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Columbia, MD / USA
Bricata is a cybersecurity solutions provider that combines a powerful network threat hunting platform into a comprehensive threat detection and prevention solution to help determine the true scope and severity threats. Bricata simplifies network threat hunting by identifying hidden threats using sp ...
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Whitepaper: Natural Network Threat Hunting Emerging as One Key to Modern Cybersecurity
How is the Relationship between DevOps and Cybersecurity?
by BricataThe trouble with making changes to a production environment is that change can have unintended consequences. A routine software or hardware upgrade might also have unintended or unforeseen effects that cause an outage.To address the problem, development and operations (DevOps) shepherd every proposed change through a well-defined change management process. This process takes time to complete and so when it comes to the urgency of patching a newly-discovered security vulnerability, it c ...
The Growing Surface of Attack and What Cybercrime has in Common with Street Crime [Q&A with Steve Morgan of Cybersecurity Ventures]
by BricataTrillion with a “T.” Cybercrime damages will cost $6 trillion annually across the globe by 2021. That’s double the figure from 2015, which came in at about $3 trillion. It’s a number that’s calculated by an organization called Cybersecurity Ventures, a cybersecurity media property, founded by Steve Morgan.As astonishing as those numbers are, Mr. Morgan believes the estimates are misunderstood. This is because he draws a parallel between street crime and historical popula ...
Amid AI and Machine Learning, the Human Touch Remains Crucial to Cybersecurity in 2019, New Network Security Survey Finds
by BricataAmid the fervor over artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, it’s easy to lose sight of just how important human involvement is in cybersecurity, a new survey finds.We know network security is complicated and becoming increasingly complex given a multitude of reasons including sophisticated attacks, the proliferation of IT infrastructure and changes stemming from IoT, cloud adoption and BYOD, among others. So, the Bricata team conducted a survey to ask cybersecurity profes ...
Network Visibility: Can You Analyze Encrypted Traffic for Cybersecurity Threats?
We get this question a lot: Can you analyze encrypted traffic for cyber threats?It just came up again during the question and answer section of our most recent webinar about threat hunting, so we thought it would be useful to answer it here.The short answer is yes, you can analyze encrypted network traffic, though there are caveats. For example, you cannot read the contents of encrypted traffic that uses the Secure Sockets Layer or Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) protocols, whi ...
Here is How Open Source DIY Fatigue Saps Cybersecurity Resources
by BricataThe build vs. buy debate is a longstanding point of evaluation in open source cybersecurity tools. Recently, we’ve seen the do-it-yourself (DIY) theme reemerge among time-pressed security professionals because they wind up working to keep their open source creations up-to-date – rather than securing the enterprise.This tends to happen in organizations trying to save money. Often it starts by tasking someone with technical skills, but not necessarily cybersecurity skills, with defen ...
The Mixed Forecast for Cybersecurity during Black Friday and Cyber Monday
by BricataThe first nine months of 2018 have not been easy in cybersecurity circles. Reporting indicates that while breaches and records exposed are down slightly, the statistics are still staggering: 3,676 breaches and 3.6 billion compromised records, according to Dark Reading.What does that mean for the online holiday shopping period about to begin? We canvased security-focused corners the web to look for forecasts and narrowed a long list of citations down to five reliable sources.Y ...
The Bro Project Renames Bro IDS to Zeek IDS
by BricataOne of the most powerful cybersecurity tools you have never heard of just got a new name.The team leading The Bro Project has renamed the project to Zeek. The name change was announced to the open source community attending its annual conference, BroCon 2018, that wrapped up in mid-October.For about 20 years, the project has championed the Bro IDS framework, which is a very powerful network monitoring tool that can capture hundreds of metadata fields about ...
The 10 Tenets of CISO Success Frank Kim Presented at RSA
by BricataThere are three ways to obtain wisdom.Imitation – the easiest way;Reflection – the noblest way; andExperience, which is often the bitterest way.That’s how Frank Kim of ThinkSec opened his presentation – 10 Tenets of CISO Success – at the RSA Conference 2018 in San Francisco. Mr. Kim is a former CISO for the SANS Institute and built a security program for the healthcare company Kaiser Permanente.His presentation was fast-moving and ...
How Bro IDS can Help Security Capture Institutional Knowledge for Cyber Alert Enrichment and Better Network Traffic Analysis [#BroCon Session]
by BricataThe network security analyst has a vexing challenge: a prerequisite for identifying abnormal or suspicious behavior is an understanding of what normal looks like. This means identifying each device on sprawling networks – and knowing its purpose.That knowledge provides analysts with a better sense for which machines should talk to each other, over what protocols, and what characteristics or attributes are typically associated with such connections. With that level of understanding th ...
Threat Hunting is Growing Up in the SOC, Study Finds
by BricataSome 40% of cybersecurity organizations say they conduct threat hunting today, according to the 2018 Threat Hunting Report by Cybersecurity Insiders. While that’s just a 5% bump over the same survey conducted last year, the survey also found six out of every 10 respondents say their organizations have plans to build out threat hunting programs over the next three years.While the concept of threat hunting is still relatively new, the survey this year suggests ...

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