widely in the news is a zero-day attack discovered in Microsoft Windows SMBv3, the popular enterprise protocol ...
How To Migrate To A Multi-Cloud Deployment
As cloud migration becomes the norm for IT, enterprises of all sizes need to connect, secure and manage complex physical and cloud-based datacenters. What challenges will you face and how will you address them?Join us on our upcoming webinar, “Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud: Securely Connecting Your Cloud Datacenters” as Hal Zamir, vice president of infrastructure for Spotad, explains how he delivered a global, multi-cloud, cloud network to enable Spotad’s self-learning, artif ...
Security + Network As A Service: The Better SD-WAN
We’ve been discussing the impact the dissolving perimeter has had on networking and IT. Changes in our applications (cloud migration) and where users work (mobility) are driving the shift to software defined wide area networks (SD-WANs), but they’re also forcing us to rethink how we securely connect our users, application and data and deliver a compelling quality of experience. Unless the complete picture is assessed one is liable to simply shift costs between IT domains. Rather than IT play ...
Four Questions For Life After MPLS
Anyone who’s purchased MPLS bandwidth has experienced the surreal. While at home you might spend $50 for a 50 Mbps Internet link, MPLS services can cost 10 times more for a fraction of the bandwidth. SD-WANs promise to address the problem, of course, but even as an SD-WAN provider we can tell you that SD-WANs may not be right choice for everyone. So much depends on how you answer certain questions about your business, the resources available, and your networking requirements. It’s ...
How SD-WANs Can Become Next Generation WAN Architectures
While SD-WANs are a valuable first step towards evolving the wide area network, they only address a small part of the dissolved enterprise perimeter challenge. With the rise of mobility, cloud datacenters, and Software as a Service (SaaS) the classical demarcation between public and private networks becomes less relevant, driving changes in four IT disciplines – security, cloud, mobility, as well as networking. By addressing the full implications of the dissolved perimeter, CIOs and ...
A Guide To WAN Architecture & Design
We, at Cato Networks, are excited to sponsor the 2017 Guide to WAN Architecture & Design.The wide area network (WAN) is a critical and fundamental resource for any business. As we will discuss in this guide, the WAN is evolving, so the architecture must evolve, as well. The new architecture should address the future needs of businesses and support a new set of requirements, such as:Maintaining high security standards over the WANMore capacity for lower costsApplications prioritizationCl ...

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