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51-200 employees
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Tel Aviv, Israel
Cato Networks is rethinking network security from the ground up and into the Cloud. Cato has developed a revolutionary new Network Security as a Service (NSaaS) platform that is changing the way network security is delivered, managed, and evolved for the distributed, Cloud-centric, and mobile-first ...
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Evaluating Your Current Firewall Vendors (What about Configuration?) E-Book
Opening Offices In China And Asia Pacific: Are You Ready To Be A Hero?
When street crime gets just a bit too much to handle in the Marvel Universe, the Defenders get the call. But when space aliens threaten global domination, the big guns are called in and it’s the Avengers that get to work. Opening offices in the Asia Pac are a lot like that. New office in London or New York? No problem. That’s pretty much well understood. Pick from a half dozen providers. You know that one if not all of them will be working with a pretty solid ca ...
Come Meet The Cool Vendor At InfoSecurity Europe
Gartner named Cato Networks as a “Cool Vendor” in its report “Cool Vendors in Security for Midsize Enterprises, 2017.” The cool vendors highlighted in this report are those young vendors that offer a “disruptive combination of innovation and midsize enterprise suitability” for security in midsize enterprises.“Emerging vendors are disrupting security markets and successfully competing with established mainstream vendors that have not been able to engage directly with ...
Rise Of The UberNet
Achilles had his heel and Superman has his kryptonite. For SD-WANs, the Internet has been their weakness. The lack of a global, SLA-backed backbone leaves SD-WANs unable to provide the consistent, predictable transport needed by real-time service and business-critical applications. As a result, SD-WAN adopters have remained chained to their MPLS services, paying exorbitant bandwidth fees just to deliver these core applications.But that doesn’t have to be the case.Now a new kind of inexpen ...
WAN Survey: Be Wary Of SD-WAN Complexity
We recently surveyed 350 IT professionals to learn about how their WAN requirements are evolving with the emergence of SD-WANs. Our thesis was as businesses embrace clouds and hybrid clouds, a new set of WAN requirements being to emerge. Accessing the cloud and the Internet from remote locations becomes more important. There’s also a greater focus on cost and agility.Along the way we wanted to answer some fundamental questions including:-Is SD-WAN replacing MPLS?-What impact, if ...
InfoSecurity Europe: How To Build A Hybrid Cloud
Considering or struggling with building a hybrid cloud? We might have the answer. At the upcoming InfoSecurity show in London, our co-founder and CTO, Gur Shatz, will provide practical tips on how to build and secure hybrid clouds at his session “Hybrid Cloud Secure Network Integration: Tips and Techniques.”The hybrid cloud lets IT professionals take advantage of cloud economics, but also creates numerous challenges. The inconsistency between the tools for managing and securing phy ...
HackerNews Finds Cato Cloud To Be A “Huge Benefit” For IT Professionals
IT professionals have better things to do than worry about configuring granular firewall rules or racing to patch systems before they fall victim to the new WannaCrypt breakout. Getting to more strategic projects is often impossible, though, with those day-to-day emergencies.We’ve been saying that by converging networking and security into the cloud, Cato eliminates those headaches. Now TheHackerNews, a leading security portal, proved that point with its recent hands-on review of the ...
How To Stop WannaCrypt Infections With The Cato Cloud
What’s being called the “largest” ransomware attack in history and an “audacious global blackmail attempt,” WannaCrypt broke out Friday evening. In a matter of hours, the ransomware has swept across 45,000 computers in 74 countries.Like many ransomware attacks, WannaCrypt leverage phishing as an attack vector. But what makes the attack so unusually virulent is how it exploits a vulnerability in the Windows SMB protocol. SMB is used by Windows machines for sharing files and the ransomwa ...
The Carrier Cloud Needs A New Fabric, Not A Patched Cloth
Over the past two decades, carriers have built massive global networking platforms that are faithfully serving many enterprises. At a premium cost. MPLS-based services are under pressure from emerging Internet-based solutions. With MPLS revenue streams at risk, the carriers are pursuing a two-prong strategy: augmenting MPLS with Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) and adding value-add services to the core network with Network Function Virtualization (NFV).This strategy is attempting t ...
Service Insertion And Service Chaining Defined
Service insertion refers to the adding of networking services, such as firewalls or load balancers, into the forwarding path of traffic. Service chaining builds on service insertion, allow the linkage of multiple services in a prescribed manner, such as proceeding through a firewall then an IPS, and finally malware protection before forwarding to the end user.Within the datacenter, Layer-2 (L2) and Layer-3 (L3) approaches have been used to varying degrees for service insertion. SD-WANs bring SDN ...
With any new technology, there’s a rush to offer features required by the biggest and bravest of companies and SD-WANs are no exception. But if you’re a small- to medium-sized enterprise and not a Fortune 50 retailer, what SD-WAN features do you really need to be considering?We’ll answer that question and a whole lot more in our upcoming webinar “SD-WANs: What Do Small and Medium-Size Enterprises Really Need to Know?” when noted SD-WAN authority, Steve Garson of SD-WAN E ...

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