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501-1000 employees
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Waltham, MA
Carbon Black is the leading provider of next-generation endpoint security. Carbon Black’s Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV) solution, Cb Defense, leverages breakthrough prevention technology, “Streaming Prevention,” to instantly see and stop cyberattacks before they execute. Cb Defense uniquely ...
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Forrester Finds Carbon Black’s Predictive Security Cloud to have 261% ROI
Your endpoints are one of the most targeted assets in your organization—in 2017 alone, more than 50% of organizations experienced a data breach of some kind.1 At Carbon Black, we understand this risk, and are committed to providing the best possible endpoint protection.  In order to demonstrate this, we have partnered with Forrester to evaluate the potential return on investment (ROI) companies receive when they deploy their the next-generation antivirus (NGAV) and endpoint detec ...
Proper File Integrity Monitoring Critical in Light of Big Breaches & Regulatory Pressure
In light of the recent mega data breaches that have plagued our market over the last year, and the continued escalation of attempted cyberattacks against critical systems during peak periods (i.e. the retail sector POS and payment systems), reported in the Carbon Black Threat Analysis Unit (TAU) report, it is time again to take a closer look at the critical security controls that help to ease the pressure our market faces.  To compound that pressure, we’ve also experienced a dramatic ...
Partner Perspectives: Insight on Turla PNG Dropper
(Editor’s Note: This blog originally appeared on NCC Group’s website.) This is a short blog post on the PNG Dropper malware that has been developed and used by the Turla Group [1]. The PNG Dropper was first discovered back in August 2017 by Carbon Black researchers. Back in 2017 it was being used to distribute Snake, but recently NCC Group researchers have uncovered samples with a new payload that we have internally named RegRunnerSvc. It’s worth noting at this point that there ...
CB ThreatHunter: Now Available on the Cb Predictive Security Cloud (PSC)
Today Carbon Black is announcing the general availability of CB ThreatHunter, our newest offering on the CB Predictive Security Cloud (PSC), which delivers powerful threat hunting and incident response (IR) capabilities on the same platform. The release of CB ThreatHunter marks the fourth service Carbon Black has delivered on the PSC this year, and the fifth overall. Introducing Advanced Threat Hunting to the PSC Inspired by CB Response, our EDR market pioneer with more than 2,000 active custome ...
Partner Perspectives: Put Access Control in Context with ClearPass and Carbon Black
Paul Kaspian is a Senior Product & Solutions Marketing Manager for Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company. Strengthen your security defenses by considering endpoint context in access control decisions. As enterprise security continues to evolve, organizations are constantly deploying new technologies and solutions to keep up with changing threats. As our security infrastructures become increasingly complex, integrating security tools becomes paramount for a couple of reasons: Operating ...
Top 5 Threat Hunting Myths: “Threat Hunting Is Too Complicated”
The cybersecurity landscape is in a constant state of change and, as many organizations have learned, it’s no longer a matter of if you’ll face a cyberattack, but when. In today’s world, attackers intentionally look normal to evade automated defenses. With the rise of ransomware, fileless and non-malware attacks, it’s harder than ever to protect your endpoints with confidence.   To prevent this, threat hunting has emerged as an essential process for organization ...
NRCC Email Hack Highlights Lack of Visibility & Proactive Threat Hunting at Political Organizati
Earlier this week, Politico reported that the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) suffered a major attack prior to the 2018 U.S. midterm elections, with thousands of sensitive emails from four senior aides exposed to an outside intruder. While the impact of this breach is still unfolding, history is repeating itself in the political realm. Unfortunately, cybersecurity has become too passive for political organizations and we’re seeing that failure play out with a major breac ...
A Way Forward
Carbon Black recently published a report on the challenges of securing Linux-based operating systems and how Carbon Black is redesigning the approach. For more information about how the Cb Predictive Security Cloud, Carbon Black’s consolidated endpoint security platform, helps enterprises cut costs and realize significant business benefits, check out our webinar The Business Benefits and Cost Savings of Switching to the CB Predictive Security Cloud. Until now, there hasn’t been a sec ...
6 Security Tips to Consider While You Travel
Following the “8 Ways to Avoid the Cybersecurity Grinch” blog post, it seems like a follow-up is in order given the recent Marriott Breach disclosure.  It is important to note that when we travel, similar to when we shop, we are putting our trust in the organizations we are dealing with during our trip.  While we can follow most (if not all) of the 8 items listed in the previous post, we are still at the mercy of these organizations.  There are a few simple things we c ...
Using the L.U.R.E. Method to Swim Free of Phishing Attacks
baitfish noun bait·​fish | ˈbāt-ˌfish   Definition of baitfish : a small fish (such as a golden shiner or menhaden) that attracts and is a food source for a larger game fish also : a fish used for bait ____________________________ Think about being in a school of fish for a second. Schools behave the way they do for a reason.   “Most fish exhibit schooling during some phase of their life cycle, research has shown. Fish evolved to swim in schools to b ...

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