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51-200 employees
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Tel Aviv, Israel
Cato Networks is rethinking network security from the ground up and into the Cloud. Cato has developed a revolutionary new Network Security as a Service (NSaaS) platform that is changing the way network security is delivered, managed, and evolved for the distributed, Cloud-centric, and mobile-first ...
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The 2017 Guide to WAN Architecture and Design [Complete Edition]
Hands-On Review: Converged Networking and Security with Cato Networks
Nobody likes to do router and firewall management. It often requires a lot of hard labor just keeping the infrastructure up and running.If you ever had to set up IPsec tunnels between different firewall brands, change a firewall rule and hope nothing breaks, upgrade to the latest software or urgently patch a vulnerability – you know what I am talking about.All of these issues have been with us basically forever. Recently, the list of complex tasks extended to getting cloud infrastructure conne ...
The SD-WAN Buyer Collection: EBooks And The Guru Test For Building Tomorrow’s Backbone, Today
So you’ve decided to get off your MPLS service, but “To what?” is the question. What are the issues to consider when re-evaluating MPLS – and its successor? To answer those and other questions, we’ve put together an ebook extravaganza, packed with helpful tips and insights. Think you’ve mastered SD-WAN? Take the Cato Quiz and find out if you’re really a Guru.The eBooks start with the reevaluation of your MPLS provider, consider the alternatives, and wrap up with ...
Cato Adds IPS As A Service With Context-Aware Protection To Cato SD-WAN
Cato SD-WAN is First to Converge Global Networking and Advanced Security ServicesCato introduced today a context-aware Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) as part of its Cato Cloud secure SD-WAN service. Cato’s cloud-based IPS is fully converged with the rest of Cato’s security services, which include next generation firewall (NGFW), secure web gateway (SWG), URL filtering, and malware protection. Cato IPS is the first to be integrated with a global SD-WAN service ...
Join The SD-WAN Summer School
Ahhh, the summer. Suntans, beachballs, and leisurely boardwalk strolls. Sound like fun, but don’t let the summer joy get the better of you. Keep your edge by beefing up your SD-WAN knowledge. Over the next month or so, we’ve put together a jam-packed schedule of SD-WAN webinars to help combat the tech fatigue of the lazy days of summer.SD-WAN And Beyond: Critical Capabilities For A Successful WAN Transformation - August 2nd & 3rd, 2017SD-WAN addresses traditional WAN problems, but does i ...
A Leopard Can’t Change Its Spots: Why Physical Security Appliances Can’t Move To The Cloud
Palo Alto’s recent introduction of its firewall as a service (FWaaS), GlobalProtect Cloud Service, is the latest example of how firewall appliance vendors are moving to the cloud. Appliances are not aligned with the new shape of business that involves private and public cloud platforms and a mobile workforce needing fast access to business data from anywhere at anytime.By running security in the cloud, firewall as a service providers can better accommodate these business changes ...
How To Overcome Internet Problems With Cato’s Secure And Optimized SD-WAN Service
Let’s face it, MPLS for all of its high costs and long deployment times, did one thing right – it worked. You knew that the MPLS provider was going to engineer a network that could reach from Mumbai to Houston and work day-in-and-day-out.The same can’t be said though for the public Internet. The Internet is inherently unpredictable. Internet connections must cross the networks of many providers, each optimizing routing for its own interests. As providers exchange traffic, the risk of ...
The MacGyver Experience: How Improvising with Cato Avoided Downtime
Backhoe operators, floods, fires - everyone has a horror story for when one of their offices went dark. In the days of MPLS, there wasn’t much you could do when a service failed. Internet failover is a great idea, but only if you had thought about it ahead of time. Otherwise, an outage often meant lost productivity.Ahhh, how things have changed. With SD-WANs, branches configured with dual-homed connections can and often exhibit better local loop availability than MPLS. By running both lines in ...
FWaaS Or Managed Firewall Services: What’s The Difference?
There’s been a lot of hype around Firewall as a Service (FWaaS). At first glance, the hype seems misplaced. After all, managed firewall services are certainly not new. But FWaaS is fundamentally different from a managed firewall service. Understanding those differences has significant implications for security and networking teams. We’ll analyze those issues in our upcoming “The Hype Around Firewall As A Service” webinar.The shift to FWaaS is being driven by a nu ...
WannaCry II: How To Stop NotPetya Infections With The Cato Cloud
Just a little more than a month after WannaCry delivered the “largest” ransomware attack in history, the industry was reeling from it’s sequel, NotPetya.Like WannaCry, NotPetya leverages the SMB protocol to move laterally across the network, an EternalBlue exploit attributed to the National Security Agency (NSA) and leaked by the Shadow Brokers hacking group last April.But the ransomware, a variant of the NotPetya ransomware discovered more than a year ago, significantly improves ...
The Internet Is Broken: Here’s Why
It’s become the favorite whipping boy of networking. The Internet is erratic. The Internet is unstable. The Internet is unsecure. But exactly what is wrong with the Internet and can it be fixed?We dove into that question with our co-founder and CTO Gur Shatz in a recent eBook, “The Internet is Broken: Why Public Internet Routing Sucks.” You can read it for yourself here.Since the early days of the Internet, routers were shaped by a myriad of technical constraints. General purpose proc ...

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